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hold of eternal life, by earnest prayer,

17, for at the last he said " thou from a deep sense of my misery : art the strength of my heart and my when just before I appeared to be no portion for ever.” This is Christ thing but a lump of sin and misery, coming down (in a preached gospel) like an Antinomian; but shortly after as rain upon the mown grass, " for this I felt it all removed, and was our gospel came to you with power, fully persuaded of God's eternal love in the Holy Ghost, and with much to my soul.

assurance :” th is life and immortality 2. This laying hold is also felt, are brought to light (in a believer's when uniting with God's tried family. heart) manifestly by the gospel. I have gone to see them, and kept 4. This laying hold is brought praying as I have gone along that I about at times in reading the word, might find it good, but when I have or good experimental books. When seen them, felt as if I hated them all; the Lord is pleased to shine upon

the being so shut up; but shortly after word while reading, he removes the the Lord has appeared and I have felt vail of darkness from our minds and the sweetest Union being helped shines into the understanding, so that to lay hold again of eternal life. See we can tell, that he has given us an Thomas when he was with the rest, understanding to know him that is notwithstanding all his unbelief be- true; and we also are persuaded that fore, cried out, My Lord and my we are in him also : and that he is the God.” And the disciples, before this true God and eternal life. I have who were going in company to Em. found this myself in reading Mr. H.'s

(a little village) they said, book, Romaines, &c., and the holy " did not our hearts burn within us word. while he opened to us the Scrip- 5. Tiis laying hold sometimes tures." Yes. he was known unto comes while meditating, trying hard them in breaking of bread.” And he to get hold. Oh, how the soul will is the bread of life : so that wben by try to look backward, forward, on faith, we helieve, that his body was the right and left hand in meditation. broken for us, and that his blood was And although unbelief says it is of no shed for us, as individuals ; then it is use, yet we find that we gain ground that we lay hold of Christ, the bread this way: hence David says,

*r I will of eternal life.

remember thee from the land of Jor3. This laying hold takes place dan, the Hermonites and the hill Mizsometimes while hearing the word ar' and this was when deep called to preached : for faith cometh by deep, when all the waves and billows hearing.” Now though you may had gone over his head, and all this bave known well what it is to lay hold meditation was not in vain : for if on eternal life, yet through the power you read on you will find that he calls of your corruptions working, and the Christ his life, his rock, the health of difficulties of

unbelief his countenance, and his God; then he makes head against you, and you will laid hold, Psalm xlii. come to the house of God, full of this Lastly, this laying hold is someunbelief, writing bitter things against times, while acknowledging past and yourself; but the Lord appears, and present mercies both spiritual and either in singing the hymn, callin temporal. A christian gains as much on the Lord in the first prayer or in if not more ground this way as any; preaching, the clouds disperse, faith hence God told Abraham, " that in gathers strength, and you lay a fast blessing he would bless him, and in hold of eternal life. See Asaph and multiplying he would multiply him," the change he experienced, when he that is, while you are blessing we for went into the sanctuary, Psalm lxxiii. the mercies I bestow upon you I will

March, 1844.]

the way,



increase those mercies : so that you needed as fast as it comes, and such shall find more and more cause to shall never want, for “ the liberal de. bless me continually : and while you viseth liberal things” and by liberal are multiplying or telling to others of things he shall stand. I will. shew the favours I give you, I will multiply you from God's word some that were them more than ever, and therefore rich in good works, according to our remember that you magnify his work text, take it as follows: “ Moreover which men behold. Hence, the Lord brethren, we do you to wit of the says by the prophet Jeremiah, as fol- grace of God bestowed on the churches lows : “ And it shall be to me a name of Macedonia, how that in a great triof joy, a praise, and an honour before al of affliction, the abundance of their all the nations of the earth, which joy and their deep poverty abounded shall hear all the good that I do unto unto the riches of their liberality; for them, and they shall fear and trem- to their power I bear record, yea, and ble, for all the goodness and for all beyond their power they were willing the prosperity which I procure unto of themselves; praying us with much it.” Jer. xxxix. 9. And all this is intreaty that we would receive the gifts the work of God's spirit in us, dra

and take upon us the fellewohip of the ing forth his own grace into exercise ministering to the saints. And this and if he does not, no gratitude ever they did, not as we hoped, but first

arise to God for any mercy. gave their own selves to the Lord, No, our corrupt nature which we still and unto us by the will of God.” 2. carry about with us is quite opposite Cor. viii, 1, 5. Now in all this there to all this.

