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By this scriptural elucidation you his prophet and national, authorized, see, 'Sincere Inquirer,' and thousands protestant bishop; which bishop, for of people shall see, also, the signs and his warnings, was cast into prison by deeds of the present times, through the command of wicked Ahab, while the God appointed means of faithful Jehoshaphat, notwithstanding all his witnesses and editors of magazines, trembling and sorrow,

did not check whilst by a still small voice in us he Ahab, or endeavour to prevent the says, “ Publish ye,” Jer. xxxi. 7. bishop being imprisoned. But these God be praised for the special favour wicked ways cost Ahab his life, as of a national free press, that we may a bowman's arrow was directed by the warn, in God's way, and be beneficial Lord to be the instrument of his death, to the wicked and the righteous, ac- that the blood ran from his wound into cording to your selected scripture. his chariot, and he died at even. But

It may be asked by the Sincere king Jehoshaphat, under God's judgInquirer,' and his companions, Is it ments with his household and suit or possible for a God begotten, possessed, powers in the field of battle, turning grace and truth filled, regenerated, to the Lord from their evil ways, and God exalted, protestant sovereign, and crying out for favour, they escaped house or household, to be so far se

temporal death. duced by Satan, and the aforesaid Moreover, take notice, O • Sincere idolaters, and be diverted from Bible Inquirer,' that the most regenerated, protestantism, and yet remain profes- tender-hearted, God fearing protessed protestants, although in a certain tant king, Josiah of old, for going degree joined in affinity with all the against the warnings, threatenings, aforesaid idolators, anti-protestants, and admonitions of one of God's blasphemers, and immoralists, who public witnesses and warriors, by Sawould if it were possible silence, nay tan's temptations and remaining sinslay the protestant God-sent public ful infirmities, was visited with sore witnesses? My answer is, Yes; and judgments, and smitten with arrows for an undeniable proof see ye that unto the temporal death of his body, the blessed, regenerated king Jeho- but his soul was taken up into glory, shaphet, by Satan's temptations, se- regenerated and perfect, at the death ductions, and the remains of indwell- of his body. See 2 Chron. xxxv. 22, ing sin and sinful infirmities, joined 23. And his body was buried, and affinity with the idolatrous, immoral, all Judah and Jerusalem mourned for and blasphemous Adab, the king of Josiah their king, and Jeremiah the Israel, and his powers ; and although prophet lamented his death. Jehoshaphat's conscience, which God Well, then, it is by the will and had made tender by grace and truth, working of God that the public prosmote him, he united as much as pos. phets, bishops, clergy, and other Godsible his household and all his national sent public witnesses, by all means, powers with Ahab and his powers. especially through magazines, has and See 1 Kings xxii. 2-5. And though shall warn the regenerate and uprethe prophet of God was sent to warn generate by God's Bible, and say unto both the kings, the unregenerate as them, “As I live, saith the Lord God, well as the regenerate, and also their I have no pleasure in the death of the households and powers, as joined in wicked, but that the wicked turn from a wicked affinity for a time. The his way and live : turn ye from your blessed Jehoshaphat could not imme. evil ways; for why will ye die, o diately depart from the snare, so he house of Israel :” or senates and goand his powers united with wicked vernments professing protestantism. Ahab and his powers, proceeding to Exod. xx. war in defiance of God's warning by But for the further elucidation of

August, 1844.)


this passage in Ezekiel, there is in it, promised blessings, spiritual and tem. above all aforesaid, a life and truth, poral. infusing, warming and calling to God And " being justified by faith, we the Father's elect sons and daughters have peace with God, even the Fain God the Son, by which from his ther, through our Lord Jesus Christ. communicable fulness, in his power And have access by faith into this and blessing by the Holy Ghost, with grace wherein we stand, and rejoice or without the use of men, although in hope of the glory of God,” Rom. generally by men's ministry, in his v. 1, 2. The "Inquirer " in those power and blessing, saving health is blessings, living a new life, and havsent into the elect among all nations. ing been baptized with water, in the See Psalm lxvii. 2. And the election name of the Father, the Son, and are now and shall be made willing in the Holy Ghost, one God, as comthe day of his power, in the beauties manded Matt. xxviii. 19, 20, is then of holiness. Ps. cx. 3. Even whilst invited to the Lord's Supper, bread passing under the rod for sin, as made and wine, the symbols of his blessed to see and feel the exceeding sinful body and blood, our life-giving food. ness of sin, by being chastened out Yes, I say, receive the ordinance and of God's law, and by the gifts of more grace thereby, even as the Lord godly sorrow, repentance unto life says,

I am come that my sheep and toward God the Father, in faith, might have life, and that they might hope and love. All pray, confessing have it more abundantly," John X. sins, supplicating for pardon and re. 10. All the Lord's ambassadors, mi. mission, and all receive the same ir nisters, witnesses, and editors of ma. God's set time. Such was Moses? gazines, especially in these days of case and state in Pharaoh's house temptation and trial to, protestants, hold, as was Abraham's in the house. as foretold in Rev. iii. 10, declare hold at Ur of the Chaldeans, unto that the God-given and commanded all the elect families of God, to Peter, Bible ordinances, of water baptism James, John, and Saul of Tarsus. and the Lord's supper, should be

