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we still

hinted at any of Mr. Triggs' incon- which his preaching hath of late so gruities contained in that work; but much abounded, and which. month he has fallen into more competent by month, are generally brought unhands, and, lightly as he may esteem der our notice by various correspon. the reproof herein administered, he dents. We content ourselves here, will find that God's saints will listen, by exposing that which we believe to with due regard and attention, to the be the spring and fountain of allexposure thus made by a venerable his thirst after popularity; which and long esteemed minister. We prompts him, that he may cater to a leave the remarks of the Old Disciple croud, to cater for them unwholesome to speak for themselves; they need though inuch relished provision, no comment of ours : but having the Some will say a minister ought to opportunity, we avail ourselves of it, try to have a large congregation : that as we said we should, as Editors of he who prophesieth to the thick boughs the Spiritual Magazine, to address a

hath more prospect of an abundant few lines to Mr. Triggs.

vintage : be it so, but do carnal mo. Coinciding though we do, in the tives never operate : do they not, alas, views of the Old Disciple, and the

too generally? consequent error of Mr. Triggs' state

Of course he will be angry with us ments, we cannot and do not coincide for writing thus freely and thus un. in the conclusions then drawn by the ceremoniously; but if, as Old Disciple. Mr. Triggs has attained hope and believe, he hath God's fear an elevation of popularity likely to in his bosom, and God's grace in bis overbalance the sobriety of most. Pride heart, it will induce him, some of will shew itself, even in God's child- these days, to ponder upon his sayren: and the desire to continue that ings, and we will add likewise upon popularity, will suggest methods that his doings, for before we close we originate not in a seeking chiefly the cannot forbear alluding to the irreveglory of God. We believe it hath

rent manner in which he engages in been so here. Mr. Triggs, among prayer. Doth he remember whom he some who are no doubt the real child- addresses, when with a significant ren of God, has gathered around him wink and a knowing nod, he runs on many who constitute the flying camp as if speaking to an equal or an infe. of our great city-modern Athenians rior! Can it be called prayer when who are always running hither and the petitioner claims, and demands, thither in search of every new thing. and threatens ! Oh, it is indeed a May we venture to affirm, that Mr.

sweet privilege to feel that we may Triggs, to retain around him this draw near to the mercy seat, and promiscuous throng, is constantly en

pleading the name and the merits of deavouring to bring forward some new our great Substitute, put our covenant and startling proposition, thus to sa- God and Father in mind of what he tisfy the morbid craving of their un- hath said and promised, and urge it holy appetite. We believe it, and upon him that he will do 'according inasmuch as we believe it, and all will to his word. But all this is

dif. allow this to be sinful, so we believe ferent from the irreverent claim, and he will be visited for it. We might the presumptuous demand, and the here bring forward one of his startling blasphemous threatening, sayings, which would demonstrate, We stop here. We shall rejoice if that in Mr. Triggs' own view, this these remarks be taken as they are our expectation is unfounded. But meant; but if urged to it, we shall we have not space to take up his be quite willing to pursue the subject, sayings and prove their fallacy: the and demonstrate still more plainly the sayings, blasphemous and silly, with


truth of our assertions.-EDITORS.


To be Continued.

name I would bless, for that he has here and there enabled me to erect

an Ebenezer, since I have been walkMuch respected and dearly beloved

ing in the valley. And although often Father in the faith.

fearing that I shall strike upon rocks, My father desires me to ex. I can in some seasons cast the four press his kindest christian love to anchors out of the stern, and wish you. We feel greatly obliged to you for day. Yes, I do indeed wish for for the kindness manifested by inter- the day, I long for the Sun of Righesting yourself respecting Martha, teousness to arise, with healing under although we regret that you did not his wings. Bnt alas, it is seldom succeed; probably we may hear of that I am favoured with a view of something nearer home, which I think Him, whose smiles create


heaven. upon the whole will be better for her, Yet can I truly and sincerely say, as she is so young. I sincerely thank you for your kind.

" I cannot live contented long, ness in writing to me.

I am sure I

Without some glimpses of his face ;

And heaven, without his presence there, bave much reason to be thankful for

Would be a dark and tiresome place." your correspondence as well as your ministry. And now, as far as I am Oh, what a mercy for such a fallen, enabled, I turn to answering ques- helpless creature as I am, that Jesus tions.

is what he is, an immutable Lover, You ask, whether I am looking and mighty to save. No other Sa. unto Jesus, or whether my eye is viour could be suited to me, but the turned within ? I must answer then, God-man, Christ Jesus. No other (monster of ingratitude that I am,) I salvation could reach my case, but too frequently for my own comforts, salvation by free grace, wrought out and for the honour of my divine by Christ, and made known by God Master, am, instead of looking unto the Holy Ghost. as wholly Jesus, as all-sufficient for all I stand unable to believe in the Lord Jesus in need of, and as faithful to perform Christ, without the influences of the the word upon which he has caused Spirit, as I am to perform any thing my poor soul to hope; I am looking acceptable to a just and holy God. within, to see if I can answer the Now and then I am favoured to look objections of unbelief, against my above every consideration of wretched being a subject of Jehovah's grace. self, to Christ alone; but for the If it be so, should I be exactly as I most part I am left sinking into my am; should I not at least have a

own wretchedness. No sight of him greater desire to be different, should either in hearing or reading his word. I be so sinful, cold and stupid, and yet At the throne of grace in such darkat times so careless about it? I am ness and bondage, that even if exaltogether such a wretch, that I must pressing something of my feelings, it abide by this point, if Christ has appears as though I was speaking to been made sin for me, and I am made myself, or to the stocks and stones, the righteousness of God in him, I and nut to the Lord; I am ready to am safe ; but if this is not really and say, "My cry cometh not up into his truly the case, I bave not another