Now in this wey we is something wonderful, and such li. sometimes get hold, and it is by sow- berality as never can possibly be found ing to the spirit; and although there in any one destitute of the grace of may be little or no heart for it, when God, for Paul says “not as we hoped, we begin; yet I have found as I have but how did Paul hope? why he hop. gone, a heart given me; then it ed that God would bless them with a is sweet and delighful work. liberal heart to give, not grudgingly

But I come now to the fourth parti- or of necessity, but they exceeded all cular, which is to treat of good works this, for they in heart give themselves and what it is to be rich in them : and to the Lord, and then to Paul by the here I shall be very brief, having en. will of God; as though they should tered largely some time back into this say, all we have, Paul, is at your dis. subject about good works, upon that posal if it is God's will and that freely; text, “ they profess to know God; what a blessed frame of soul and bow but observe, there are no good works very like the primitive christians who

that are destitute of God's had all things common, Acts, ii, 44, grace and Spirit; the tree must be and 45. made good before the fruit can be Now this is certainly being rich in good, all other fruit is only a fair shew good works; and, in order to it, Ist. in the flesh ; but the good works There must be a heart to give. 2. It which Paul is here particularly allud. must be done to God's poor, and for ing to, is, certainly liberality not only this cause-out of love to the image in parting with temporal things which of Christ in them. Lastly, Laying may be done by people destitute of ourselves out for God : For we are grace but having a heart to do it in not our own.” A man may perform faith to God's pour. Now, take notice good works, and yet not be rich in that this admonition is to those of them; but this I consider being rich God's family that are rich, that have in good works, and never can be done, it in their power, and to be rich in no not by a real christian, without a good works is to let it go where it is great supply of grace, for it is oppo.


in any

called grace.

site to nature altogether. And ob- prophet Malachi. 4. To assist the real serve that liberality to the saints is ministers of Christ, for as they par

Hence Paul says, “ As take of their spiritual things, it is ye abound in every thing, in faith, in right, that in return, they receive utterance, and knowledge, and in all carnal things, and not in a niggardly diligence, and in your love to us; see way neither. 5. It is right for such that ye abound in this grace alsu,” to be laid out for God as stewards 2 Cor. viii. 7. Oh for more of this accountable to him, knowing that they gospel spirit, and less of that selfish, are not their own, and that what they covetous, miserable spirit that I feel have is the Lord's, “the silver and so much of, and is so very opposite gold is mine, &c.” Lastly. To be to those blessed characters recorded humbled before the Lord that he should in the sacred Scriptures.

so bountifully supply them, when Lastly, let us treat a little about thousands that he loves, he is pleased these uncertain riches, and the use in a sovereign way to keep back and which God's people, which have them, withhold for wise ends. This is the are to make of them. This might be right use which I have just hinted at, very copiously entered into, but time and thus I have gone through briefly and strength forbid. We all know what I promised. And will finish with that the generality of God's elect are

the text,

Charge them that be rich poor, hence James says, hearken, in this world, that they be not high my beloved brethren, bath not God minded, nor trust in uncertain riches, chosen the poor of this world, &c.but in the living God, who giveth us Nevertheless there are some that have richly all things to enjoy; that they been rich, as Solomon, David, Abra- do good, that they be rich in good ham, Job, and many others; and there works, ready to distribute, willing to are some in our day and ever bave communicate, laying up in store for been more or less; but there is no themselves a good foundation against certainty in these riches to any one,

the time to come, that they may lay elect or reprobate, for “riches make hold on eternal life.” I add no more. themselves wings and fly away." Now