Thus we find, in and through God's duly ministered by pastors, and rewarnings, threatenings, calls and ex- ceived by believers and their house or hortations, out of his law and testi. household, as their cases may be, a mony, is the salvation of the election, means to glority God, and publicly to in and through Christ Jesus, as is acknowledge him in the face of all the case with our “ Sincere Inquirer," idolaters; and so in God's blessing who writes himself “A babe in winning the elect from their idolatry, grace.' Yes, " the gift of God is and turning them from their wicked eternal, through Jesus Christ our

ways. And by ministering and reLord,” Rom. vi. 23. In the afore. ceiving the Lord's instituted supper, stated blessings we have both Jews " shew forth his death till he and Gentiles, access by one Spirit come,” i Cor. xi. 26 ; exhorting and unto the Father,” Eph. ii. 18. And inviting all believers to the ordi. so whilst indwelling sin is strength, nance. ened by Satan and unbelief, fears and Now whilst we are enjoying all the doubts, the worse of all; we are led aforesaid blessings, we are warned of by the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of God, by the substance of your given grace, supplications, adoption, holi- text in Ezek. xxxiï. 11, to a life of ness, filial fear, faith, hope and love, filial obedience to God's revealed daily, nay momentarily some days, will. “ Not to sleep, as do others, praying unto the Father, in and but to watch and be sober,” i Thess. through Christ, supplicating for all v. 6. And to " resist Satan stedfast



in the faith,” i Peter v. 9. " Com

LETTER FROM REV. W. BIDDER ing boldly, (as God's elect, redeemed, regenerate people,) to the throne of

My Dear Friend, grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace. to help in every time of

I take my pen to inform need,” Heb. iv. 16. For a stock of you I intend to fulfil my promise resgrace for us to improve, as some talk pecting coming down to preach once about, is not enough for us. But more to your people the unsearchable opposed to that heresy and vanity, we riches of Christ, and to give you inare called to pray alway to be so truly formation as to the day. I have so blessed and preserved, that we may far, therefore, detcrmined in my mind, not die temporal deaths by surprize, if the Lord permit, to be with you on or by wounds of God in fatherly Wednesday next, so you may give it displeasure, although our souls are out to-morrow to the people, that if saved in and through Christ, as Eli spared, your old friend will talk to and Josiah died temporal deaths.

them a little about Jesus Christ on Therefore as God's obedient public Wednesday and Thursday evenings witnesses, ministers and pastors, let next. us faithfully and affectionately, in God : May the Holy Ghost the Comgiven loyalty, self-denial and holy forter be with us, then sure I am, we zeal, warn and admonish the British shall be refreshed together and shall senate, now under temptation, Rev. mount on our high places, and to the iii. 10, as

a protestant professius praise of the glory of his grace, bless house, saying in the words under con. his precious name. I cannot now sideration, “ Turn ye from your evil write a long letter as the time is ways; for wby will ye die, o house short, yet I suppose you will murmur of Israel ?"

unless there is a word or two; well Finally, . Sincere Inquirer,' I beg turn ove,r Jehovah in his Trinity of of you to notice that the substance of persons from vast eternity past, chose the

passage in Ezekiel was spoken by and ordained a remnant of Adam's Isaiah to the protestantking Hezekiah, race, to grace and glory, according to and his house of old, by way of warn

the counsel of his own will it was his ing and judgments unto his temporal pleasure so to do: consequently the death. Isaiah xxxviii. 1. At which Father gave them an election semoment of warning, the grace and cret existence, in the second Person, life of truth entering the king's soul, the eternal Logos, this everlasting in the power and blessing of God the Son, his express, engraven, natural Holy Ghost, the king turned. I pray essential, eternal image, who being you read of the blessed turn in the predestinated into creature-being, Xxxviiith of Isaiah, and consider the was set up their covenant head, and king's lengthened life ; he was to live they set up in him his covenant-memin peace and truth fifteen years longer, bers, to whom they were united 'eterbefore his temporal death in the full nally in whom they have oneness, and assurance of endless glory with God. unalienable interest and indissolable Glory to God in the highest !

relationship. He their husband, and May the God of Israel render the they in one chosen collected body solicited scriptural elucidation,' a mystical his spouse, for the praise of blessing to the Sincere Inquirer, and the glory of his grace and their greatto hundreds of people, both high and er glory. He decreed to permit their low, rich and poor, and he shall have fall in their natural bead, that the the praise. Amen.

grand, the mysterious plan adjusted
by infinite wisdom in his
eternal mind before the founda.









tion of the world, which plan as is 80 prays your poor brother in the becomes unfolded to angels, asto- Rock of Ages, nishes them altogether, and fills us with astonishment and wonder; to Yeovil, Dec. 239d. 1837. execute which all the Persons in the Godhead engaged together and with each other, to save from the ruins

WILLIAM ROMAINE, TAKEN DOWN of the fall, the chosen remnant, by the Father's giving and sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful

