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mysterious sufferings, fully honoured, rances the Author of our salvation and glorified, and magnified the Fa- hath said, “ My grace shall be suffi. ther on our behalf. So justice is sa

cient for you.” tisfied, and mercy is built up for ever. 3. Promises concerning future hapAnd the Holy Ghost is called the piness and glory.

Of Jesus it may promise of the Father, in order to be truly said, His lips drop manna. direct and encourage us to invoke his And sure I am, if his promises be holy aid, and to implore the bestow. precious when they speak of the ment of the sacred boon; that he blessings of providence, they are more may dwell in our hearts, and thus precious when they point to the blesstrengthen our faith, encourage our sings of his grace : but when they hope, enlarge our capacities in spiri- declare the blessings of an eternal tual things, and warm our affections world, what less can we say of them, with the fire of his love. The Lord than that they are most precious, and enable you, then, to seek this precious like their great Author, altogether gift at a throne of grace. Seek him lovely. And if we consider that the in his word; seek him in his house of apostle in the words of our text, prayer; seek him at the family altar; comprehends this class of promises, seek him in the closet. It is he, and we shall not wonder at his bursting none less than he, who must make forth so sublimely with this threefold you to see your interest in the Lamb epithet, “ Exceeding great and preof God, to rejoice in the glorious cious promises.” When Isaiah spake atonement made at Calvary, and bow the prophetic promises relative to the with humble adoration before the coming of Messiah, bis sufferings and throne of his mercy.

Oh, Holy death: in order to awaken attention Comforter, Spirit divine, dwell richly to the greatness of their blessedness, in my heart by precious grace; grant and the certainty of their accompme heavenly instruction, afford me lishment, he gives it in the form of celestial influences, bestow, I would

a narrative. John, in like manner, reimplore of thee, spiritual consulation. lates the future happiness and glory Early would I seek thee, as the pecu

of the elect in the form of a narraliar promise of the Father, and of tive of past and present events. This Christ; so would I find thee to the is for the fixing of our faith more joy of my soul.

firmly in those promises, that our Hence follows also all the promises burdened spirits may be relieved, and of gospel comfort, aid and support. we be filled with the blessed hope of Yea, and the precepts are generally immortality, joy and glory, in comseen in connection with the promises munion with Jesus for ever. of

grace. " If any of you lack wis- Secondly, we shall notice some of dom, let him ask of God, who giveth their peculiar characteristics. The to all men liberally, and upbraideth promises of the Most High bear the not: and it shall be given him," sacred impress of his own divinity. James i. 5. This is a precept which Every promise he has made is worthy embodies a promise. A promise that of himself. Goodness, love, tenderGod will, in answer to prayer, giveness, holiness and wisdom is stamped the grace of wisdom in the hour of upon them all. And this

may need. Wisdom, the beginning of most distinctly, if we consider: which is the fear of the Lord; wis- 1. Their suitability to individual dom, the substance of which is faith, character. We should be deceiving love, humility, meekness, comfort, our souls with false hopes on the one support, and zeal for God's cause and hand, or with unnecessary distress on his glory. Of all which, together the other, if we overlooked this im. with preservation and final perseve. portant feature.

Are there any pro

be seen are :

mises to the sinner who is dead in church's Head, having immediate retrespasses and sins, who is afar off spect to the great act of atonement. from God by wicked works? If we So, had there been no Redeemer, we may be allowed to call them promises, could have had no promises. The there are ; but nay, rather let the promises were made to Jesus on our be called the threatenings of a sin. behalf. Never lose sight of this in. avenging God: or, if you please, the teresting feature ; equally for your denunciations of eternal wrath against own comfort and Jehovah's glory. sinners, living and dying in the hard. Jesus looks more for the fulfilment of ness of their hearts, strangers to di- every promise made to him on your vine graee. Are there promises to behalf, than ever can your most anx. the backslider? Threatenings there ious faith, or enlarged and earnest

