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AWAKE, my soul, and chaunt the song

Of everlasting love, And join your notes with yonder tbrong,

Who dwell in heaven above.

All the dear sons of Zion's king.

In heaven and earth are one ; To him their humble praise they bring,

And bow beneath his throne.

To Him who loved our souls, they cry,

And washed our guilt away,
And did on Calvary's mountain die,

On that eventful day:
Yea, the Lord washed us from our sins,

In his own spotless blood ;
And freely made us priests and kings

To our eternal God.
To him be glory, honour, power,

Wisdom and strength be given ;
Praise and dominion evermore,

By all the saints in heaven.
My soul, come strike your golden lyre,

Aloud lift up your voice,
And join with yon celestial choir,

In Jesus to rejoice.
Although in this vain world you stay,

You 're numbered with that throng, For Jesus all your debts did pay;

You 'll dwell with him ere long. 'T is only death which doth divide

The blood-redeemed band ; We soon shall cross cold Jordan's side,

And reach the promised land.
There, on bright Canaan's happy shore,

Sweet anthems we will raise,
With all the saints who went before,

In sweet melodious lays.
There we shall feed on Jesus' love,

And see his smiling face ;
And never, never more remove

From that celestial place. Shouting with all the ransomed host

Around his blissful throne,

Is God my Father ? can it be

That such a worm as I,
May oft approach a mercy seat,

And Abba Father cry !
Is God my Father! yes he is,

All glory be to him,
Who has preserved me from my birth,

When I was dead in sin.
Is God my Father? yet I am

So prone to wander still ;
My heart so hard, my love so faint,

And so perverse my will.
Is God my Father? what could cause

His love to one like me ?
Nothing that 's in the creature, sure

It is entirely free.
Is God my Father? oh, what love,

Eternally the same;
Nothing can alter his decree,

Blest be his holy name.
Is God my Father? can I want ?

No, that can never be ;
His word has said, that as thy day

Thy strength shall surely be.
Is God my Father? why complain

Of what I can't unfold;
He tells me in his holy word,

No good will be withhold.
Is God my Father ? all my life

He 'll guide and guard my way;
Then land me safe on Canaan's shrie,

To spend an endless day.
Is God my Father? in his strengti.

I'll Satan's rage defy ;
In every trouble go to him,
And Abba Father cry.


Our friend and sister dear is ed
We've laid her clay among the du Co.,

But lo, her deathless spirit flies, To fairest mansions in the skies.

May we who've often meet you here, Meet you with sacred pleasure there.



Once she was trav'ling here below,
Mid this dark world of sin and woe ;
Now seated on a throne above,
She triumphs in almighty love.
While here she did attend that place
Where Christ reveals his richest grace,
Now to heaven's high throne she's come,
Her sacred, high eternal home.
Of truth she lov'd to hear and tell,
And on its lovely themes to dwell,
Through which in Christ she shared a part,
A dwellirg in his tender heart.
While in this barren wilderness,
She thirsted oft for righteousness ;
But now around her deathless soul
Rich streams of glory ever roll.
While here the christian path she trod
She sweetly commun’d with her God :
But having reached her happy seat,
Her fellowship is now complete.

Wao knows but such an one as I

May grace and mercy find ? I hear the God of Israel

Is merciful and kind :
Had he been pleased to torture me

With everlasting bands.
He might have done it long ago,

Who had me in his bands.

I do not hear the trumpet sound

To call me to his bar;
The proofs and patterns of his grace

Forbid me to despair :
He does not say, Depart from me

Into eternal fire ;
But, Come into my open breast

Where weary souls retire.

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“ For there are Three that bear record in heaven the Father, the WORD, and the ,

Holy Ghost: and these Three are One.”—1 John v. 7. “ Earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.-Jude 3.) “ Holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience.”-1 Tim. üü. 6.

JULY, 1845.




THE GOSPEL PULPIT. defeat him, blast his fiendish designs,

and chain him under his omnipotent A Sermon Preached at Bethel Chapel, hand: but this serpent shall bruise

Cheltenham, on Sunday Evening, March his (the seed of the woman) heel 9, 1845.

