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had wasted his goods.” ver. 1. The of the stewardship, they, (my Lord's certain rich man was our Lord him. debtors) may receive me into their self, the man Christ Jesus, speaking houses. 4th verse. Thụs we find the in parables, of all his unjust stew. Lord knows every thought, motion, ards, as one; from Cain to Balaam, and resolve of his unjust and just Core, king Saul, king Ahab, and' stewards, as of all creatures. Well, all others, to the Pharisees, who the Lord permitting, the unjust were then hearing him; with Ju- steward, in bis unholy, unjust re. das, one of his disciples, whom solve,

one of his the Lord knėw, was, and would Lord's debtors to him, and said unto be through his life, “ an unjust the first, how much owest thou unto steward.” It is well also to know my Lord ?” 5th verse, And he said, and mark, that the Lord's parables "an hundred measures of oil !" And searched and tried the just stewards, the steward said unto him, and all his disciples, as they condemned thy bill and sit down quickly, and the unjust stewards, and their confe- write fifty.” 6th

Mark derates, who were accused by holy ye, that the omniscient eyes of the angels and suffering saints to their Lord were upon the unjust ones, and Lord. See Luke xvi. 1, 13, 14, 15. lst their united injustice! Yet, permitverse. By which we are assured, that ting the same, the unjust steward all stewards of the Lord's, who cannot secured to himself, whilst beguiling by grace and truth, give a righteous his Lord's debtors, a covering in their account of their stewardship, will re- houses, at the same time, holding a ceive sooner or later, before or at their claim for fifty measures of oil, for his temporal death, his righteous sen- own use, or for sale! Oh, what an tence, “Thou mayest be no longer unholy confederacy! Alas, what steward." Then they fail, as he speaks, awful professors. And the case of the and their ;" confidence is rooted out next debtor was the same, who owed of their tabernacles.” yet unto their his Lord," an hundred measures of temporal death, their principle of wheat," unto whom the unjust stewinjustice continues in exercise against ard said," write fourscore," so the the Lord, striviog for self preservation steward by his injustice, secured anoand esteem among unjust professors, so they unjust beguiled professor's house, tempting the Lord and sinning against for a covering, holding also a claim him, and beguiling their Lord's for twenty measures of wheat, yet debturs into their own injustice, hate. all was the Lord's, who saw their ining and condewning the just in the justice, declaring the same in paraLord, as king Saul did David ; which bles. 7th verse. Oh what cutting the Lord beholds and abhors. Observe parables, and heart-piercing doctrine therefore, that as the unjust steward for the Lord's disciples, and condemlost his stewardship, before resigning nations against the unjust stewards, his books, exercising himself in un. the pharisees, unto which the Lord holy, unjust ways, the Lord seeing added, " Ye cannot serve God and and knowing him, and his heart and Mammon." Then the pharisees, soul. devices informs us by parables, they “ derided him," that is, they that the unjust steward said within in wrath and enmity, scofted at himself “ What shall I do? For my the Lord, and condemned his Lord taketh away from me the stew. parables before the peoples, so doing ardship : I cannot dig, to beg I am violence to their own consciences. ashamed !” Then the Lord informs See verses 13, and 14. Now all these us of the unjust steward's unholy, un. wrathful scoffings and deridings we just resolves ; that is, I am resolved have seen and heard, in these days, wbat to do, that when I am put out by the Lords' national unjust stew.


ards, in states and churches, especi. have secured, a free reception into ally in Great Britain, uniting with the Houses, Palaces and Senates, of Mahomet and his mystical progeny, all the aforesaid unions of the Lord's Socinians and others, the Lord's debt- debtors, like the unjust steward of ers, all in debt, for their national old, and have a claim also, for as much dues, owing him, as God of the of the mammon of unrighteousness ; whole earth. And the Stewards as they need, when they lose their now uniting and juggling with the stewardship. Such are the evils of Pope of Rome also, and his powers, these days, permitted by our Lord, kings, queens, princes, nubles, jesu. nationally and individually, among its and senators, who owe the Lord bis unjust stewards, and their unjust millions, for their use of the sea confederates, which God's states and and earth; which debts instead of churches have to endure, for an apbeing demanded of them, by our na- pointed time, as of old, from Cain to tional stewards, for

