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though I lived an abandoned life for many years after, yet the fear of having committed it, never entirely In the first of the Bible transla. left me, but caused frequent uneasi- tions in this kingdom, we find that ness, especially after I was brought verse in Exod. xv. 26, which in the to feel my lost estate, and for some after translation now used in chur. weeks before the Lord delivered me, I cles, is rendered, “ for I am the was continually tempted to say some- Lord that healeth thee;” is rendered, thing, blasphemous agaipst the blessed “for I am the Lord thy surgeon. Spirit, why, I could not tell, though it And there is somewhat very beautiappeared at times as though some- ful and striking in the name and of. thing would break from my lips. This fice of a surgeon, wben applied to the filled me with sore distress, yet the Lord Lord Jesus Cnrist. preserved me, and brought me to be. Let us look at it a moment. A lieve on his dear Son, and for some surgeon is, or ought to be, a man of time to rejoice in his love. I thought wisdom in his profession, of ability, my troubles were over, but another of promptness to administer relief, storm was at hand, and I expected and of a very tender and feeling my poor vessel must have sunk, for heart: and how very blessedly doth Satan told me, I had been guilty of the Lord Jesus Christ answer all this crime, by having such dreadful these points : yea, and every other thoughts against God; I sank in deep which can endear him as the Jehowaters for some time, till the Lord val Rophe to his people. appeared again, my God of hope, and Jesus is of singular wisdom in his then that cloud removed for ever. It profession; for he is wisdom himself. is now about thirty years ago.

“ In him are hid all the treasures of Should these remarks prove profit- wisdom and knowledge.” None inable to any poor tried soul, the Lord deed but the Lord Jesus Christ can will have the glory; the letter is ra- discover our multiform diseases, or ther prolix, but I could not explain make application of the suitable remy meaning in fewer words.

If you medy to all. think it worth inserting in your Jesus alone hath ability to heal ;

Spiritual Magazine " it is at your for nothing short of his blood can service.

cleanse from all sin, and his righYour's sincerely for Christ's sake, teousness gives strength to the singer. Potton.

And who so prompt to administer to the numberless wants of his redeemed? For he saith, he is always

near at band to help in time of need. QUERY. An anxious Inquirer would feel

And who so tender, so feeling, and very grateful to any of the Corre- of an heart to sympathize with his Zion's Casket," to people, as Jesus?

And who tben give an explanation of the 18th verse of doth not enter into the peculiar beau. the 5th chap. of the Epistle to the ty of this translation which is here Romans; and to state, especially so blessedly rendered ?

“ For I am from scripture proofs, who are meant

the Lord thy surgeon.",

Who doth, or will not, see a someby the all men spoken of in the first part of the verse, and whether the what peculiarly sweet, and applicable same words all men have the same

to the name, when Jesus saith, I am extent of meaning in the latter part the Lord, the Lord thy surgeon. of the verse, and likewise of the 6th Hail

, thou glorious Jehovah Ruphe !

Be thou the Lord that bealeth me! verse of the liiird chap. of Isaiah.


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Hebrews ii. 14.

Jesus his precious blood hath shed,
In his dear people's place and stead,

And put their sins away ;
He bore their load of guilt and wrath,
To free their souls from endless death;

He all their debts did pay.
Jehovah in that solemn hour,'
On Christ did all his vengeance pour,

Which to the church was due :
God's own co-equal, glorious Son,
Hath trod the wine-press thus alone,

Amazing scene to view ! 'T is finished ! on the cross, he cried, Bowed his dear head, and groaned, and died,

That be his bride might save ;
Through death, he crushed his hellish foes,
Our conquering Captain soon arose,

Victorious o'er the grave.
Jesus, with strength and ulory crowned,
On his bright throne is now sat down,

Por his dear saints to plead ;
Possessing there a dwelling place,
For all his chosen, ransomed race,

For whom he once did bleed.

Of Jesus' blood to make me whole,
Who died to save my sinful soul,

Now lives to intercede.
Jesus I know hath ransomed me
With his own blood, on Calvary's tree,

My debts he there paid down.
The law can nought from me demand,
Fully absolved in Christ I stand,

Oh sweet, transporting sound.
I soon shall quit this wilderness
For blissful realms of joy and peace,

To join the blood-wash'd throng ;
I there shall gaze on bis dear face,
And shout his sov'reign love and grace

In one eternal song.
To the great sacred Three in One :
The Father, Spirit, and the Son,

We there shall sweetly sing
Wisdom and blessing, pow'r and praise,
This joyful theme, through endless days,

Shall make heav'ns portals ring.



By faith we now can eat his flesh,
Our needy spirits to refresh,

This feast he doth provide ;
His precious sin-atoning blood,
We drink of that rich healing flood,

Which flowed from his dear side.