God declares, The back- desire. slider in heart shall be filled with his 3. Jehovah's faithfulness displayed own ways;" but to the returning in the fulfilling of his promise. Unbackslider, there are promises the changing truth distinguishes the promost consoling The God of heaven mise of God. " Which God that looks down and beholds the poor cannot lie, promised before the world penitent mourning under a deep feel- began,” Titus i. 2. God that cannot ing of contrition, and with sacred lie! what a solemn, what a delightful energy applies the endearing lan. expression. Here is another like it : guage, “ Son, be of good cheer, thy For all the promises of God in him sins be forgiven thee,” Matt. ix. 2. are yea, and in him amen, to the For the mourning there are promises glory of God by us,” 2 Cor. i. 20. of comfort; for the sorrowful, pro- He in whose sight the heavens are mises of happiness and joy; for the not clean; he, whose righteousness is sick, promises of health; for the as the radiant splendour of his own needy, promises of support ; for the glory; he, whose holiness far surpersecuted, promises of protection passes the holiness of the purest and deliverance; and for the dying, created intelligence; he cannot do light and immortality.

any thing unworthy of himself. He 2. The eternity of their state. cannot lie; he cannot, because for “ Before the world began,” Titus i. his righteousness' sake he will not. 2. Yet, where was then the needy He will not upon any considerution character? Where was the election falsify his word. He has promised, of grace before the world began? and he will not alter the thing which Where was the church of the living has gone out of his mouth. Mortals God? Then, we had not a being; change with changing circumstances, unless it were in the purposes of him God never changes. All his promises who accounteth of things that are flowed from the mighty depths of his not, as though they then existed. own unchanging love; they were The promises were made before time made unto his dear Son, they were began; therefore they were not made based upon the atonement to be made upon the ground of any excellency in by him; they were made on behalf the creature. Neither were they made of the characters themselves depict; immediately to us, but for us. They and what, O my soul, can prevent were made on our behalf, before the their fulfilment! Bear then in mind, world began, to God's dear Son, who my fellow sinner, that our heavenly in the councils of ve, had cove- Father's promises cannot be nullified nanted to take our nature in the ful- by our poor changeable frames and ness of time, and atone for our sins. feelings; by our dark, foreboding Therefore they were made from eter- fears. Our faith may be weak and nity, in the covenant of grace, to the trembling, our devotion wavering, our peace in a measure broken, our warm- is in the world through lust, and so est attachments become lukewarm be partakers of the divine nature, but and cold; but God's promises are by the love of God being shed abroad yea and amen in Christ Jesus, and in our hearts, through the Holy Ghost never were forfeited yet. O thou who is given unto us. And in chrisHigh and Lofty One who inhabiteth tian experience, it is essential to our eternity ; whose ways are inscrutible comfort, and the glory of God, that even to the burning seraph before thy the heart be mude perfect in love. throne, blessings for ever on thy What so calculated to remove doubts holy name, for the exceeding great and banish all slavish fear, as for the and precious promises of thy gospel, Spirit of Truth to comfort our souls so divinely bestowed, so faithfully ful. with gospel promises; as with these filled. We looked for wrath, but he causes the distressed soul to take behold mercy; for curses, but lo, we refuge beneath the cross, and behold found blessings; we trembled before her sins pardoned by the precious tby throne, but to us it proved a blood of Immanuel, he banishes fear throne of grace.