and Ahab, tu Herod, Pilate, and the Phasinews, of the Lord's protestant na- risees, priests and unjust stewards. tions, and for the comfort of his faith. Luke xvi, 4, 7. But what is most ful protestant stewards, their house. wonderful to us, are the acts of our holds and churches; the unjust wonderful Lord, the man Christ Je. stewards, are giving them the Lord's sus, the Judge, Lawgiver and King of gold and silver, oil and wheat, that is, all, who could crush them all as a moth, all temporal riches, which he designed that he should permit their injustice, for his faithful just stewards, from and even commend the unjust stew. kings; See Isaiahı xlix. 23; and others ard in the parable, as those now liv. down to the poorest stewards, their ing, for their wisdom; whilst his household and churches. These are law and testimony, in his justice, the awful acts, and deeds of injustice, condemns all, in our presence, and done to the Lord, in these days, by before his angels; See Deut. xxvii. his unjust stewards, for proofs see 13, 18, 25; Luke xvi. 15. The Lord the Socinian endowment, the May- so proving that his just stewards, nooth and other grants, and deeds their households and churches are of wasting the Lord's goods. called to suffer for his sake, and to Luke xvi. 1.

be bruised by devils, and their hu. Yes, yes, we see and know all this man unions. Gen. iii. 15; Phil. i. unjust waste, whilst the stewards, 29; Rev. xxii. 20, " receiving inore not regarding their oath to the Lord, grace;" James iv. 6; Rev. xxii. 25. who gave them good gifts, talents Therefore the Lord in order to shew and powers, all qualifications for their us our lot, in the lap of his provi. stewardship; by which they entered dence, and to make known the inprofessionally, into the christian pro. justice, and impure wisdom of the testant brotherly covenant. Now unjust stewards, and their cruel per. having broken that covenant, forsak. secuting bands, all the Lord's debtors, ing the faithful and just in the Lord, he says

“ The children of this world, rejecting and contemning tens of are in their generation, wiser than the thousands of petitions from the faith children of light;" Luke xvi. 8. So ful and just, in church and state, was Ahithophel of old, the noted un, hetraying us as far as possible, into just steward, wiser than David, the the hands of our enemies, Lord's just steward. Having there, Judas betrayed the Lord, after enrich- fore arrived at the end of the 8th ing them with the Lord's goods, at verse; we come to make remarks on the

risk of losing their steward- the 9th verse, your propounded query, ship; we observe and publish the which is a parable the Lord spoke act, that they by their unjust deeds unto his disciples, Judas being one of


them, saying in reference to the people's good, in all nations, honestly; unjust steward, and his wisdom and so we find, when that mammon is deeds of getting " the mammon of taken away by evil spirits, in evil unrighteousness;” “Make to your persons, by the Lord's permission, selves friends of the mammon of un- either by force, or fraud, as Abab, righteousness, that when ye fail, they Judas, and the unjust steward took may receire you into everlasting habi. it, and wasted it, sporting with it tations.” Luke xvi. 9. The parable among the Lord's debtors as the was a rightejus, life-giving, most lov. stewards of these days have done, as ing warning to all his regenerate just aforesaid. Then the same is called “the stewards who heard him, as to us and mammon of unrighteousness," which all who shall live unto the end of the Abraham, God's friend, and the father world, to be aware of taking " the of the faithful would not take of, mammon of unrighteousnes,” lest, when offered to him, see Gen. 14, 23. we should he received as apostates, And which the Holy Ghost forbids us, into the everlasting habitations of the and all his heirs, to touch, or to devil, who is the god of the mam- make friends with; the god of "the mon of unrighteousness, and the fa- mammon of unrighteousness,” who ther of unjust stewards, in their in. was, and is the devil, or to take any justice with their unions, in all the part of it from the devil's anti-chris. earth, who delight in the mammon tian unions, see Isa. xxxii. 15, 16. of unrighteousneas, and sell them- Nay, the Holy Ghost by bis gracious selves as Ahab and others did of old influential inabiding, and counsel, unto Judas, and hundreds in these whilst the grace of life, filial fear, is in days, to work wickedness; 1 Kings us, we cannot take “ the mammon of xxi. 25; Mat. xxvi. 15. But as an unrighteousness,” except by a violent old watchman, and diligent Bible temptation, and then God takes it reader, anıl also of commentators, I away from us, see Neh. v.