If profit be thy scope, the right use of them you may take

Diffuse thy alms about; in these six things-1. The right use The worldling prospers laying up, is to assist a man's own family, if he The christian laying out. has any, in a prudent way, and this

Give gladly to the poor, will try temperance, for such are ex

'Tis lending to the Lord; posed to many temptations, which a

In secret so increase thy store, poor christian cannot be; let your And hide in heaven thy hoard. moderation be known unto all men.

Then thou mayst fear no thief, 2. The right use is to assist all men

No rankling rust or moth, who need, giving the preference to Thy treasure and thy heart is safe, those that we believe love and fear Where one is, there are both. God, do good to all men, but es

J. Rusk. pecially to the household of faith.” 3. To support well the cause of God in a preached gospel, as you may see both in furnishing the Tabernacle ni Moses' day, and also the Temple. It is

6. Thou shalt not so thy field with mingled said the people willingly offered, yea

seed.“-Leviticus xix. 19. they were forced to restrain the people, for they brought too much, Ex: xxxvi, It is very sweet, yea, consoling to 6. 5, But if this is neglected, what re- the minds of the living in Zion, when proofs there are against such by the led by God the Holy Ghost to con




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template upon the Lord's special care but it is a sweet thought that as they over the nation of the Jews; his

are commissioned by the Lord and defending, protecting, leading, guid. owner of the field, to go forth, and ing, and supplying their every need, scatter the pure seed of the gospel connected with his faithfulness in they are sure to meet with success fullfiling his promise to them whichhe though they often think to the conmade with Abraham, relative to his trary. See Exod, v. 22, 23; Numb. bringing them into the promised land, xi. 14, 15. But the (the ministers of becomes a source for admiration, to God's truth), are not only called the heirs of grace. Again, his ad seedsmen but ploughmen also as it is monishing them to attend to the or- written, he that putteth his hand to dinances he enjoined upon them : his the plough, and looking back, is not reminding them also of the perilous fit for the kingdom of God;" they condition they were ia, when Egyp- instrumentally break up the fallow tian task-masters had the ascendency ground of the elect sinner's hard heart over them : bis reminding them of Jer, iv, 3, they handle the plough or his sovereignty in stretching out the law lawfully. 1 Tim. i, 8, Again our arm of his power to bring them from gospel came, said one of these plough. their hard bondage and the restric

men unto you, not in werd only but tions laid upon them, to worship no in power, yea, in power to make you other God but his Almighty Majesty. willing to submit to the sceptre of At once reminds us of that grace

Christ; power to deliver you from That doth its own elect embrace.

satanic influence; power to make you

hate sin with a perfect hatred and We have ample proof of what is cleave to the Lord with a determi. cited above, recorded in the foregoing nation to know nothing amongst men chapter : And the Lord spake unto

save, Jesus Christ and him crucified Moses, saying, After the doings of

yea, Egypt shall ye not do: and after the doings of the land of Canaan whither

Power to plead with God in prayer,

To cast by faith on him my care, I bring you, shall ye not do.” These choice sayings our Lord appear,

To sweetly sing selvation's free

For deep, dead sinners such as me. yea, they are in unison with the lan. guage of our text, which I


the I see it is necessary in the third place Lord the Spirit will help me to speak to notice the nature of the seed, Thou or write from ; for the comfort of shalt not, said God, sow thy field Zion's family. The first thing that with mingled seed; but, say you, presents itself to our notice is the what is mingled seed ? It is a mixfield, the field is a striking figure of ture of truth and error or what is the church of God which is emphati. called by some a yea and nay gospel