• And the Lord looked upon

him Judges vi. 14.

Twas a dark time! Usurpers ruled the land; oppression walked Haughty and high, and when the fields were

reaped, The fields' possessors must in secret thresh, Lest tyrants steal their food. Thus Gideon

chose The wine-press for his barn; and while he

threshed Fearful, he saw a stranger 'neath an oak Watching him at bis labour. lid it not


My soul, what canst thou say to this, Art thou a heaven-born heir of bliss,

Called by.Jehovah's grace ?
Is Jesus precious unto thee,
Hath God the Spirit made thee free,

Is Christ thy Hiding-place ?
Ah, if the Saviour was not mine,
I could not languish thus, and pine

To know him more and more.
Thou knowest, Lord, my soul's desire
Is now to feel the quickening fire

Of thy own Spirit's f'ower. And what but God the Spirit's grace, Could show to me my wretchedness,

And make me feel my need

Derision to address the trembling youth,
Whose looks and work betrayed temerity,
Thou mighty man of valour: and to say
He should deliver Jsrael ? Gideon might

well Urge many wherefores, and ask many signs ;. And touched with our infirmities, as much As when he shared them in our flesh, the

Lord, The Angel of the covenant, who oft In various forms, his Israel visited, and now A stranger 'neath the oak, rebuked him not,

But can you then to me reveal

From God's most holy word,
Whether this poverty I feel,

And am thus blest of God ?

Oh, yes, dear friend, this may be known,

Though all in Christ you claim ;
His absence makes you sigh and groan,

Keen hunger gives you pain.

But gave the answer, and vouchsafed the

signs, The signs be sought, and more propitious

still He looked on Gideon-

In green Eden's bowers, When first the clay was fashioned to a man, God breathed, and man became a living

soul. He who then breathed now looked, and equal

power Attends the glance, for it infused a might Sufficient for the promise ; armed with

which Gideon delivered Israel.

Tyrants, Lord, Cruel as Midian, with unsparing handFallen nature's base corruptions—me op

press: They rob me of my peace, and joy, and

Your utter helplessness you feel

To rove towards your God.
Yet longing he your soul would heal,

You wait still on the Lord.

The world, perhaps, may on you frown,

And you may feel distressed ;
And trials often cast thee down,

But you are really blest.

love ;

Oh, happy soul, by you indeed

Rich treasures are possessed,
To bless you Jesus bath decreed,

Yea, and you shall be blest.

They bar access to thee.' Look on me,

Look as thou didst on Gideon, strengtben-

ing me
With might to conquer ; and, as Gideon did,
So will I raise an altar to the Lord,
And say, Jehovah Shalom !




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“Unto you therefore that believe, he is

precious.” LINES

Christians ! adore your sovereign Lord, Written after hearing a Sermon preached by And join in praise with one accord

the Rev. J. Hobbs, from these words, To him who died for you, “Yea, and he shall be blessed."

Amazing love, what heavenly light

Bursts forth upon our darkened sight,
This blessing ever was designed

Since we were born anew.
By God the Eternal Three,
For Jacob and his seed we find

Amazing love, to condescend
For ever blest shall be.

To be the guilty sinner's friend,

And pay for him the price ;
This blessing on mount Zion given, To stand between us and our God,
Which Jesus did procure,

And bear for us the avenging rod,
Is life divire, the gift of heaven,

The weight of his just wrath.
And that for evermore.

Amazing love, how great, how free
I: is for all the chosen seed

He hung upon the accursed tree,
However weak in faith ;

Despising all its shame;
If they then from the curse are freed And now, past all his toils and pains,
They never shall see death.

At God's right hand triumpbant reigns,

His people all to claim.
Oh, but, says one, did I but know
That thus my soul was blest';

Yes, for the gathering of his saints,
Alas, I can't be truly so,

For whom he died, for them he waits,
Sin doth me so molest.

Christians, awake, arise ;

May we on Jesus' side appear,
Stop, doubting soul, thy Saviour's word And read our glorious title clear,
This secret doth make known,

To mansions in the skies.
The poor in spirit, saith thy God,
.Are heirs unto a crown.



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" For there are Three that bear record in heaven, the FATHER, the Word, and tho

Holy Ghost: and these Three are One."-1 John v. 7. “Earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints."-Jude 3.

Holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience."-1 Tim. iii. 6.


AUGUST, 1845.