Acts must inform you, that some commen- xx, 23. Yes, I say, God takes it tators thought, and have so spoken, away from us, saying " thou shalt and published, that in the parable, not covet,” and smiting us, he strips your query, the Lord spoke to his us, see Isa. lvii. 17.

Then in ans. rich disciples only, through all ages, wer to the prayer of faith, in feelings commanding them to make to them. of godly sorrow for sins, and repen. selves friends of the mammon of tance towards God, confessing sins, unrighteousness, getting it, and hoping for cleansing, hating sin, and giving to the poor, either stewards or sinful selves, God cleanses, and par. others, and so obtain their friendship, dons, and comforts us, see Isa. Ivii. and esteem of christianity, &c, &c. 18, 19; 1 John vii. 9. Saying, "bread However, that cannot be the true shall be given, thy water sure,” Isa. and full signification of the parable, xxxiii. 16.

xxxiii. 16. This is the blessed lot of indeed such an interpretation is just stewards, with their housebolds, unscriptural. Now in order to get and churches. see Mat. vi. 30; Luke at the true interpretation of the para- ix. 13, 14, 16, 17. It is only unjust ble, your query, we must be assured, stewards, their households, and that the first and highest signification churches, therefore, who make unto ef mammon is, temporal riches, as themselves friends of “the mammon God gave to the saints of old, and of unrighteousness," as Ahithopbel especially to Abraham and Solomon. and Judas, with others, and the un. see Gen. xiii. 2; and 2 Chron. i. 12. just steward in the Lord's parable,

Well then, as we have the right and his unjust bands; then the devil's knowledge of mammon, as God's and those mammonists of unrighteousgifts to be used for his glory, and his ness, receive them into everlasting

15 ;

on this

habitations, that is, into their suc- as this year, being now sixty-three cour, first upon earth, 98 Cain of old years of age! So that in filial reverwas succoured, and all to Judas, and ence, love, joy, and peace in the Holy to this day, and will be unto the end Ghost, I say unto the Father, in and of time, by Gog and Magog, and then, through Christ, “ Thou hast magniall be received into everlasting habi. fied thy word above all thy name," or I tations in hell. See Matt. xxv. 41 ; could not have known thee as my Luke xvi. 9; Rev. xx. 8, 10. And Father, reconciled in and through the further proof that my interpreta- Christ; or have known thee as my tion of your query is true, the Lord spiritual Father that begat me, thine says, “ ye cannot serve God and offspring. James i. 17, 18; or known mammon.” Luke xvi. 13. This brings Christ my Husband, Saviour, and me to notice your second query, viz. Lord, or the Holy Ghost my Comfor" For thou hast magnified thy ter and guide. To God Three-One, word above all thy name," Prov. be praise for ever, and ever, “ who has cxxxviii. 2. In making my remarks magnified his word above all his query,


pray you first to be name,” Ps. cxxxviii. 2. I am enabled assured, David in the Holy Ghost, as in this knowledge of my God, and an elect regenerate man, in the bless- blessings by his word, to notice and ing of grace, through faith, in hope, write remarks on your third query. and love, in uttering his words unto And turned not aside from any the Father, in and through Christ, thing, that he commanded him all the was assured that his word as far as then days of his life,” i Kings xv. 5. written, as we are assured now the en. But mark ye, my brethren, you tire Bible is finished, was, and is “the should as the Holy Ghost our God wisdom of God in a mystery, even the did, unite the following words, “ Save hidden wisdom, which God ordained only in the matter of Uriah the Hitbefore the world for our glory." 1 tite,” read 1 Kings xv. 5. Cor. ii. 7. The word of God, there- We must not sever for queries, fore is magnified above all his name! what God has united. To do so deWhich name is holy ! the high and eignedly, is a high trespass; a great lofty one, that inhabiteth eternity, evil. Know ye, respecting your query. whose name is holy. Isa. lvii. 15. that never since Adam sinned, and all

Know ye, moreover, that God could sinned and fell in Adam; all so connot be known by the human race, ceived in sin and shapen in iniquity; especially after the sin and fall, only 'there never was, or will be, through by his word! Therefore, we testify, time, one regenerate person, perfect this is the true interpretation of your in the flesh, or free from sinful car

