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through some or all of them we shall on all through the Scriptures. But have to go. By water we may un- great opposition will attend this way derstand all sorts of afflictions, family, also, for Satan will strongly suggest, bodily, in soul and in circumstances : that these chastisements are judghence you read that the Lord gives ments that are coming upon us from the bread of adversity and the water God in a vindictive way; and we go of affliction. Again; cruel treatment on filled with terror and slavish fear. from ungodly men, this is called wa- O what have I suffered in this way, ter also : hence David calls them the and yet here I am to this present proud waters and waves. Again; moment. Now let this fire and waGod's wrath, though to his own fa- ter be whatever it may, I am sure mily called a little wrath, still it goes that it comes upon us, or we come by the name of water: see the xixth into it, by faith ; do you look back, Psalm, “ Save me, O God, for the and see if any of these things tried waters come into my soul.” you as they do now, years back : but Lastly, death; crossing the river Jor- has your faith increased, so both your dan

may well be called going through trials and your comforts have increawater. Now put all these things sed also. These eminent servants together, of fire and water which I of God, that I have been mentioning, have only hinted at; surely the trial noted for faith, are also noted for sufwill be very great : but this is our fering; and the one way is the Lord greatest comfort, which at times, Jesus Christ, for he brings us through even in this painful path we can take, fire and through water, and out into namely, “ I will be with thee;" and a wealthy place. indeed if he was not, we should be Twenty-fourth way: which is the consumed or drowned ; but this ne. way of God's testimonies. It has been ver can be the case, though we fully a very great trial to me, to find out conclude it will. Now we know that whether I really loved the word of the Lord is with us, by the support, God or not, for I have felt more dissuccour and strength which he gives like to reading that book than to any us; so that we hold on; many sweet author: that is, I have found a like. lifts we get in reading his word, good ing to good books, and to read them, books, talking with his tried family, but a very great reluctance to the and hearing his word preached. Now Scripture. I do not say, always, but every trial we get through, is a way- in general; but two things have mark; and this is laying up in store helped me here to prove, that after a good foundation, as Paul did, when all I like the holy word best. lst, If he said, “ He hath delivered, he I was called to part with every book doth deliver, and in whom we trust I have got, but one, and that I might be will yet deliver.” Only look at keep, all should go before the Bible, Shadrach, Mesach and Abednego in provided I could by no means obtain the fiery furnace, the Son of God another. 2nd, Any author whose was with them, so that not a hair of writing cannot be proved by God's their head was singed : Daniel also, in word, is of no esteem to me; try the lions' den, the Lord was with him yourself by these things, poor tempand shut the lions' mouths : he was ted soul. Thus we love his testimowith Abrabam also ; what sore trials nies, and walk in them. But I will he had, but the Lord told him not to mention a few advantages we get in fear, for said he “ I am thy shield, thus walking. 1st, then, observe, it and thy exceeding great reward ;” is by attending to this that we are to Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph also, he was

cleanse our way,

“ wherewith shall a put in prison, but the Lord was with young man cleanse his way? by taJoseph : and indeed so we may go king beed thereto according to thy


word; but he that despiseth the word which you can rake together it must shall be destroyed.” The Holy Spi- agree with the holy word; but if rit indited the word, and he works by God's word condemn it, it is evil it, but never contrary to it, for “ holy council. Then are not the testimo

of God spake as they were nies the only counsellors wherein moved by the Holy Ghost, and all there is safety? But after all you Scripture is given by inspiration of cannot get at this counsel without God, and is profitable for doctrine, the Holy Ghost; reading the word for reproof, for correction and instruc. only will not do : and here we must tion in righteousness, that the man bring our daily experience to try it: of God may be perfect, thoroughly our life, walk and conversation ; all furnished to every good work.” But the preachers we hear, all the authors do not you imagine, that because you we read, all the companions we are a partaker of grace, and have have; this is a safe way, and woe be gifts also, that therefore you can go to the man that rejects it, they have to the word and get understanding, rejected the word of the Lord, and as you may in natural things: no, what wisdom is there in them? Why, there must be a supernatural power

