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at Triers, which gave him Occasion to write this Piece.

He reprefents, the Heroines of former Times walking in the Elysian Fields, and complaining of their Misfortunes" in Point of Love. Whilft their Minds are taken up with such melancholy Thoughts, Cupid goes by accidentally. They imme diately stop him, and resolve to punish him as be. ing the sole Author of their Misery:. They tie his Hands behind his Back, and fasten him to the Top of a Myrtle Tree, &c.

reus eft, fine crimine, judice nullo, Accufatus Amor. Whereupon Venus comes to the Elysian Fields, and far from excusing her Son, chides him severely, and whips him with a Bundle of Roses. The Ladies, moved with Compassion cry out that Venus is too cruel, They intercede for Cupid, and ascribe their Misfortunes to Destiny.

Inde truces cecidere mine, vindi&taquo major
Crimine visa fuo, Venerem fecere nocentem.
Ipfe intercedunt Heroides, & fua queque
Funera crudeli malunt adfcribere fato.

That ingenious Poem has been Reprinted here with the Notes of Mariangelas Accursis, Elias Vinetus, Scriverius, and those of an Anonymous Author. Besides, the Readers will find ar the End of the Book the XVIIIth Chapter of Scaliger's Ausonianæ Lectiones, and a Chapter of Barthius's Adversaria, containing some Remarks upon the Poem of Auso. nit.


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1. Rattantiquitatum, ordine literarum Alphabethi. It


F L O R E N C E.
ATHER Valsechi has put out an Historical and
of Elagabalus.

De M. Aurelii Antonini Elagabali Tribunisia Pos
teftate V. Disertatio Historico-Chronologica. Au&tore
P. D. Virgizio Valsechi, 4 Brixia Monache Bene-
di&tino Congregationis Casinensis. Florentie 1711,
4+0.' Pagg. 120.


R. Borges, Professor of Mathematicks and died in the Year 1666. left behind him several. Indexes or Repertories of his own making. Those Indexes have been bought by Mr. Halma, a Bookseller of Leuwarden, who is willing to sell them, Here follows the Catalogue.

Five Repertorium Philologicum, Criticonfifts of Seven large 'Volumes in Folio, and con. tains an Extract of the beft Criticks, such as Scali ger, Casaubon, Salmafius, Voffiuta Groncuius, and above Fifty more.

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2. Re:

2. Repertorium Politicum, Historicum & Furidicum, in one large Volume in Folio, taken from several Ancient and Modern Hiftorians, and from many Modern Politicians, such as Bodin, Grotius, &c.

3. Index rerum & verborum in T. Livium. r. Yol in Fol.

4. Index rerim verborum in Plutarchum. 2. Vol. in Fol.

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6. in Cataleata veterum Poetarum, Phadri fa. Bulas e Corippum.

3. Index Philologicus Apuleianus.

8. in Martianum Capellam de nuptiis Philologia.

in Silium Italicum.

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Philologico-politicus in Salluftium.

rerum & verborum in Valerium Maxi

11. num.


in Fuftinum. .

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26. # Papinium Statium.

in Historie Augufte Scriptores, ad litteram 28. in Cenforinum de Die Natali.

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34. in Panegyriftas Latinos.
Belides fome others, that are not so complete.

A Fourth Edition of Mr. Le Clerc's Ars Critica is lately come out with great Improvements.


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Melanges de Remarques Critiques

, Historiques, ébés losophiques, Theologiques sur les deux Dissertations de M. Toland, intitulées, l'une, L'Homme sans superstition, l'autre, Les Origines, Judaiques. Avec une differtation tenant lieu de Preface, où on examine l'argument tiré du consentement de tous les peuples, pour protiver l'existence de Dieu, & on refute les principales objections par lesquelles on a pretendu l'affoiblir. Par Elie Benoist, Pasteur de l'Eglise Walone de Delft Delft 177. in 8vo. Pagg. 374.

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