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Although it is customary to represent Diana either with a bow, arrows, a quiver, a stag, or some dogs, yet the absence of all these attributes does not prevent the goddess of the chase being here recognised, by the manner with which her tunic is tucked above her knee.

The statuary has chosen the moment when the goddess, finishing to deck herself, and having ajusted her tunic with two girdles, the one above her bosom, and the other over her hips, is fastening over her right shoulder, a mantle which she holds with both her hands. This action gives a charming attitude to the figure, and a most graceful arrangement to the draperies. The head, equally remarkable, has a truly enchanting character, and is attired in the most exquisite taste.

The beauty and delicacy in the execution must make it be believed that this statue enjoyed some celebrity amongst the ancients yet it has no connexion with a small bronze published by Montfaucon, although it has been looked upon as a copy taken from this statue which is in greek marble. It was found in the ruins of Gabii, and placed in the villa Borghese: it is now in the Museum of the Louvre, and has been engraved by M. Bouillon.

Height, 5 feet 3 inches.

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