none. Lastly, for I must be brief. displayed continually, in order that A good hope comes by this wurd, for we may comprehend the holy word; it is the means the Lord uses, to raise and therefore at certain times the the soul to hope. And oh, how very word reproves us when wrong; the valuable this is to the sinking soul, word corrects our errors, the word and, indeed, none else know the real instructs us in the right way, the worth of a good hope. I have been word gives us to know sound doc- in such a despairing way, that if I trine, and we are kept simply depen- had had the whole world, and, a good ding on the Holy Spirit to guide us hope would have been given me for into all essential truth. 2nd, God's it. I would have parted with it. The word is the best counsellor that we tried and tempted know well what I can have. And it is better to con- mean.

Now Paul says,

" Whatsz. sult that word, than to run about to ever things were written aforetime an arm of flesh. Yea; and if we were written for our learning that we consult God's family to the neglect through patience, and comfort of the of the word, even that will be a snare, Scriptures might have hope.” But " In the multitude of counsellors we must take the word and the Spithere is safety :" yes, say you, that rit together, for, of itself, it is a dead makes me like to consult all men of letter: hence Paul says, any understanding at all, so that I to abound in hope by the power may have plenty of counsellors, and of the Holy Ghost;" from all which know their opinions. Yes; but So- you may see, that these testimonies lomon does not mean as you do; for are a way to walk in: yes, and a deI believe, that there would be danger lightful way too, and the only way instead of safety. We read of evil to walk right. David bimself says, council, and there is no safety there; “ I have rejoiced, in the way of thy in a word then, the holy Scriptures testimonies, as much in all is what Solomon means by the mul. riches." But as much is in the titude of counsellors : hence David Italics, so, that as it is not in the says, “ Thy testimonies ase my de original text, you may read it as fol. light and my counsellors,” Psalm cxix. lows, “ More than in all riches,' and 24. It is this word and nothing not injure the holy word, for the else: but now to prove this. Sup- italic is man's work, put in by man pose you get entangled, as a christian, to make it sound better, and Soloin any particular way, all the council

will bear

out when

• We are





“ Wisdom is better than rubies, and when you cease to fight, the Lord will all the things thou canst desire are fight for you. Oh, what grace it renot to be compared to it.” The quires in us, to cease from meddliug Lord Jesus Christ, the lip of truth with what does not belong to also, in the same chapter says, My us, Vengeance is mine," saith the fruit is better than gold, yea, than Lord. Mr. I's., character and confine gold, &c.” Prov. viii. 19. Now duct is well known to many faithful I think, that certainly the rich trea- servants of God, to their grief and sure of God's word, goes beyond all

And as I have toid you beriches, and is not to be put upon a fore, so I say again, to cease from level with worldly gain, so that he him, and leave what he may say of rejoiced in it more than in all riches, you to the hands of the Lord. So and not as much.

But say you,

long as you continue in your strength, will David himself bear you out in fighting against him, you will asthis assertion ? Yes, he will, and suredly go the wall. Jeremiah said, therefore read the xixth Psalm, where thou art stronger than I, and hast he spake much of these testimonies, prevailed: I am in derision daily, and in verse 10th he says, “ More every one mocketh me. For since are they to be desired than gold,” I spake, I cried out, I cried violence he does not say, as much, but and spoil, because the word of the more &c. But will this way be op- Lord was made a reproach unto me, posed? Yes, it will, for naturally we and a derision daily &c.” For I do not like to consult the word, but heard the defaming of many, fear on like our own will and own way: yes, every side. Report, say they, and and our fleshly wisdom will oppose we will report it. All my familiars this way with many other things, so watch for my halting, saying, perthat it is no easy thing to abide sted- adventure he will be enticed, and we fast by the word. Now Jesus Christ shall prevail against him, and is the way also ; for he opens our