and drives away doubt. Then, that Thirdly, The effects to be produced soul, thus comforted with the proby the application of these promises. mise, having the eye of her faith " That by these you might be parta- directed to the bleeding victim, is kers of the divine nature.” having made perfect in love, a partaker of the escaped the corruption that is in the divine nature. She is melted with world by lust. Of themselves, the gratitude, humbled under a sense of promises can produce nothing. They the superabounding love of God, and are the sword of the Spirit, whereby filled with praise, thanksgiving and he foils and overcomes the powers blessing in the sweet enjoyment of of darkness within our hearts. It is such unspeakable grace. And as the my mercy, so also is it your mercy, promise enters, the powers of darkto know, that when a divine promise ness flee; as it abounds, so the enis felt with energy and sweetness in riched soul abounds in love; as it the soul, expelling for a season the abides, our faith becomes strong; as distress and darkness which too often it is unchangeable, our hearts become abound there ; that is none other established in grace, and we live and than the Holy Spirit wielding his own die giving glory to the undivided sword, to the discomfiting of our ene

Three, who in the fulness of his love, mies and the strengthening of our the riches of his goodness, and the hope. Nay, the whole word of God, greatness of his being, has made unto precepts as well as promises, is the us such exceeding great and precious sword of the Spirit ; and when thus promises. divinely felt, it is by the influence of Now unto him who is able to keep Him who has promised to glorify us from falling, and to present us Jesus in our hearts.

faultless before the presence of bis By the divine nature, we are not glory with exceeding joy; to the only to understand the Being of Deity, but wise God our Saviour, be glory and love and holiness, which flow from majesty, dominion and power, now him, as streams from their fountain : and for ever. Amen. as it is said, God is love ;' and every one that loveth is born of God;" "and he that dwelleth in love, dwell. It is the proper work of faith to eth in God, and God in him.” Again, fall with a suitable promise, and to “ That we might be partakers of his apply the same: if that plaster of holiness,” Heb. xii. 10. There is no the promise be not laid on with a way of escaping the corruption which warm hand, it will not stick.



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called God's work : « This is the work of God, that ye believe in him

whom he hath sent,” John vi. 29. No. 4. Mr. Editor--Sir,

And where this faith that works by

love, is found in the heart of a poor IN my

last paper I trespassed sinner, it makes manifest that they on your pages by its length. I will

are partakers of life, as it is written: only mention one observation more “ He that believeth on the Son of respecting the new man, and conclude God hath everlasting life; and he with a few observations on the source that believeth not the Son, shall not or foundation of Mr. Triggs' living see life, but the wrath of God abiso happily, as he writes.

deth on him,” John iii. 39. The apostle says, he “knew a man I will now, Sir, take notice of the in Christ about fourteen years ago :" ground of Mr. Triggs' happiness, this man in Christ was himself, and which he informs in this letter he he informs us that he was a new man hath been thirty years in attaining in Christ, Eph. i. 10, “ For we (that to. His words are : « There are two is, the apostles and the saints and men spoken of in the word, and I faithful in Ephesus,) are his (God's) have nothing to do with any other ; workmanship, created in Christ Jesus and that is the reason I live so hapunto good works, which God hath pily : and these names I think you before ordained we should walk in will find to be, Adam the first, of the them.” And again the apostle saith, earth, earthy, the old man; the se“ If any man be in Christ, he is a cond man is the Lord from heaven, new creature.”

this is the new man, and I know of Now I believe that the main fea. no other, of whom it is said, that ture in the new man is life, as it is “ He hath made in (not of or by, but written : · For as in Adam all die, in) himself of twain one new man, even so in Christ shall all (the elect so making peace.”

This is of twain, of God) be made alive.” First, by a God and man, one Christ, Immanuel.” spiritual birth ; and finally, the body Now, Sir, I trust I have in the preat the last day. Now Christ says, ceding papers proved from the word