To be Continued. flesh, laying on him all our iniquities, and finishing them there, and him Christ is our Surety: he put away our surety for the same accepting sin from befor God as if it had never of his obedience on behalf, been. imputing the whole of it to us Christ has the same love in his our righteousness, his blood being heart now as he had when he was the ransom price, and by the wbich nailed to the cross. our hellish sins are all removed. Oh, The greatest service you can do the wonderous grace, the co-essen- Christ this side the grave is to trust tial Spirit, together with the Father more in his love, and go daily to him, and the Son, engaged to quicken us that you may commit every concern when dead in sins ; to shew us our of yours into his loving hands and state as sinners, to reveal to us the tender care, and trust him still more spirituality of the Sinai covenant. and more, until he brings you to his This produces a shaking among the everlasting kingdom. dry bones, and oh, how I trembled, The vilest of you are welcome to rottenness entered my bones; God Christ if the Lord the Spirit make be merciful to me, a sinner, was all you willing. my cry, or rather the meaning of my

If all the Bible could be contracted groans, mixed with many, many into a sentence it would be this, God fears ; but when he opened to me the Father says, Take my Son, and the heaven of his love, the ocean of with him every blessing which can his pardoning grace, the sea of his make


both holy and happy. covenant mercy, I stood amazed, and The law, the sentence of the law, wept aloud, tears of unutterable joy, and the obligations to all its demands the remembrance of which at this Christ nailed to his cross; and we are moment, though more than twenty now sharers with him in his victories. three years, have elapsed since, is The triumph of his victories will be sweet to me; I believe I shall have the burden of our song throughout all to bless my God in the heaven of eternity. heavens to all eternity for the year Christ the Shepherd of his people 1814.

brings them into bis fold, and keeps Well, my brother, many have them in his fold, and he will be in bis been my ups and downs since, deep office until all the elect are gathered waters of tribulation has my Lord in. enabled me to wade through ; and It is the work of faith to mix with I hope by his good pleasure safely the word. The word preached did to arrive at home, home, sweet home. not profit, not being mixed with faith But more of this when I see you. in them that heard it. No profit but

Meanwhile go on to speak of Him by believing. to the people, and may the Lord the If God brings you to believe upon Spirit bless bis truth from your lips; his Son, and puts honour upon bis


testimony, you will have him to thank sins, and are led to set Christ's great and adore to all eternity.

strength against your weakness. I am not tired of preaching Christ We want the Holy Ghost, the if you are not tired of hearing him. Comforter, we want him continually,

Little thoughts of Christ manifest as much as we want breath for our low thoughts of sin.

bodies. And he abides with a belie. Like as the sins of the Israelites

He is a faithful witness that were laid upon the scape goat, and the blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of he carried them into a land of forget- God, cleanseth from all sin. . If any fulness ; so saith the Lord, the sins man, if any of us sin, we have an of his people when sought for shall Advocate with the Father, Jesus never be found. The Father will re. Christ the righteous. There is the member them no more for ever. death of sin. And when the Spirit

Christ bare the sins of many. He enables us to fly to the blood of was the sin-bearing sacrifice. He Christ for pardon, he enables us to was made sin. Sin and sin offering fly to him for victory. Mind, he is a are the same words in Hebrew.

righteous Advocate; a believer never All the revelation of God is to asks any thing of him that is denied. open this grand truth, how a sinner He is the only Advocate. is to be saved : and that it is by Jesus It ought to sink deep into all your Christ, who came to live for us, to die hearts, what am I as a dying sinner for us, and to rise for us. He is the to expect pardon for, and what in this propitiation and atonement. God's state of warfare am I to expect vicperfections harmonize in him.

tory from?

Remember it is only It is agreeable to reason and inter- through the satisfaction made to law est that a sinner believe what God and justice by Christ Jesus, you can hath said. I have his word for it, I have remission of sins. shall never perish. I have his promise Christ Jesus gives the blessing. that I shall have everlasting life. It He is upon his throne to give you is no presumption when the believer whatever you need. flees to the blood of Christ; a proof, All our prayers are through Christ a sad proof of the fall, and that the Jesus. hardness of our hearts will not let us Our Church teaches you so far, all take salvation, and the things which the collects are in and through Christ accompany it, and make use of them. Jesus our Lord.

If Moses had been asked to give a The high priest's turban, or mitre, description of the furniture of the as they call it, there was inscribed tabernacle, he would have said, this thereon, the holy one of Jehovah; altar signifies the lamb of God who is that Auron may bear the iniquity of to take away sin ; this table shews he the holy things. My best duties, my is to be bread that giveth life to his enlargements, my goings out too in people ; this candlestick shews he is prayer, there is iniquity in them. the true light that lighteneth every All the acceptance of all, sirs, must one born into the spiritual world; this be in and through the Beloved. incense shews the sweet perfume of

“ And thou shalt take two onyx his intercession; this vail, covered stones, and grave on them the names over with cherubim and palm trees, of the children, six names on each shews the Lion-Man will be a con- stone, one stone for each shoulder," queror over all the enemies of his and it was to shew the government church and people.

rested upon him. Besides this, he You will not conquer one sin until had the breastplate. All the fulness you have received the pardon of your of light comes from Christ Jesus.

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