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properly calls it, must be that which of God in Christ; may you be much passeth knowledge, Eph. iii. 19, in blessed with that wisdom which com. our most glorious Christ, which by eth down from above, in going in its kindliness exciteth love towards and out before the saints of tbe Most each other in his members. I have High, as his mouth to the people. often thought of you, and remem

Your people are highly favoured, we bered you when thought of at the are now left destitute. Oh, what a best place of remembrance, the King's loss, it seems to me, at times irreCourt, and dear Mrs with you. parable, yet I know the Lord can It is well to mention by name the send one, or make a preacher, as members to the Head for having Romaine once said, of an old stick, given ourselves first to the Lord, it if it please him. I esteem it a mer. then follows that we give ourselves cy to commune with you in writing, to each other by ,the will of God. my soul is refreshed thereby, the 2 Cor. viii. 5. Ere long, dear Sir, Lord is exalted and glorified by it. we shall see Him face to face, and I also bave reason to bless his holy know, even as we are known ; sweet

name for


visit last; many found thought to my advanced years of it to be a season of refreshing from seventy two. Mr. L-- hath kindly the presence of the Lord. Our names consented to take this little token of in this place are cast out as evil for acknowledgement with him on his the truth's sake: this I do not regard, return; and I avail myself of it to

it is the loss of that everlasting gossend you a copy of my Scripture pel I have heard preached by you, Extracts; 1 beseech you to accept with the Holy Ghost sent down from them for the love and good will which heaven, and was by many here reaccompanieth them, and give them a ceived into the heart. I know you place on your shelf, to have recourse

love heart-work, no other knowledge to in a private hour. May my Lord is saving: what if kingdoms rise and God render their perusal useful to you fall

, and nature return to its original, and dear Mrs. when I am

it must it shall be well with the righmore. I commend you both to the

teous. But sometimes I view myself Lord, and remain truly,

as the evil, unrighteous, loathsome Yours in the Lord,

base thing the earth bears up, and truly know what Paul said, “in me, that is, in my flesh, dwelleth no good

thing." Dear brother, are we taught P.:S. I find cause to bless God for

our own depravity that our Christ his mercy to poor Webber. What

may be more precious to us! Then, hath God wrought!

I say, I will glory in my infirmity that the power of Christ may rest upon me,

Oh, that that dear Comforter, Jehovah the Spirit, would cause me to feel more of the efficacy

of that divine blood, and see more Dearly beloved in the Lord,

the glory of that immaculate obedi. My ever dear brother in

ence of the Lord the Lamb, and that glory grace-union made by the daily prove to me my interest there. holy Three in One, cemented with I am still your truly affectionate love and blood, so that neither sin,

Sister in the best of Lords, Satan, or the world, cap ever injure this, great grace be with you from the fountain of all grace, the heart Ashburton.







S. J.



their natural repentance being enligh

tened, and having tasted of the heaAn Old Watchman to Onesimus of Saffron venly gift, that is, knowledge of Jesus Walden, on the Blasphemy against the Christ, they are so much like the elect Holy Ghost and on Wilful Sins.

of God, who are “ renewed in know

ledge, and conformed to the image of (Continued from pp. 262.)

Jesus Christ,” Rom. viii. 29, that Now of persons who of old and in Noah did not know for a time but these days have been and will be left, Ham was a renewed man, neither did after all enlightenments, to commit Lot know but his wife was a renewed wilful sins, after having a knowledge woman, one of God's elect, neither of the truth, as declared by the Holy could the Israel of old say, for a time, One Heb. vi. 4—8, &c, know ye that but that Balaam was a converted man, they were foreknown of God as persons or Samuel the seer say, that king Saul in all their gifts, in nature, through was not an elect vessel, until they time, to be apostates, who would sin were left to commit wilful sins; neiwilfully, and “

draw back unto per- ther did Paul know but that Demas dition,” Heb. x. 39, under the old was a regenerate man, until he comtestament dispensation as under the mitted wilful sins; and it is evident new, and since the Scriptures have that the christian churches did not been finished, as before, unto these know Francis Spira was reprobate in days; nay, the Holy Ghost proves all his enlightenings and knowledge, they will increase in numbers, in all that is, tasting of the heavenly gift, their knowledge, and do wickedly. and preaching it also, until he sinned

