The Animal Kingdom Arranged in Conformity with Its Organization: The class Mammalia, with specific descriptions by E. Griffith, C. H. Smith, and E. Pidgeon. 1827

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G. B. Whittaker, 1827 - Zoology

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Page 231 - We proceeded early with a moderate wind." captain Lewis who was on shore with one hunter met about eight o'clock two white bears: of the strength and ferocity of this animal, the Indians had given us dreadful accounts: they never attack him but in parties of six or eight persons, and even then are often defeated with the loss of one or more of the party.
Page 351 - SLAVE of the dark and dirty mine ! What vanity has brought thee here ? How can I love to see thee shine...
Page 351 - Slave of the mine ! thy yellow light Gleams baleful as the tomb-fire drear. A gentle vision comes by night My lonely widowed heart to cheer : Her eyes are dim with many a tear, That once were guiding stars to mine ; Her fond heart throbs with many a fear ! I cannot bear to see thee shine. For thee, for thee, vile yellow slave...
Page 232 - On approaching these two, both Captain Lewis and the hunter fired, and each wounded a bear. One of them made his escape; the other turned upon Captain Lewis and pursued him seventy or eighty yards, but being badly wounded...
Page 232 - ... five balls passed through his lungs, and five other wounds, he swam more than half across the river to a sand-bar, and survived twenty minutes. He weighed between five and six hundred pounds at least, and measured eight feet seven inches and a half from the nose to the extremity of the hind feet...
Page 237 - He was brought up in the nursery with the children ; and, when admitted to my table, as was frequently the case, gave a proof of his taste by refusing to eat any fruit but mangosteens, or to drink any wine but champagne. The only time I ever knew him to be out of humour was on an occasion when no champagne was forthcoming.
Page 308 - On ascending these mountains, the traveller scarcely fails to meet with our animal. which from its peculiarities is universally known to the inhabitants of these elevated tracts ; while to those of the plains it is as strange as an animal from a foreign country.
Page 322 - ... to mankind. When wandering over pathless deserts, oppressed With vexation and distress at the conduct of my own men, I have turned to these as my only friends, and felt how much inferior to them was man when actuated only by selfish views.
Page 452 - ... and playfulness; no domestic kitten could be more so; they were always courting intercourse with persons passing by ; and in the expression of their countenance, which was always open and smiling, shewed the greatest delight when noticed, throwing themselves on their backs, and delighting in being tickled and rubbed. On board the ship...
Page 321 - ... some were useful only for their vigilance and barking ; and others for their courage in holding ferocious animals at bay. So large a pack was not indeed maintained without adding greatly to our care and trouble, in supplying them with meat and water, for it was sometimes difficult to procure for them enough of the latter ; but their services were invaluable, often contributing to our safety...

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