, cally called "a garden inclosed" which in truth is no gospel at all to Song iv. 13. “ Walled around with the spiritual church; and, alas, what salvation ” Isaiah xxv. 1. It is spo- numbers of such seedsmen there are ken of as a vineyard, Isaiah xxvii. 2, that scatter this mingled seed. If covered over with thorns, and nettles, you that are spiritually taught go over Prov. xxiv. 31; which in the Lord's into a field, or in other words go time is to be ploughed, like a field, amongst those who embrace this unJer. xxvi. 18. Having thus briefly sound doctrine, you will behold every briefly noticed the field, I proceed se plant on whom this mingled seed has condly to describe the seedsmen and fallen, corrupt; but the seed which their office. And surely, beloved in God's seedsman, under his influence the Lord, there is a great contrast be- sow, is the pure seed of the everlasttween them, and Satan's seedsmen, ing gospel, free from the pernicious

is pure,

weeds of man's invention,

This is of the field. The seed that is sown beautifully described by our dear Lord upon this good ground brings forth in Matthew's gospel ; again the prin- good fruit, herein, said Jesus, is my cipal of divine grace implanted by the Father glorffied, that ye bear much good Spirit of God in the heart of a fruit, so shall ye be my disciples. And vessel of mercy is called a seed which the fruits of the Spirit is love to God

to the truth, the precepts and the peo. But I hasten fourthly to make some ple of God, &c. Thus I have given my remarks relative to the growth of the spiritual reader a few brief thoughts plants of this field, which the Lord upon the portion of holy scripture at hath blessed. The promise of the the head of this paper, and may the Lord and owner of this field, is, that Lord add his blessing. Amen. these plants cited above, shall grow

W. WESTHORP. yea, revive as the corn. Now the

Great Wakering, Essex. term revive implies that they have to endure severe checks from the cold

A WORD TO THE LORD'S AFFLICTED. blast of affliction, &c., and as literal plants have to undergo the severity of My dear Sister in the Lord, the benumbing frost in winter, so doth

With shame I take my pen these spiritual plants have to witness

to answer your last, considering so A heart shut up as hard as steel,

much time has since elapsed ; but let The plague of sin they also feel.

not this delay be attributed to want Again I bave often thought of a saying of affection, but time. very prevalent with farmers, too much

Your last discovered to me an heir mild weather, say they, is calculated of heaven walking in darkness, a to make the plants of our field winter

child of liberty in bondage, a spring proud, we like, say they, to see a good sbut up, a fountain sealed, ; sparrow frost, which is the means of destroying alone upon the house-top, a pelican the pernicious insects which labour to

in the wilderness, an owl in the deimpede the progress of the plants, and sert (do not be offended) a soul in thus it is with the plants of this Mesech, a dove on the mountain spiritual field. “Before I was afflicted, mourning its iniquities, with a Woe said one, I went astray, but now 1 is me! my leanness! Oh, that it But you have my

was with me as in months past. Oh, meaning in full in the following por.

that I knew where I might find him. tion of holy writ:-"My beloved,

What is the matter, poor girl ? Thou said the Church, “spake and said un

couldest never lose what thou didst to me, rise up my love, my fair one,

never possess, nor miss what you and come away; for, lo, the winter never found ; nor regret the want of is past, the rain is over and gone, the communion, if you never knew it; flowers appear on the earth, the time

nor mourn his absence, if you never

None but living of the singing of birds is come, and felt his presence. the voice of the turtle is heard in our

souls can experimentally say, land; arise, my love, my fair one, and

these things I weep; mine eye, mine come away." song, ii, 10, 11, 12, 13. eye runneth down with water, be

cause the Comforter that should reThus they expand and sweetly grow, lieve my soul is far from me.” That Where living waters gently flow

dear Comforter will return again with From Jesus their exalted king, This makes their hearts rejoice and sing.

renewed testimonies of his love, and

you will then know, that those who The last thing I have to uotice upon sow in tears will reap in joy." the subject before us is the produce Yea, no doubt ere this will reach you,

learn thy ways.

66 For

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