Thus David, in filial nality in this life. No, no, that will gratitude and praise, commencing be our burden and distress, until our with God, as revealed, and known in souls are separated from our bodies. and through his word, said, “thou hast The Holy Ghost says by Solomon, magnified thy word above all thy “ There is not a just man upon earth name.” The further proof is, by these that doeth good and sinneth not.” words, “ All scripture is given by Eccles. vii. 20; 1 John i. 8. Oh inspiration of God, and is profitable the words, "Save only in the matter for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, of Uriah the Hittite.” They are for instruction in righteousness, that wonderful words, to shew us our sins, the man of God may he perfect, although in that particular sin, I thoroughly furnished unto all good never fell. Observe then that the works, 2 Tim. iii. 16, 17. Never, right interpretation of this query is, my brethren, have I so known, and that all things which the Father enjoyed God, in and through his word, in God, and the Godbead, com.

July, 1845.

second query.

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manded David to do, as his spiritual teccpt the Lord's own children to do begotten, regenerated, inspired son, it, though blessed be God, he cannot in and through Christ, by and in prevail in his attempts, either before the power, grace, and blessing. of called, or after, yet I cannot but bethe Holy Ghost, for his praise, honour lieve he prevails over the wicked, and and glory, as for bruising devils, and many do commit this awful sin. I human wicked unions, in their unholy shall try to prove on scripture prem• ways, idolatries,' blasphemies, and ises, Ist, what I conceive to be the murderous deeds, against God, his sin, 2nd, the characters who do com. cause and people, and his destroying mit it, 3rd, the state they are left in. thousands by and in wars, and in set- 1st, The sin as it stands revealed in ting up right, national, family, and in. the Bible, Ps. xix. 13, it is called the dividual worship of God; order, dis- great transgression, as the bighest cipline, and ordinances, according to insult to the allwisé and holy majesty God's word, for the benefit of God's of heaven, from the worst of all church and state, of nations; writing principles, pride and envy, the most psalms, hymns and spiritual songs awfully presumptuous, as against the for all saints, to sound forth the clearest light and the great root from praises of the Holy Ghost and the whence all rebellion against God Father and Christ, one God; abiding springs. It is called, 1 John V. in holiness and righteousness, until 16, a sin unto death, that is, eternal he died; that was and is the right death, because it is a total rejection signification, of the 'mystery of god. of the way of eternal life, which only liness, of which David 'was eminent is by the active and passive obedience in the Spirit and blessing. Isa. xliv. of the Son of God in our nature. 3; and which is the true interpreta- It is called the sin against the tion of your third and last propounded Holy Ghost, Matt. xi. 22, and is query ; He turned not aside from any 'from a spirit of envy, either a denial thing that God commanded him, all of his person, or influence, and is-a the days of his life;" 1 Kings xv. 5. dreadful insult to him, indeed it is May God in rich mercy and great an insult to all the persons in the love, render my remarks a blessing to one blessed Trinity, for they are but you my brethren, and to his elect

one in essence, I John v. 7, so one sons and daughters in all places, cannot be insulted, and not the other. where his blessed means, The Spi- 2nd, the characters who commit ritual Magazine, and Zion's Casket” this sin ; the first appears to me to shall enter: prays An Old Watch- be Lucifer, in heaven'; what discoveries Amen, and Amen.

might be revealed to him of the Son Sussex.

of God, taking a nature below the

nature of angels, and he Lucifer re. PRESUMPTUOUS SINS, fusing to worship bim, in a nature

below his own, as Macgowan speaks

of, I leave as conjectural; but I believe There seems quite a contention, it was pride and envy that moved about the sin against the Holy Ghost, him to rebel against God, and in his but leaving those contenders, I will immediate presence, who had made try to shew my opinion, about the sin. him such a noble spirit, for he is cal. I'am fully persuaded it can, and is led, son of ibe morning, Isa. xiv. 12, committed by some in our day, and and gave him such endowments of how any God-fearing man dare at- mind as to fill that station, which tempt to prove to the contrary, I be Jebovah had allotted for him, that must leave to better judges than my. he might behold his glory and adore self. If the devil is permitted, to his infinite majesty in all those per.






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