· I came that my sheep might have of God, that as it respects the person life :” and this spiritual or divine life of the dear Redeemer, Mr. Triggs is said to be the work of the Holy hath greatly erred ; and if his happiThree. The Father quickeneth whom ness arises from a false conception of he will, and the Son quickeneth whom Jesus Christ, I envy not his happiness, he will, and the apostle adds, “ It is and must conclude with the prophet, the Spirit that quickeneth, the flesh “ He feedeth on ashes, a deceived profiteth nothing." This life is a free heart hath turned him aside, that he gift : “ I give my sheep eternal life, cannot deliver his soul, nor say, Is and they shall never perish, neither there not a lie in my right-hand,” shall any pluck them out of my Isaiah xliv. 20. hand.” And again saith Jesus, " He And in the same page, a little that believeth on me, though he were lower, he boastingly saith, Then to dead, yet shall he live ; and whosoever live in a knowledge of this, is to live liveth and believeth in me, shall never the righteousness of God, (strange, die.” And Paul, Rom. vi. 23, thus unscriptural expression of a very writes : “ For the wages of sin is strange man,) far above the old man, death, but the gift of God is eternal sin, death and devil, and far out of life, through Jesus Christ our Lord.” the reach of them.” Why, Mr. Triggs, And we find that real faith, which is thou must have attained to sinless

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perfection, thy speech proves thee but shall only add, that in Mr. Triggs perverse, For if we say we have no the scripture is fulfilled : “ In the sin, we deceive ourselves, and the last days perilous times shall come,” truth is not in us,” 1 John i. 8. No for men (called gospel ministers) shall sinful thoughts, no evil desires then be boasters, proud, heady, highcan trouble thee, for thou sayest thou minded,” &c, 2 Tim. iii. livest far out of the reach of them. I shall now conclude these papers, The devil cannot tempt thee, for thou and may a good and gracious God sayest thou art far out of the reach deliver his people from all such error of the devil. Thou exceedest over and confusion, as is manifested in Jesus Christ, who was tempted of Mr. Triggs' letter to Mr. Bates. the devil; and as for the apostles and prophets, thou hast in thy deceived mind left them a thousand leagues behind, for they one and all complain

EDITORS' REMARKS. of a body of sin and death, that when they would do good, evil is Heavy and solemn charges these, present with them; and further, Paul and such as, if distinctly proved and says, “ I find a law in my members, obstinately persisted in, go far to exwarring against the law of my mind :" clude the promulgator, from the name and he exhorts Timothy, as a good and the character of a minister of our soldier of Jesus Christ, to endure Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. hardness: and in his last epistle, The letter of Mr. Triggs' which written a little before his martyrdom has called forth these strictures, we he saith, "I have fought a good have not read, as published in the fight, I have finished my course,” &c. Gospel Magazine, and know no more But Mr. Triggs hath got so high, (but of it than is extracted for us by the it is only in his own vain conceit) Old Disciple. The Gospel Magazine that he lives far out of the reach of we have long ceased to read. In the the old man, sin, death and the devil. time of Mr. Toplady it was indeed a But we know, seith John, “ that no grand bulwark to Bible doctrines ; lie is of the truth ;” and this proud when edited by Mr. Row, it was, boasting of Mr. Triggs proves him a notwithstanding that good man's conliar, and his speech and his writings stitutional snarling and bickering, the nothing worth.

repository of much that is excellent: In the close of this letter to Mr, when for a few months it was edited Bates, page 416, he thus writes. by the Clerical bigot and Puseyite, “But you say, Is there not a warfare of whom we once hoped great things, between my old man and new man it was beneath notice, and now, what in Christ?" I say, No, nor can you is it? the experience of the children find a scripture to prove it; for I of God, dressed up and decorated will whisper a word to you, if that with the sentimentalism of a fashionwere true, your old man, so called, able novel : we allude of course must be in Christ also, or else they chiefly to the Editors' own produccapnot come near to fight.” Reader, tions. We used occasionally to look was there ever so carnal, so unscrip- over its pages, but its continued tural a statement made by any who mawkishness, and the crudeness of were taught of God, and had the fear its statements, manifest even under and holy reverence of a good and the affected feeling of its style, has gracious God in their hearts. To long ago palled, and satiated, and follow this vain boaster through all disgusted us. his heterogeneous matter published We mention this as the reason why in this letter, would require a volume; we had not ourselves alluded to or

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