And worse than this, at times straw to lay hold of. This is no de- the subject of such awful thoughts, ception. However I may be deceived as it would be vain to attempt, and as to my right to believe that I am utterly useless to enumerate. What accepted in Christ, I know indeed and ground then have I to believe that I of a truth that I have no other ground am the subject of grace? None in of acceptance before God: whose myself; but the same that said unto April, 1814.]

I am



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me, Receive thy sight,” also said whom you have redemption, even the unto me, " Thy sins be forgiven thee." forgiveness of your sins, according to Now he cannot deny himself, nor the riches of his grace:” for it is by alter the thing that is gone out of his sovereign, rich, free grace we mouth. Therefore, notwithstanding saved, not of works, lest an; man all that I am the subject of, and bad should boast; being his workmanas I am, yet am I not altogether in ship, created, and redeemed, and despair, hope has not yet perished. sanctified; called by God the Holy It is a gracious promise the Lord has Ghost, and made meet for the Masmade to Zion, that he “ will not ter's use; and all for the purpose of make an end of her, but will correct his pleasure. What great and unher in measure, and not leave her speakable mercies and privileges the altogether unpunished.” I know I children of God are called to a knowam one that needeth correction, for I ledge of in their time state, while am continually either grovelling in travelling home to their Father's unbelief and distrust, or lifted up house above. And although it is with pride and self-conceit. So sel- often a painful, rugged path, it is the dom in a humble, waiting posture. right way, leading to the city of haSometimes impatient, then careless; bitation. The flesh often shrinks, and the longer I think of it, the more while the spirit is willing: this should I find to lament and be ashamed of. not be the case. Notwithstanding Oh, that your prayers for me may be all these trials and tribulations, it is graciously answered, that the Holy your Father's good pleasure to give Spirit may lead me into clearer views you the kingdom ; it must be given and discoveries of Christ, for Him to them for whom it has been prehath God exalted to be a Prince and pared. a Saviour, to give repentance unto And now, dear friends, I desire to Israel, and forgiveness of sins.” be truly thankful to the Lord, and to

I am truly sorry to hear of your raise an Ebenezer, in which I know indisposition. I trust the Lord in you will truly and sincerely join with mercy will restore your wonted health me, to the praise of the glory of his and strength, that you may yet prove grace, in safely bringing the Lord's a blessing to his church and people. servant to the haven where he would My dear father joins with me in be. He arrived before five o'clock on christian love and affection to Mrs. Friday morning ; at that time he apBurnett. And that the richest bles. peared to be well both in body and sings of a covenant God inay rest mind, but since he has been seized upon your labours of love, your per. with a great hoarseness. He thought son, and your family, is the earnest yesterday he should not be carried prayer of your daughter in the bonds through the services; but the Lord of the gospel,

was better to him than all our fears.

He was enabled with power and uncGodmanchester.

tion to speak in the morning from Isa. Ixiii. 7, and recount the lovingkindness of the Lord, and the praises of the Lord in his dealings with him

during his sojourn from S-4, in My dear and beloved Sarah and which the Lord shall have all the Ann, I greet you in the name of Him praise and all the glory, for his mercy who is the Father's dearly beloved endureth for ever. And in the evenSon, in whom he is well pleased. ing from Rom. xi. the three last And sure I am, that you are well

So that pastor and people at pleased with your dear Saviour, " in the conclusion of the services could





rejoice together, and exalt him as the my mind lead me to portions of holy faithful God, who cannot deny him writ suitable thereto, and this was the self. Has he not said it ? and his case this morning; for finding much arm is not shortened, that it cannot despondency and casting down of soul, save ; neither his ear heavy, that he the words I have now read by way of cannot hear; being the same yester- text were a comfort to me; and perday, to-day, and for ever, resting in haps what little I may be enabled, his love, rejoicing over his people, under the influence of the ever-blessed delighting to do them good. Halle. Spirit to advance, may be a comfort lujah.