Christ's buman nature,

Jesus is the

sum and substance of the scriptures, Then all Israel gathered themselves the golden vein running through to David unto Hebron, saying, Behold, them, the golden thread that keeps we are thy bone and flesh."-1 Chron. the leaves together. “ Search the xi. 1.

scriptures,” this had relerence to the “ Search the scriptures, for in Old Testament, the New being then them


think have eternal life, and not written; he is the true scapethey are they which testify of me,” goat that hath borne away all the says one that spake as never sins of the elect body, the church, spake. Whatever part of the sacred the desire of all nations, the horn of writings our minds are called to sur- salvation, the golden table, the shew. vey, or to look into, we find they uni- bread, the true ensign, heavenly dew, foricly preach Jesus. The first pro- the good old corn, finest of the wheat, mise, Gen. iii. 15, " And I will put manna from heaven ; his love being enmity between thee and the woman, from everlasting to everlasting is the between thy seed and her seed, it old wine of the kingdom, blessings shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt on his dear name for ever and ever bruise his heel,”, displays the sove- he is everything that is precious, reignty of God. The act of gove. glorious, and sublime. Here is subreigoty is, I will put enmity between limity unparalleled, a subject vast, thy seed and her seed; it preached ponderous, and profound; there is a Jesus as the seed of the woman. But depth in it that has never been exwbat shall this blessed, precious, glo. plored, a height the greatest mind rious person · perform? He shall has never yet attained unto. That is bruise thy head (the serpent’s), the the man who knows most of this seat of all his schemes; he shall not blessed theme, that enjoys fellowship, keep at the outskirts, but he shall nearness, and oneness with Jesus. come right into the citadel of the foe, But oh, what a path to travel to

July, 1845]

“ me”

" The

reach it, for, under beaven's direc. is nothing to be ashamed of in the tion and appointment, we must pass glorious person of Christ, the eternal through fire and through water to realities and verities of his kingdom. come into the “ wealthy place.” There is no other subject worth

Search the scriptures," ah, search preaching about, but Jesus, his suita. them, the reason is assigned, they bility, consummate righteousness, his testify of me. That word

truth and faithfulness, and his power. is big with importance, it is fraughtful invincible operations. He is the with preciousness, it is full of mean- amen, the faithful and true witness, ing; in a word, it is ponderous divi- the beginning (or the head) of the nity. Blessed Lord, lead us into it. creation of God," Rev. iii. 14. The Oh, for the oil, unction, power, bless- sun preaches Jesus: the stars declare edness of it ; he is the paschal lamb, him : “ The heavens declare the glory the rose of Sharon, the great phy- of God, and the firmament sheweth sician, he it is that healeth all thy his handy work,” Ps. xix. 1. sorrows, the bundle of myrrh, a bright and morning star.” Rev. xxii. propbet, a. priest, a king—the head. 16. Every spire of grass, shining What saith the word of God, “The with the dew of heaven, proclaims bim wise man's eyes are in his bead.” to the spiritual mind; every leaf that Here we see the pre-eminence of bends to the breeze, preaches him to Christ,“ The head of every man is the mind, drawn out into the field of Christ." The wise, defines character ; spiritual contemplation. The poet made wise unto salvation ; he has says when writing on the heavens, been led to see his

own foolish

“ Those mighty orbs proclaim thy power, ness, his false refuges, his valueless Their motions speak thy skill, physicians. God's good Spirit thus And on the wings of every hour, “ leading the blind by a way that

We read thy patience still.” they not,” at last to rest in Jesus, for This blessed person must be a prc" they that believe do enter into rest,' cious subject to those who know because they enter into Jesus, the him. The great trouble of our souls 'true and glorious rest and sabbath of is, because we know so little of him, his people. He is their sun, and as our rock, tower, and hiding-place. shield. Sun of Righteousness; the The mind oft goes out after things of most impervious cloud flies before antiquity, here is a subject the most him, he is the portion of his dear ancient; the mind is so constituted as people. What subject near, to want a variety, here is a rich ya. sweet, and precious to the apostles as riety, that we can only enter unctuousJesus; it is a name that sounds ly into, by the Spirit of wisdom and sweet upon the ears of the circum- counsel. It is the most important cised. Întrepid Paul preached Jesus, subject, " For there is none other and the resurrection, Acts xvii. 18. name given upder heaven, whereby “ Christ and him crucified," 1 Cor. i. men can be saved but through the 23. See him persecuted, reviled, name of Jesus,” which is a name suffering, for so doing; but what above every name, for “he is the