shall take our revenge on him.” understanding, to understand the Thus have the faithful messen: ers of scriptures, and the scriptures testify the Lord, suffered for their testimony. of bim; he is the sum and substance And it is most blessed for you,

if of all the holy word. And is all this can class yourself among such a noin a way of looking or believing? ble army. It is far better to be the Yes, it certainly is, hence David says, persecuted than the persecutor ;

and I have believed thy command- you are as Peter says, to “glorify ments :" hence John says, These God on this behalf,” knowing that are written that ye might believe that his truth will give offence,

It is no Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, uncommon thing, for a dear child of and that believing ye might have life God, and bright jewel of the crown through his name.

of King of kings, to be trod on and (To be Continued in our next.)

persecuted by false brethren. The apostle bore in his body the marks of the Lord Jesus, and these wounds which you have had, and have borne

patiently, and carried them to the “ In perils by FALSE brethren." 1 Cor. Lord Jesus to heal, will one day be xi. 26.

your highest honour; do not yon My dear aflicted Brother,

think lightly of them, for the Lord will not.

But so long as you imitate Mrs C., having been with us this Israel of old, in going to war with afternoon wishes me to drop you a false brethren you will, like thein line or two.

And first I would say, have trouble. I am not siding with January, 1844.)








besides you.

Mr. I., far from it : knowing pretty blessed Spirit; a real blessing folwell the injury he hath done others lows : : so that if we meet with the

Jeremiah said, “ The painful, here is also the pleasant ; Lord is with me as a mighty terri. and one is worth enduring for the sake ble one; therefore my persecutors

of the other. And,
shall stumble, and they shall not pre- Though painful at present,
vail; they shall be greatly ashamed ;

Twill cease before long ;
for they shall not prosper :" and he

And then Oh, how pleasant,
goes on to say,
“ Unto thee have. I

The conqueror's song."
opened my cause,” the promises of “ Fear not, thou worm Jacob, and ye
God are all on your side, “ Blessed men of Israel ; I will help thee, saith
are ye when men shall revile you, the Lord, and thy Redeemer, the Holy
and persecute you, and shall say all One of Israel.” One more text I
manner of evil against you falsely would wish you to think on, and act
for my sake.” My dear brother, upon,


the dear Lord bless it
your short note is full of sweetness. to both of us for our strength is
It is honey from the rock. Oh, you wholly and entirely from him ; and
anticipate ihe day with joyful extacy when the glory of his Majesty ariseth,
when you will live and reign in Jesus to shake terribly the earth we shall,
breast! I have been thinking of the sensibly know, own and acknowledge
solemnity of the work of God, all na- it,“ Cease ye from man whose breath
ture is full of life and activity, and is in his nostrils; for wherein is he to
when God commands the great be accouted of ?”
wheel to stand still and to cease in This day of the Lord will be upon
its revolution an awful scenery will be all the cedars of Lebanon, ministers,
witnessed : death black and dismal that are high and lifted up, and upon
will be realized. But oh, the unspeak- all the oaks of Bashan (strong in
able happiness of being placed where their own strength) and upon all the
death cannot throw its dart, to be one high mountains and upon all the
in Christ. How poor, cold and for. hills that are lifted up, &c.