to some tried child of God under si. My dear husband is resting a milar exercises. little this morning, hoping the Lord I shall, first, briefly speak of these will bless the simple means used for words in reference to Christ; and the

recovery of his voice, desiring me then, secondly, as they may relate to to give his spiritual love to you both, a child of God under heavy trials, and to say, the Lord reward you for arising from what quarter soever they your very great kindness to him when may. in your neighbourhood. Inasmuch How exemplified they were in the as you have done it unto the least of case of our Redeemer, who was the my brethren, (said the blessed Jesus) poor and needy man. Look at the you have done it unto me.” May Je- place of his birth—a stable. I do hovah in bis Trinity of persons bless, not suppose there is one hearing me preserve, and keep you both unblame- who was brought into the world in able, unto his heavenly kingdom, and such a place. Then, as he advanced comfort, console, and speak peace to in life, he laboured with his hands ; your souls. May you hear his sweet follow him in after life, and so poor voice saying, “ It is I, be not afraid;” was he, that he wrought a miracle to and this will cause you to rejoice with pay the tribute money; ind that bis joy unspeakable and full of glory. followers ministered to him of their

My poor tabernacle is still very substance is evident. On, the conweak and frail. I fear I often mur- descension of the Lamb of God! how mur, I wish I was more quiet and it ought to humble us in the dust, if resigned. Greet all the Lord's dear at any time we should have exalted people by name for us at the upper views of ourselves. “ He made himroom ; and tell dear Mrs. I hope self of no reputation, but took upon to be able shortly to write a few lines him the form of a servant." to her. How is dear give our

We also find he was sorrowful : the love to him, and accept every blessing prophet expressly stiles him, and good wish that you possibly can of sorrows and acquainted with grief," have, is the sincere desire of your It is no where said he laughed, or affectionate and attached sister, even smiled, the nearest allusion to it

is, " and Jesus rejoiced in spirit." In the garden, we read, he said

My soul is exceeding sorrowful.” It all

arose from the intense weight of bearAT JIREH CHAPEL, LEWES, BY THE

ing the whole of the sins of his elect,

and knowing what lay before him ere No. 19.-To be Continued.

he could utter that most important Psalm lxix. 29.—“ But I am poor

sentence, It is finished !” and sorrowful, let thy salvation, O

The reply unto the prayer, God, set me up on high.”

thy salvation set me up on high,” we

shall find answered in the xcist Psalm, I GENERALLY find the exercises of • Because he hath set his love upon

a man




" Let

me, therefore will I deliver him ; . I is a sorrow that worketh death, but will set him on high because he hath that is not included in my text. I known my name.

consider the young man felt this, when It might be much enlarged on, of he enquired of Christ how to obtain his being set on high, but as I said I eternal life, and our dear Saviour

gave should but briefly speak on this head, him that heart-cutting reply, at the I hasten to consider,

hearing of which it is said, " and he Secondly, How my text stands in went away sorrowful, for he had great reference to God's children. And possessions.” But the sorrow meant let us begin by noticing their poverty, in my text arises in a child of God and that in a threefold way. First, from heavy trials. We find Jacob which is the worst poverty of all, but knew what it was when he supposed which I do not think is included in Joseph was dead, and expecting Benmy text; but as one of the churches jamin to be taken away, &c., he said, in the jird of Revelation was said to “ Then shall ye bring down my grey be in that state I shall merely name heirs with sorrow to the grave.

We it; that is, to think we are rich when also find it is said of Hannah," she it is quite the reverse : Because was a woman of a sorrowful spirit.” thou sayest, I am rich, and increased And what sorrows had not the man in goods, and have need of nothing; of God, David, arising from the conbut knowest not that thou art poor.' duct of his rebellious son, Absolom. May we, my dear friends, be kept What sorrows had holy Job, from from this state.

being the greatest man in the east, to 2. Poor as it respects this world : be brought down to the most abject “ Hath not God chosen the poor of poverty ; but I cannot but believe this world, rich in faith.”

I quite

that his greatest sorrow arose from agree with my dear friend, the late his losing the presence of his Lord, Mr. Huntington, that those who have for we find that he says, after hearing an abundance of this world's goods, of all his losses, “ The Lord gave, see, as he expresses it, but one side and the Lord hath taken away, blessof God's face; there are not those ed be the name of the Lord.” But opportunities to watch the kind hand as soon as he was delivered up into of our gracious God in supplying our the hands of Satan, we then find him temporal needs. I had, for many cursing the day of his birth. Oh, years, most minutely to observe these wbat sorrows did he endure. things, and so had many of God's I ought to have observed in the most eminent saints, witness Jacob, character of David, how many inespecially.

stances we have of his sorrow besides 3. Poverty of spirit: and what a what I alluded to in the case of Abmercy to feel this; such souls are solom. Look at the man of God under the blessing of God, it does when Ziglag was burnt, when all that not say such shall be blessed, but are was near and dear to him was taken already: “ Blessed are the poor in away, and the people talked of stonspirit.” That soul which feels much ing him. We may also notice the of this poverty, will be led to be earn- long persecution from Saul; what est at a throne of grace, feeling his sorrows he endured on that account. need to be supplied from the inex. I could mention many characters, and haustible riches treasured up in our perhaps it will be opportune to my Lord Jesus Christ. What diligence subject, although rather a digression there will also be found in attending from my text, to mention the passage the house of God, yea in every ap- I preached from last week at Brighpointed means.

ton : “ But he was a leper."

We I shall now speak of sorrow. There find how many things are spoken of

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