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Divinity of Christ.


"And Thomas answered and said unto him, my Lord and my God!"-JOHN, xx. 19.

THE incredulity of this disciple respecting the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, may justly be considered as a circumstance which tends to corroborate the evidence in favour of that most important and glorious event. The apostle's incredulity was overcome by the most incontestible evidence, for he was made an eye-witness, and more than an eye-witness, that the Lord was risen indeed; and, having all his doubts removed, he acknowledged his risen Saviour, and made a confession of his faith in him, as his Lord and his God.

My design in the following discourses, is to assert and vindicate the important doctrine of Christ's divinity; and this I will endeavour to do in a plain and familiar manner. And it is my prayer to the God of truth, that his holy spirit would guide and lead us into all truth, and that the eyes of our understandings


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