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you have in your regenerated spirit demption." He is our almighty, allbeen going forth in the dances of sufficient Saviour. To him, into his them that make merry; bave taken dear hands, commit your all, as into down the harp, have drank afresh of the hands of a faithful Creator. To the old wine, and have forgotten your Him I commend you, and should feel misery : have said, I am my Be- glad if the Lord should condescend loved's, and my Beloved is mine; he lo bless any thing I have written to loved me, and gave himself for me;" the comfort and joy of your heart. he has turned for me my mourning

Your's to serve at coma and, for into dancing, hath put off my sack- his sake who is the Lord our Righcloth and girded me with gladness, teousness, to the end my glory may sing praise unto him.

Yeovil. It is the unregenerated wicked that know no changes. I would rather infinitely so know these things, in a heart-felt experience, with all the Oh! dear brother and sister, what bitters, than be ip a dead faith, satis. a precious Christ have you and I to fied with a cold assent: the mere

believe in, love, and serve ; Jesus, God form, devoid of its saving, unctuous

and man in one great and glorious power. Not the mere letter will do person, adored by angels, admired by for living souls, but the power, the the church, hated by the world, frown. Spirit, the marrow, the sweetness.

ed at, yet feared by devils, yea, desOur almighty Head is substance, and pised by his professed worshipers

, Jehovah the Holy Ghost will not nevertheless, praised and delighted in allow his pupils to rest in shadows. by all his saints. I saw the Lord Hs is the Bread of Life and Water of high and lifted up, and his train filled Life; and thirsty souls that have

the temple.”

His glorious train of been scorched in their feelings by attributes and perfections, gifts, graces Sinai's fire, must drink or die. The and heavenly blessings; his Glorious lip of eterhal truth has pronounced Person as the eternel God, equal with them blessed, that spiritually

hunger the Father, gloriously shines forth in and thirst after righteousness, and

all his decrees purposes, determinadeclares such shall be filled. Vessels tions, and final settlements in counsel of mercy are never satisfied, but as and covenant, and on his church's they are filled out of his fountain.

behalf. In


doctrine of the cross fulness. And what is that fulness he is sweetly to be seen by every enfor, but to supply their need: it is lightened heir of promise. Jesus is communicative. His grace, oh. won.

indeed precious, yea, I repeat, Jesus derful ! it drowns, pardons, and re

is indeed glorious in every doctrine of moves all their sins; his blood clean

the cross, Gal. vi, 14; in every proses all, his righteousness covers all,

mise of the Fatber, 2 Cor, i, 20; in his dear, his mystic self. Let not every grace of the Spirit, Eph. ii, i my friend indulge in a despairing to 11; in every particular of divine spirit; there is infinitely more merit truth, Joho, xiv, 6; in every blessin the atoning blood of God's dear ing of the covenant, Eph. i, 3 to 12. Son to save, than demerit in all your

in every precept of the gospel, Col. ii sin to damn. If the Holy Ghost

6; and in every consolation brought will open a little of this through the home to the soul, by God the Holy word to yonr mind, and give you

Ghost. precious faith to take it in, you will exclaim, " With him is plenteous re

s. L.

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Who's this, because he loves to be
Among the blood-bought family,
From persecution 's never free?

It is an heir of heaven.

Who's this that can amidst the whole, Find Jesus' comforts round him roll, While joys unmeasured fill his soul ?

It is an heir of heaven.

The path marked out for christians in the

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word, Is thickly strewed with thorns; and were it

not That shoes of iron and brass, to suit the

road, Are for each one provided, soon the feet Would be unable to support the frame. The path marked out for christians in the Is very narrow, thick beset with foes : 'T is full of traps, of snares, of gins and

baits, Dazzling or latent as may suit the mind Of each poor traveller. At the end extreme Stand blissful mansions, heavenly homes and

thrones, On which the eye by faith is sometimes



And when thus favoured, to behold from far
The rich inheritance of old prepared,
The weary traveller gathers up bis strength,
And with new vigour presses on his way,
Through brake and briar, o'er hills of steep

ascent, Through dire corruption, and infernal foes, Who stand unnerved and silent for a time.