says Paul, bless you, he speaks like chiefest among ten thousand.” Listen one feeling the vitality, power, and to the accents of one, who knew wbat unction of the religion of Christ, not- it was to enjoy fellowship with God. withstanding the mighty formidable Whom have I in heaven but thee phalanx of his enemies, he preached and there is none upon the earth, that Jesus, " For the which cause I also I desire beside thee." Oh, says ibe suffer these things, nevertheless I am poor traveller, the broken-hearted sin. not ashamed, for I know in whom I ner, I love to hear Jesus spoken well have believed," 2 'lim. i. 12. There of, but I want to feel bis power, to


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enjoy nearness with him. This Je- for ever; and many other scriptures sus whom David sung, whom Paul might be quoted on this point, such blessedly proclaimed, his glories are as Ezek. xxxiv ; Hosea iii. ó. But illimitable, his fame in the church it signifies Beloved. Jesus Christ in his indestructible ; he is heaven's catho complex character is emphatically licon, for the broken in heart, the styled, the Beloved of God, wounded in spirit, cast down, burden. voice from heaven saying, this is my ed sinner, he is the balm that will beloved Son, in whom I am well suit all the cases of his dear blood. pleased.” See him also at the mount bought family, the balm of Gilead, of transfiguration. Matt. xvii. 5. the tree of life, the plant of renown, “ This is my beloved Son, in whom I Passing over the literal interpretation am well pleased;" here is a wonderful of this passage, may the blessed Spi- development of heaven's glory, he is rit of all truth lead us to search it, to the Beloved of the Father, and the see if it testifies of Jesus and his dear Beloved of his dear people ; what is people.

there resting on this fact, that he was "Then all Israel gathered themselves and is the Beloved of his Father, to David unto Hebron, saying, Be- the Father loved me, so have I loved hold we are thy bone and thy flesh.” you ; continue ye in my love.” God In the words we will observe, as far the Father loved his Son from ever. as the Spirit may enable us.

lasting, so Christ, the God Man, set up I. The Person, David, as a type of from everlasting, in the purposes, coun. Christ.

sels, settlements of grace, loved his II. The People, Israel, as typical people from everlasting ; the Father of God's spiritual people.

loved his Son with an unchanging, III. The Testimony, “ Behold we eternal love : so Jesus having loved his are thy bone.”

own, which were in the world, he loveth I. The Person, as a type of Christ. them unto the end.

Here is posses. 1st In the appellation itself-David, sion, his own, mark the position, “In it signifies beloved. The scriptures the world,” not of it, for they are speak of Jesus under this name, “I crucified to it. The testimony,“ loved have made a covenant with my chosen, them unto the end." He is the same I have sworn unto David my servant,' yesterday, to day, and for ever; the Ps. lxxiii. 3. He is said to be the chosen same in personi, love, and fulness. of God. In Isa. Ixii. 1, “ Behold my What an untellable blessing for the servant whom I uphold, my elect, in poor and afflicted soul who is oft doing whom my soul delighteth; I have put business in deep waters, cast down my Spirit upon him ; he shall bring with doubts and fears, enemies withforth judgment to the Gentiles.' out and within, infidelity, peevishness, Jer. xxx. 9. “But they shall serve the and fretfulness. That, " He is Lord their God, and David their king - friend that loveth at all times, one whom I will raise up upto them.' born for adversity," a "priest touched They that have been in trouble, soul with the feelings of our infirmities.” trouble, spiritual conflicts, that have Well he is truly the Beloved of God been in bondage, shall serve the Lord and his church. their God. Mark, the blessed relation. 2nd. In his employment, shepherd, ship, and David their king, the blessed "behold he keepeth the sheep,” i Sam. Jesus king of the Jews, reigning in their xvi. 11. “ But David went and re. hearts by powerful, invincible, cover, turned from Saul to feed his father's eign grace, “and David my servant shall sheep at Bethlehem,” 1 Sam. xvii. 15. be king over them. Again, “and my Holy Spirit, aid us, while we look at servant (observe the capacity of Jesus, our most glorious and precious Christ, servant) David shall be their prince for uoder this character, a shepherd, éver.” The dignity, prince, duration “ The Lord is my shepherd; I shall

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