THE GOSPEL PULPIT. which this is to be brought about he

sweetly speaks in the 5th verse of the

psalm in which my text stands, THE SAINT'S REFUGE IN THE DAY OF

gather my saints together unto me,

those that have made a covenant Being the substance of a Sermon Preached

with me by sacrifice;" this gatherat Cave Adullam Chapel, Lower Nor. ing together is not merely a congre. wood, Surrey, on Sunday Evening, May gating together in numbers to hear the 11, 1845.

word, for there are thousands that meet in this way who have never

“made a covenant by sacrifice.” Hear Call upon me in the day of trouble, I the word of the Lord to such, “But will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify cursed be the deceiver which hath in Pa. l. 13.

his flock a male, and voweth and This psalm was penned by Asaph, sacrificeth unto the Lord a corrupt a man of God, but a man of like pas- thing ;” and it is evident there are sions as you and I ; in Ps. lxxiii. he thousands that have light sufficient complains of the power of unbelief, to deceive the child of God for a in this language, “I was envious at time, and be admitted into church the foolish, when I saw the prosperity fellowship, to partake of the outward of the wicked,” and so it continued symbols, but in doing this without working until he went into the sanc- faith they eat and drink damnation tuary of God, then understood he to their own souls. Hence we see their end; surely thou didst set it in the case which our Lord dethem in slippery places,” which sight scribes in Matt. xxii., of a certain humbled bis rebellion, and brought king making a marriage for his son, him down to behold himself as a who sent his servants to call them beast before the Lord. “Neverthe. that were bidden to the wedding, and less," he said, "I am continually they would come by no persuasion with thee, thou hast holden me by whatever, but rather persecuted the my right hand ; thou shalt guide me

servant; but by and by he sends with thy counsel, and afterwards re- his servants into the highways, saying, ceive me to glory.” The way in as many as ye find, bid to the mar. August, 1845.]

2 A

in this verse,

riage, as is described by the prophet what the day of trouble is. “In the

Gather my saints.' day of trouble call upon me,” it is a By and bye the king comes in to see time of real need, a time when heart the guests, and he saw there a man and flesh fails, when lover and friend which had not on a wedding garment stand aloof, when the soul is sinking -a solemn place this, my friends, to in deep waters where no standing is, be, in without a warrant—and when “ They that go down to the sea in he put the question, how he came ships, these do business in deep there, he was speechless; and so will waters." There must be a descending every soul be, that has not got the into the depths of our misery under testimony of God of their adoption the fall, before there is any ascendin that day when God comes to make ing up into the joy of the Lord ; up his jewels. The gathering then these depths, when discovered by the here spoken of means, “not by might spirituality of God's law, will cause nor by power (of man), but by my the soul to fear the wrath of God Spirit, saith the Lord,” and the way against him in a broken law, which in which this is done, is sometimes will produce real trouble, and it is by the preaching of the gospel, and of that nature, unless supported, it sometimes without the means; "the will sink him into black despair. wind bloweth where it listeth, thou The secret support or protection that heareth the sound thereof, but canst is granted in this place is not percepnot tell whence it cometh and whither tible to the poor soul, or his trouble it goeth, so is every one that is born would be lessened by it; but it is of the Spirit.” But it is evident that there, or such a one would under the Spirit does not work contrary to this trouble, be left like Saul, when the word, nor the word contrary to the his deceptive garb could no longer Spirit, for it is one object that the cover him, he first requested the Spirit and the word directs the poor prophet to honour him before the sinner to, viz., the sacrifice of he elders of the people; then he has re. Lamb of God that made the atone. course to a witcb, and at length to ment for sin; and their commission his own sword; therefore, this man's is, " bring my sons from far, and my trouble was nothing but the trouble daughters from the ends of the earth, of the world, or sorrow of the world I will say to the north, give up, and which worketh death, but godly sor. to the south, keep not back, and row worketh repentance, that need. here they shall hear the Spirit and eth not to be repented of. This trou. the Bride saying, Come, and let him ble is something like the apostle that is athirst come, and whosoever Paul's, when the Lord met him in will let him take of the water of life his journey to Damascus, he was freely, and

saith God in the felled to the ground, and smote with words of my text, “call upon me in blindness, and the arrows of God the day of trouble. I will deliver thee, stuck fast in his conscience so that and thou shalt glorify me.” In de. he could not rise, and here be would livering my thoughts upon these have kept, sinking lower and lower, words I shall, in the first place, show had not the Lord had mercy on him. what this day of trouble is ; Secondly, And it was the same with the jailor, I shall endeavour to prove a real cry when Paul and Silas were in prison, or call ; Thirdly, the object to whom singing praises, the Lord sent his the poor soul in this distress is die earthquake and shook the prison, and rected to ; and Lastly, I shall notice the jailor's heart too, so that he was the happy deliverance and its effect. in that trouble that he knew not

In the first place I am to show what to do, and the devil finding bim

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