How sweet to feel that we are led
To gospel fields where sheep are fed ;

But should the eye from heaven our final My soul, climb that mount; there the ponhome,

derous load From Jesus as our great Forerunner there, Of thy guilt in that fountain will roll; Be once withdrawn, however short the time, There thy Saviour will shew a sin-pardoning We flag, we faint, we murmur and repine.

God, Oh, may we then view Christ with steady There his Spirit will comfort thy soul.

eye, Trust to his guidance, and on him rely.

Sweet place to resort to, in all times of grea

need, Saffron Walden.


Where souls heavy-laden with fear, Where crimson dyed sinners may safely be


It is the blest mountain of prayer. Jesus took Peter, and John, and James, and went up into a mountain to pray."

Though tried and perplexed by Satan. by

sin, Luke ix. 28; xvii. 41.

By the world, by desponding and fear ; Oh, how sweet are the seasons the christian The ark door is open, Poor sinner, walk in, enjoys,

Draw near by the mountain of prayer. When he from the world can retreat;

Come with me, oh come,


sin-burdened Far away from the scenes of confusion and

souls, noise,

Come now to be eased of your care ; On the mount with his Saviour to meet.

Come to Christ, who the waves and the bil

lows controuls, When oppressed with the cares and the toils of the day,

Come now to the mountain of prayer. And a heart oft o'erwhelmed with fear;

Ye pilgrims of Zion, set forward with speed, How sweet when he gets on the mouutain to

Oh haste to the mount with your care ; pray,

For Christ is a Friend in all times of your And with joy, says, 'T is good to be here.


To be found in the mountain of prayer. In seasons when darkness hath long veiled

bis mind, And all comfort seems taken away; 'T is the mountain of grace where sweet peace he can find,

A DISCIPLE OF JESUS, BUT SECRETLY. When his heart's sweetly prompted to pray.

John xix. 28.
'T was the mountain where Jesus oft went to

In this dark world of sin and woe,
While his sheep were all shelter'd from harm; In secret some are found.
There all night oft he wept o'er our sorrows Who like to Jesus sweetly grow,
and woes,

Iu whom true love abounds.
Exposed to fierce winds and the storm.

In secret from the world they live, When disciples afraid on the ocean were tost, But still they all are seen

Their hearts almost sunk in despair ; By Him who heavenly life doth give, Who hushed the proud waves lest their lives And from the world doth screen.

should be lost? It was Christ on the mountaln of prayer.

Disciples of the Lord they prove,

Though hid from mortal view; But oh, there's a mount which my Saviour

In secret they the Saviour love,

And for him suffer too. has trod, With a heart full of sorrow and grief ;

He dwells with them, and does supply
When forsaken by friends, yea, by angels, by

Their souls with every good ;

He guards them by his watchful eye,
With none to afford him relief.

And saves them by his blood. 'T was on Calvary's summit my Advocate Though secret to the world they live, stood,

'T will not be so above ; Alone, there the wine-press he trod;

There they shall Jesus' glory shew, 'T was love, boundless love, made bim pour

And sing of bonndless love. out nis blood, To reconcile sinners to God.



J. P.

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“For there are Three that bear record in heaven the Father, the WORD, and the

Holy Ghost: and these Three are One."-1 John v. 7. “Earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.-Jude 3. "Holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience."-1 Tim. iii. 6.

APRIL, 1844.



THE COSPEL PULPIT. own burdened spirit in the hour of

trial, and made my soul to rejoice in

the Lord her Redeemer. A Sermon Preached at Providence Chapel, ceeding great and precious promises.'

“ Whereby are given unto us exGloucester, on Lord's-day Morning, January 14, 1844.

Here the Holy Ghost, in his infinite mercy, has been pleased to exhibit the

precious promises of the gospel to the " Whereby are given unto us exceeding eye of our faith, that our hope and great and precious promises ; that by these confidence may be strengthened, and you might be partakers of the divine nature,

our desires the more firmly fixed upon having escaped the corruption that is in the

eternal things. We had reason to world through lust.—2 Peter i. 4.

look for denunciations of wrath, yet When I commenced preaching, we found promises of present and of now these piany years gone by, envy eternal blessedness; we well deserved and jealousy cried aloud, Oh, he has curses, instead of which we receive the preaching fever ; let him alone, blessings; eternal misery and agonies he will soon be tired of it.