The interpretation of the mystery, wilfully against God's warning, and is, tbat first, like Ham, the son of publicly signed his recantation of BiNoah, and Lot's wife, to Balaam and ble protestantism. So he denied the others, to king Saul to Demas, and Lord who bought him since those days to Francis Spira, and

tural life time. The case is the same from him to Pusey, with the Puseyites, in the present day with the Puseyites. Irvingites, &c., who had and have, The doctor himself and his companthrough the Holy Ghost's warnings, ions, in ail their enlightenings, and by his immediate power, without the tasting the heavenly gift, that is, the ministry of men, or by men, natural knowledge of God the Son, Jesus repentance, and a natural knowledge Christ, so that they seemed God's of God the Son, Jesus Christ, at first elect, renewed in the Spirit of their being enlightened, by and in which mind, and partakers of the Holy Spithey escape the pollutions of the rit, as the Spirit of the grace of life world, and appear outwardly, for a and adoption, as of all the blessings time, godly persons, but are not so, of the everlasting covenant to endless for after a time they draw back to glory. I say, the righteous men of perdition,” that is, they commit wilful this nation and other nations could sins against God and his commands. not say but they were as above stated, Gen. ix. 22, &c.

till they committed wilful sins against We notice that "they are partakers God the Son, by publicly denying his of the Holy Ghost,” who possessing glorious gospel and ordinances, and them in order that they may serve wilfully resisting the Holy Ghost in himself, the Father and Christ, one the protestant church dignitaries, goGod, for a time, so they warn the ing over, in the working of Satan, to wicked, and check them, as they serve the pontiff of Rome, presumptuously for a time his righteous regenerate sinning against the Father in God and people, and whilst the Holy Ghost the Godhead, by hearing and doing puts a restraint upon them, they in what that son of perdition, the pon

December, 1844.]

for his na




tiff of Rome, says, instead of attend. were once enlightened; how they tasing to the only begotten Son of God, ted of the heavenly gifts, and were as the Father commands, saying, made partakers of the Holy Ghost; “ This is my beloved Son, in whom I let us then ubserve next, “ They have am well pleased, hear ye him,” Matt. tasted the good of God and the pow. xvii. 5. And, moreover, to prove to ers of the world to come;" that is, all peoples they are presumptuous, the letter of the law and testimony, wilful sinners, they have not only and particular texts given them by the " turned from the holy commandment Holy Ghost out of the law and the delivered unto them,” that is, “the testimony to speak from to the peolaw and testimony,” to preach and to ples, or to write from. So the Holy write from, and to commune together Ghost put a word into the mouth of of, from the time of their vows and Balaam, Num. xxiii.5, and he rejoiced, public declarations they were moved ' receiving the word with joy,” Matt. by the Holy Ghost for priests, minis- xiii. 20, so for a time praising God; ters, pastors, or watchmen in the which joy and praise in Balaam and protestant church or state; but they in other unrenewed souls, hearts and have unitedly, presumptuously, and tongues, is " the power of the world wilfully committed sins next to come,” Heb. vi. 5; and so much blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, like all renewed people of God are all by doing despite unto the Holy Ghost those once enlightened persons, that as he is graciously and influentially we who are renewed, and, in the bles. the Spirit of grace, in his heirs, the sing and power of the Holy Ghost, Father's witnesses, bishops, pastors sent to preach and write the truth as and watchmen in the national, pro- it is in Jesus, can discover no more testant, established church, and of than Noah, Lot and others did discothe protestant dissenting church, both ver the enlightened persons in their as one. And, withal, the above stated days; but we take them as our equals, once enlightened men, are this day nay guides and acquaintances; and I labouring to seduce all peoples to sin, lave had many such upon the walls fighting wilfully against God the Son of Zion with me, since the Holy Spiand his called and chosen and faithful rit made me one of his faithful watch. soldiers; striving, also, in all subtle, men, with whom, as David says, “we wilful sins, to betray the Son of God, took sweet counsel together, and went Jesus Christ, in his members in both unto the house of God in company church and state, with a kiss, into the that is, as David did walk with the hand of the devil and his child, the once enlightened Ahithophel, and his Roman pontiff, the beast and the companions, before they sinned wil. harlot. Thus their wilful sins are as fully, so afterwards David said, “ Let Balaam's, Ahithophel's, Judas's, De- death seize on them;" when he was mas's, and others.