The lofmal are my praises to him that hath tiness of man shall be bowed down, conquered death for me; it is un- and the haughtiness of men shall be worthy the name, yet I praise him, made low; and the Lord alone shall with my whole heart, when the pre- be exalted in that day. Therefore, cious supply is given me to do so let them alone; Satan's wolves must from his own fulness. You are highly have their short day of triumph, as favoured ; few live in the salubrious well as God's faithful servants their atmosphere you do. I believe it is day of tears. As long as there is a the reigning desire of your heart to faithful servant of God on this earth, extol the glories of the Redeemer, to there will never be wanting a ravenlift him up— I was going to say, with ing wolf, to bite him in secret, nor a every breath.

dog to bark at him, for the truth

sake. But death will soon divide “ The thoughts of such amazing bliss, Should constant joys create.”

them, and an awful division it will be;

the one will go to his black banquet Says the poet.

of weeping and wailing and goashing These bruisings of yours cause the of teeth, in blackness and darkness scent and juice of the pomegranate to for ever ; and the other will, go to go forth ; and I think the oftener you enjoy the rivers of pleasure, which are meet with trials, the more fragrance at God's right hand for ever more. you emit of Sharon's Rose. There I had got another letter three parts is a peculiar sweetness in a minister's written to you, from Canterbury, trials under the sanctifyings of the giving you some little account of

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W. H.


things in these parts ; but hearing These through fiery trlals trod; Mrs. C. was in London, I have de- These from great afflictions came

Now before the throne of God, clined it, and have wrote in another

Sealed with his eternal name, strain. She gave me some little ac

Clad in bis raiment pure and white, count of the agitated state of your Victor-palms in every hand, mind, arising from these high cedars Through their great Redeemer's might of Lebanon and strong oaks of Ba.

More than conquerors they stand, shan; which I am sure you will never Hunger, thirst, disease unknown, hew down in your own strength: On immorta, fruits they feed; leave them in the hand of the Lord, Then the Lamb amidst the throne, and wait patiently for his deliverance. Shall to living fountains lead, The wicked plottet” against the Joy and gladness banish sighs,

Perfect love dispels their fears, just and gnasheth upon him with his And for ever from their eyes teeth ; the Lord sball laugh at him God shall wipe away all tears. for he seeth that his day is coming. London. I have seen the wicked in great power, and spreading himself like a green bay-tree; yet he passed away, and lo, he was not : yea I sought him, but he could not be found,” Ps.

The vision of David the son of xxxvii, 12, 13, 35, 36. A bay tree Daniel, which he saw concerning soon spreads in Judea, and soon dies. the religious world. And it came to I find things have been in an un

pass, as I sat in my house at even. pleasant state in Dr. R-'s, new trials tide, and my family sat about me, have sprung up there ; and so in

many, that the spirit of meditation took me many little assemblies of the saints, up and carried me far away, and sat the great enemy sows his tares. Your me down in a great valley, among a afflictions keep you low, watchful, multitude of people of every kindred, humble and from being lifted up, and nation and tongue, and said unto you may one day rise, when some me, Son of man, lift up now thine who have stood high shall fall. eyes, and see what this people do.

So I looked, as I was commanded, " That foe can't boast of much,

and lo, a great company were comThat makes us watch and pray."

passing sea and land to make prosyI hope your son, Ebenezer, is well, lites, and teaching them to worship and is improving his mind, in these

a piece of bread, and pay adoration his youthful and best days, and, like

to the highly ornamented statutes of the busy bees, ia sucking and getting the good and great, who had long honey from every flower; the mind, ago slept with their fathers. I saw being the hive, and a godly experi- also, that they made long prayers, ence the honey. Do not be

and used vain repetitions, and ap

very long before you write to me; writing will peared wonderfully devout, then said

I to him who talked with me, Oh sir, keep you from brooking over your troubles, and be useful to you, as

what manner of people is this ? and well as yours, in Jesus.

he said unto me, Go to yonder pillar,

and look through the glass which What are these in bright array ?

hangs thereon : so I looked, and be. This innumerable throng,

hold, Satan sat enthroned in their Round the altar night and day,

hearts, breathing out threatening and Tuning their triumphant song? Worthy is the Lamb once slain,

slaughter against the innocent and Blessings, honour, glory, power,

the just.

Then was I taken with Wisdom, rlches, to obtain,

great fear, and said, O sir, why are New dominion, every hour.

not the inhabitants of the valley

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