Time, beyond the conception of mortals however, has rolled onwards, multi- might have justly been our lot, but tudes of stumbling blocks bave lien we receive present grace, with everin my way, Satan has vented his lasting felicity and unfading glory. sharpest spleen, and all his legions Oh, boundless Love, how can we sufbave roared, yet still the preacher has ficiently adore thee, or render unto not grown weary of his work, nor thee all thy praises! Oh, ye distres. has his fever abated; and if our sed ones, filled with anguish, cast gracious God always deals with him down with a guilty conscience, and as of late, in the visitations of his overwhelmed with a flood of sorrows, love and mercy, he is not likely to listen to the voice of consolation, become weary, nor can his zeal grow That God, before whom you some

Truly my soul longs for the times tremble, whose frowns are your Sabbath's return, to tell out to my greatest terror, has made unto you, fellow sinners of those divine realities yes, unto you, hath he made exceedwhich have proved the solace of mine ing great and precious promises ;

April, 1844.]





promises, which comprehend in their help you, in all times of distress, to sentence, your deliverance from pre- do the same, to the comfort of your sent corruption, your escape from fu- souls. ture sorrow, and an abundant entrance

2. Promises of grace.

As a wheel upon immortality and life. We have

was within a wheel in the vision of to notice,

Ezekiel, so these are sometimes comFirst, The promises: and these, prehended in the promises relative to made by the Author of all existence, the blessings of providence. But, the Fountain of all goodness, the first, let us speak of Jesus, who is so Source of all excellency, on behalf frequently distinguished in holy writ, of wretched mortals. Here to enu. the promise.” No gift to equal merate all the promises, or to point the gift of God's dear Son: no proout the whole of their excellency, mise to equal the promise of the would be impossible. And this is a Messiah. As Aaron's rod swallowed thought which should strike us as a up the rods of Egypt's magicians, so great and inexpressible mercy. Oh, does this one all-glorious promise apthou Father of the fatherless, and pear to swallow up all promises of Judge of the widow, we bless thee, smaller mercies. It was first given that however numerous our trials, or in paradise, when our guilty parents however great our distresses, still thy were arraigned for a moment at the sweet promises out-number and out- tribunal of the Almighty. This proweigh them all. The promises of the mise took in the whole length and all-bountiful Jehovah are the pledges breadth of time; it stretched itself of heaven to guilty man, the voice of forth into eternity, and told, in commercy to the miserable and undone. prehensive language, the final result Threefold, are they, in their character, of all the changing scenes of this as expressed in the records of love.

lower world, the outwitting of the 1. Promises of providential mercies. active intelligences of fallen angels, The whole of these we cannot give, the overturning of human projects, but some few shall serve by way of the final salvation of the elect, and specimen. “ The young lions do the unfading glories of our dear Relack, and suffer hunger, but they that deemer. There is a feature in this fear the Lord shall not be destitute of first promise should never be overany good thing," Psalm xxxiv. 10. looked: it was a blessing to the

My God shall supply all your need, righteous, it was a curse to the wickaccording to his riches in glory in ed. So may it be said of all the Christ Jesus,” Phil. iv. 19. Seek promises. For every

affirmative proye first the kingdom of God, and his mise implies a contrary negative, and righteousness, and all these things every negative promise implies a con. shall be added unto you,” Matt. vi. trary affirmative. For instance, " ! 33. For your heavenly Father will not leave you comfortless,” John knoweth that ye have need of all xiv. 18, implies, likewise, that the these things.” What a healing balm wicked shall be left comfortless and with respect to temporal distresses is wretched in the end. found in such promises as these. And Again, the Holy Ghost is set forth is it not delightful to the believer to to us as the promise of the Father : receive his daily bread, and all the implying, that as in the person of the other necessaries and comforts of life, Father the whole divine majesty was as coming, according to sacred pro- to be honoured, so in the gift of the mise, from the hands of his covenant Holy Ghost, there is abundant proof, God and Father? Often have I found for the consolation of the contrite, it blessed to turn the promise into a that the Son of God, clothed in our plea at the throne of grace. God nature, had, in the huge depths of his

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