assured that their wilful sin was the But we must come to a more par

sin unto death.” And so in the Lord ticular interpretation of the portions am I assured. of Scripture afore stated, in Heb. vi., But we now proceed to shew how and x., that the Zion of the Holy these once enlightened men, before One may be assured who the wilful they sinned wilfully and fell away, sinners of those days are, and who, warned and checked the wicked, and in succeeding ages, singing wilfully, for a time blessed God and his people, after they have received the knowledge by tasting the good word of God, and of the truth, there remaineth no sa- so enjoying, in their unrenewed souls, crifice for their sins.

hearts and tongues the “power of the We have before noticed, as declared, world to come,” being for a time the how they had natural repentance, and servants and prophets of the Holy


Ghost, in their degrees of enlighten- assurance of eternal damnation. Isa. ments, from Ham to Balaam, king lxvi. 24, &c. Such is the end of the Saul, Ahithophel and others, unto the men who have forsaken the right way, present day Puseyites and others, un- as the Puseyites, Irvingites and others der divine restraint, and by the Holy in these apostatizing days, who follow Ghost so subduing the evil spirit in the way of Balaam in loving the wa. them for a time, and bringing their ges of unrighteousness. These are natural wills to yield for a time obe wells without water, clouds that are dience; they had another heart, Num. carried about with a tempest, and to xxii. 12, 13, 14, &c. And they pro- whom the mist of darkness is reserved phesied of old, as do many in these for ever. 2 Peter ii. 15–17. days. And in triumph Balaam said, Therefore, beloved Onesimus, by "The Spirit of God came upon me, your erring in spirit and in doctrine, and falling into a trance, but having so far as to declare and publish, that his eyes open, he said, “ How goodly for the wilful sins of those sinners are thy tents, O Jacob, and thy ta- whom God in his eternal fore-knowbernacles, O Israel. If Balak would ledge ordained to condemnation, as in give me his house full of silver and Heb. vi. and x., and throughout the gold, I cannot go beyond the com- Scriptures, they have an exclusive mandment of the Lord, to do either sacrifice, and are forgiven their sins, good or bad of mine own mind; but is a most awful assertion, a dreadful what the Lord saith, that will I error. May God render this article speak,” Num. xxiv. 13. Now in the of an Old Watchman,' in Magazine same line of doctrines and profession, sounds, a means of bringing you and all those once enlightened persons, others to understanding, and from which the Holy Ghost treats of by murmuring to learn doctrine. Isaiah the apostle Paul, in Heb. vi. and x. xxix. 24. unto Demas and others to this day, Moreoevr, beloved Onesimus, know and to the last apostacy, a little time ye, that your opinion and assertion before God the Son, in glorified hu- that the blood of the Son of God manity, comes to judge all, with open was meritorious, or superior in merit books, all who commit wilful sins will and efficacy through the new testafall away, and fight against him, his ment dispensation, than the old, that truth, and his witnesses, pastors, and is, after his incarnation, and is therechurches, having upon them evident fore an exclusive sacrifice for wilful tokens of perdition; and in spite of sins, is awfully erreneous, shamefully all that the beloved author of · Elijah unscriptural, and is verily with your the Tishbite,' with the beloved Ones- other assertions what the Holy Ghost imus of Saffron Walden, with others declares, “ divers and strange docmay say or write, all these wilful sin. trines ;" and the proof they are ners have a " certain fearful looking is that the blood of the Son of God for of judgment and fiery indignation, was in eternity, and in time, as it is which devour the adversaries,” Heb. now, and will be to the end of time, x. 27, and they know they are adver- and through endless eternity, called saries. I have known four of those by the Father, and the Holy Ghost, enlightened persons, as the above, and all bis prophets, apostles, and near my abode, having a fearful look witnesses, " The blood of the coveing for of judgment and fiery indig. nant.” Zech. ix. 11. We all testify nation, after they had committed wil. there is no superiority from everful sins.

