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man; grant us the true circum-And when they had seen it, they cision of the Spirit, that, our made known abroad the saying hearts and all our members being which was told them concerning mortified from all worldly and car- this child. And all they that heard nal lusts, we may in all things it wondered at those things which obey thy blessed will, through the were told them by the shepherds. same thy Son Jesus Christ our But Mary kept all these things, Lord. Amen. and pondered them in her heart. The Epistle. Rom. iv. 8. And the shepherds returned, gloriLES LESSED is the man to whom fying and praising God for all the the Lord will not impute sin. things that they had heard and Cometh this blessedness then upon seen, as it was told unto them. the circumcision only, or upon the And when eight days were acuncircumcision also? For we say, complished for the circumcising that faith was reckoned to Abra- of the child, his name was called ham for righteousness. How was JESUS, which was so named of it then reckoned? when he was the angel before he was conceived in circumcision or in uncircum-in the womb. cision? Not in circumcision, but in uncircumcision. And he received the sign of circumcision, a seal of the righteousness of the faith which he had, yet being uncircumcised; that he might be the GOD, who by the leading of father of all them that believe, a Star didst manifest thy though they be not circumcised; only begotten Son to the Gentiles; that righteousness might be im- mercifully grant that we, who puted unto them also: And the fa- know thee now by faith, may afther of circumcision to them who ter this life have the fruition of are not of the circumcision only, thy glorious Godhead, through but also walk in the steps of that Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. faith of our father Abraham, which The Epistle. Ephes. iii. 1. he had, being yet uncircumcised. For the promise, that he should be OR this cause, I Paul, the pri

The same Collect, Epistle, and Gospel shall serve for every day after, unto the Epiphany.

The Epiphany, or the Manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles. The Collect.


soner of Jesus Christ for you the heir of the world, was not to Gentiles; if ye have heard of the Abraham, or to his seed, through dispensation of the grace of God, the law, but through the righteous- which is given me to you-ward: ness of faith. For if they which How that by revelation he made are of the law be heirs, faith is known unto me the mystery (as I made void, and the promise made wrote afore in few words, whereof none effect. by, when ye read, ye may underThe Gospel. St. Luke ii. 15. stand my knowledge in the mys AND it came to pass, as the tery of Christ) which in other ages

angels were gone away from was not made known unto the them into heaven, the shepherds sons of men, as it is now revealed said one to another, Let us now unto his holy Apostles and Progo even unto Bethlehem, and see phets by the Spirit; that the Genthis thing which is come to pass, tiles should be fellow-heirs, and of which the Lord hath made known the same body, and partakers of unto us. And they came with his promise in Christ, by the Goshaste, and found Mary and Joseph, pel whereof I was made a minisand the babe lying in a manger. ter, according to the gift of the


grace of God, given unto me by heard the king, they departed; the effectual working of his pow-and lo, the star which they saw in Unto me, who am less than the east went before them, till it the least of all saints, is this grace came and stood over where the given, that I should preach among young child was. When they saw the Gentiles the unsearchable rich- the star, they rejoiced with exes of Christ; and to make all men ceeding great joy. And when they see what is the fellowship of the were come into the house, they mystery, which from the beginning saw the young child with Mary of the world hath been hid in God, his mother, and fell down and who created all things by Jesus worshipped him: And when they Christ to the intent that now un- had opened their treasures, they to the principalities and powers in presented unto him gifts; gold, heavenly places might be known, and frankincense, and myrrh. And by the Church, the manifold wis-being warned of God in a dream, dom of God, according to the eter- that they should not return to Henal purpose which he purposed in rod, they departed into their own Christ Jesus our Lord; in whom country another way.

we have boldness and access with confidence by the faith of him. The Gospel. St. Matt. ii. 1. THEN Jesus was born in

Bethlehem of Judea, in the

The first Sunday after the
The Collect.

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mercifully to receive the

LORD, we beseech thee

days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east prayers of thy people who call to Jerusalem, saying, Where is he upon thee; and grant that they that is born king of the Jews? for may both perceive and know what we have seen his star in the east, and things they ought to do, and also are come to worship him. When may have grace and power faithHerod the king had heard these fully to fulfil the same, through things, he was troubled, and all Je-Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. rusalem with him. And when he The Epistle. Rom. xii. 1. had gathered all the chief priests BESEECH you therefore, and scribes of the people together, brethren, by the mercies of he demanded of them where Christ God, that ye present your bodies should be born. And they said unto a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable him, in Bethlehem of Judea: For unto God, which is your reasonthus it is written by the prophet, able service. And be not conformAnd thou Bethlehem in the land ed to this world; but be ye transof Juda, art not the least among the formed by the renewing of your princes of Juda; for out of thee mind, that ye may prove what is shall come a Governor that shall that good, and acceptable, and rule my people Israel. Then He-perfect will of God. For I say, rod, when he had privily called the through the grace given unto me, wise men, inquired of them dili-to every man that is among you, gently what time the star appeared. not to think of himself more highAnd he sent them to Bethlehem, ly than he ought to think, but to and said, Go, and search diligently think soberly, according as God for the young child, and when ye hath dealt to every man the meahave found him, bring me word sure of faith. For as we have again, that I may come and wor-many members in one body, and ship him also. When they had all members have not the same

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