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Several Letters, never before publisid, of George

Buchanan, and some eminent Persons of his Age.

p. 103

A New Edition of Vibius Sequester.

An Account of a Book containing the opposite Cha-

racters of Men of different degrees and condi-


p. 107.

Dr. Du Pin's Supplement to his Bibliotheque of Ec-

clefiaftical Writers.

p. 111.

The History of the Highways of the Roman Empire.

By Nicolas Bergier.

p. 112.

The History of the Emperors, &c. By Mr. de Tille-

mint. The Fifth Volume

P. 119-

An Account of St. Gregory Nazianzen's Apologetick


A Description of Testaceous Fishes, Snails, "Shells,

and Minerals, lodged in the Cabinet of Dr. Run-


p. 123,

Dissertations upon Genesis.

p. 125.

A Third Letter concerning Servetus's Trial. P. 127.

observationes Secræ. By Mr. Deylingius.

A further Account of the new Project to learn He-

brew, and other Oriental Languages without Points.

p. 141.

A Discourse concerning the different Sorts of Rain.

p. 151.

An Account of a Book, written by the Abbot de la

Paluelle, wherein he decides several Cases concern-

ing Lords and Vaffals, Patrons and Curates.

p. 152.

A New Edition of St. John Damascen. By Father


p. 154-

A further Account of Mr. Deylingius's Observationes


P. 163-

De renunciatione vulnerum, feu vulnerum lethaliune

examen, &c. By Dr. Bobnius.

p. 164.

A New Edition of Horace. By Dr. Bentley. P. 158:

A Latin Translation of Mr. Stanley's History of Phila-


p. 185.

A Fourth Letter concerning Servetus's Trial. P. 187.

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The Character of Bishop Flechier.

p. 2017

A Letter to Mr. Le Clerc, by Mr. Lenfant.

A Letter of Father Vota to the Queen of Prusia.

p. 210.

A Letter of the Queen of Prusia to Father Vota.

p. 213.

A further Account of Dr. Bentley's Edition of Ho-

P: 220.

A Hundred choice Letters of Libanius, never before


p. 227.

The Lives and Characters of the most eminent

Writers of the Scots Nation, &c. By Dr. Mac-


p. 229.

Obje&tiones contra novam definitionem Motus in Dia.

rio Eruditorum Parisiensi.

P. 245.

Some Passages of Fosephus recovered. By Mr. Gros


p. 248.

A View of the Pontificate, from its supposed begin.

ning to the End of the Council of Trenr, 3c. By

Mr. Howell.

p. 250.

An Experiment of an extraordinary Congelation.

A Dispute about the Body of St. Firmin in the Ca.

thedral Church of Amiens.

A Fifth Letter concerning Servetus's Trial.

p. 264.

The Poetical Art of Horace transated into French


p. 277.

The Odes of Anacreon and Sappho translated into

French Verse.

p. 279.

An Anatomical Dissertation, Thewing a new Method

of demonstrating the Ductus Thoracicus, and the Reo

ceptacle of the Chyle in Human Bodies.

P. 291.

A Discovery of a new Tincture of Purple. p. 294.

A Map of the Emperors and Empresses of the West.

p. 297.

A compendious History of the Church, by Way of

Questions and Answers.

p. 297.

A Sixth Letter concerning Servetus's Trial. P. 299

An Answer to the Objections, that may be raised a.

gainst the Project (abovementioned) of a new Gran-

mar to learn Hebrep and other Oriental Lan-


griages without Points. By Dr. Masclef, Canon of


p. 34.

A Seventh Letter concerning Servetus's Trial. p. 319.

An Addition to the foregoing Letters concerning Ser.

vetus, being an Account of his Notes upon a Bi-

ble Printed at Lyons in 1542.

p. 329.

Observations concerning those Sparks, that come out

of the Sea upon the Run of a Ship. p. 341.

Observations Mathematical, Bc. made in the East-

Indies and China from the Year 1684. to the Year

1708. By Father Nocl.

p. 343.

The Manners and Customs of the French in the dif.

ferent Times of the Monarchy. By M. Le Gendre,

Canon of Paris.

P. 352.

Advertisement concerning the New Edition of St.

Fohn Damafcen.

p. 355.

An Account of the Impostures of a Boy, at Bulfon

in Staffordshire, who pretended to be possessed by

the Devil.

p. 357.

A Discourse concerning Sorcery and Witchcraft, ta-

ken from the Trials of many Sorcerers and Witches

condemnd to Death in the District of St. Claude

in Franche Comte.

P. 364.

Observations concerning the Obliquity of the Eclip-


p. 372.

The moving Sphere according to the System of Co-

pernicus, made by Mr. Pigeon.

p. 375.

A Commentary upon the three first Books of Kings.

By Father Calmet.

p. 375.

A further Account of the Differtation prefix'd to the

New Translation of Anacreon into French Verse.

P: 377.

A Compendium of Divinity. By Dr. Fogg, Dean

of Chester.

p. 384.

A remarkable Passage of Mr. Leibnitz concerning

the Trials of Witches.

p. 387.

Observations upon the New Testament. By Mr. Hom,


p. 389.

A New Edition of the Pervigilium Veneris, and of Au-
sonius's Cupid crucified.

P. 392,

Indexes or Repertories made by Dr. Borges, Profeffor at Groningen.

p. 395.A Voyage round the World. By Captain Cooke.

p. 399. Problems concerning the Generation, Nutrition, &c. of the Fætus, resolved by M. Mery.

P. 411. A Book concerning the Duties of the Knights of Malta.

p. 416. A further Account of the Dispute concerning the Body of St. Firmin at Amiens.

P. 417. A Poem concerning the Invention of Letters. Ву Mr. Nicols.

p. 418. An Essay concerning the Growth of Empiricism, or the Encouragement of Quacks. By Dr. Guybon.

p. 426. A general Notion of the Imperium Orientale, five

Antiquitates Constantinopolitane, published by Father Banduri.

p. 435. An Es ay upon trųe Knowledge, and a found Judgment in Religion.

p. 437. The History of John II. King of Portugal. By Em. manuel Tellez de Silva, Marquis of Alegrete, &c.

p. 438. Dr. Whitby's Answer to Dr. Edward's Book concern. ing Original Sin.

P. 447. Philosophical Letters written by Mr. Leibnitz and Mr. Hartsocker.

p. 452. Observations upon Agriculture and Gardening, &c.

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P. 468,

The Life of Father Poffevin.



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