One of them fell into a lasting to everlasting, in the righ. ditch, being intoxicated, and brake teous, holy, immortal Saviour of his neck; the others died on their sinners, the all-meritorious Son in beds, as they lived for a time, in awful God, and the Godhead, or his blood.


Mark ye, that the Holy Gbost says like Balaam, king Saul, Demas and by Paul,

“ Jesus Christ is the same other enlightened men, not endure un. yesterday, and to-day, and for ever." to the end, and be saved, Matt. x. 22; adding, be not carried about with but by sinful infirmity and temptation, divers and strange doctrines,” Heb. if destitute of grace, should commit xiii, 8, 9.

wilful sins, and then the Holy Ghost Behold, beloved Onesimus your would depart from him, as from king assertion that the gospel provides a Saul and others, 1 Sam, xvi. 15. and remedy for wilful, presumptuous sins, then a dreadful fear of God, and of confidently challenging proof to the those who had the spirit of grace and contrary in this nineteenth century, truth, would fill bim with a fearful is a great advance towards the sin looking for of judgment and fiery inagainst the

Holy Ghost, and ap- dignation, so prove his reprobation. proaching to the borders of sinners These are the doctrines of God. So who have sinned wilfully and pre. Paul, in the Holy Ghost, says, by way sumptuously after that they have of warning, and not to encourage sin received the knowledge of the truth.” or sinners to commit wilful sins, much Verily, your assertions either designed less testify, as Onesimus does, “that or undesigned, for evil, or good, are the blood of the Son of God was the the same as the doctrine of Balaam, exclusive sacrifice for wilful sins.' It and the doctrine of the Nicolatains, is said,

is said, " It is impossible for those which, God says, “I hate," Rev. ii. who were once enlightened, and have 14, 15. If you are not living in tasted of the heavenly gift, and were those sins, your doctrines encourage made partakers of the Holy Ghost, sinning. Oh, my brother Onesimus, and have tasted of the good word of I cannot refrain from speaking to you God and the powers of the world to in the words of Elihu to Job, in his come ; if they shall fall away, to reerrors and sins, and also by the same new them again to repentance, seeing spirit warning you, saying, "Because they crucify to themselves the Son of there is wrath, beware, lest he take God afresh, and put him to an open thee

away with his stroke,” Job shame; for as the earth which drinkXxxvi. 18.

eth in the rain that cometh oft upon Finally, Onesimus, I say, add thou it, and bringeth forth herbs meet for not unto God's word, and know ve, them by whom it is dressed, receiveth that the apostle Paul, hy and in the blessing from God: but that which Holy Ghost, being in the midst of beareth thorns anà briars (as Balaam some enlightened men of his day, and others, to the Puseyites and their knowing that such men would be companions) is nigh unto cursing, living unto the end of the world, he wbose end is to be burned,” Heb. vi. reckons himself with them as a man 4-8. And in Heb. x. 26–21, Paul that could speak with tongues, and continues his subject of those wilful had the gift of prophecy, and under- sinners, reckoning himself a gifted stood all mysteries, that is, the mys- man, saying, “ If we sin wilfully, after tery of God, and of the Father, and that we have received the knowledge of Christ, and of the everlasting of the truth, there remaineth no more covenant of salvation, redemption, sacrifice for sins, but a certain fearful and grace ; of election and reproba- looking for of jndgment and fiery intion; having all knowledge, and faith dignation, which shall devour the adto remove mountains; yet declaring versaries.” Then for proofs, that the if he had not grace or love to God, wilful sins of the new testament days and to his truth, his cause, and peo- exceed those of the old, Paul adds, ple, he should be nothing," 1 Cor. “ if he that despised Moses' law died xiii. 1-3. And so at length became without mercy, under two or three

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