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Qur Judge is of Opinion, That when the Witches leave their Beds in the Night to go to their Nocture hal Assemblies, the Devil places a Phantome in their Room, that is altogether like them; and that a Hurband in such a Cale embraces a Spectre instead of his Wife, as the Poers tell us,that, Ixion embraced a Cloud instead of Funo. Sometimes the Devil him. self supplies the Place of the Wife, and lies with the Husband in the Shape of a Womana,

All the Sorcerers and Witches, tried by Judge Bo? guet, told him; That they went constantly to their Nocturnal Meetings about Midnight, and that those Afsemblies broke up as soon as the Cock crew. The Author thinks that God out of his infinite Mercy debigns, to bring those deluded People 1o Repeogange by the Cock's Crowing, as St. Peter repented of his Fault when he heard the Cock crow.

When Sorcerers and Witches meet, they worship the Devil, who appears sometimes in the Shape of 2 Man, and sometimes in the Sliape of a Goat. They offer up fome Candles to him, which cast a Light of a bluith Colour, and then kils bis Back&de. Afterivards they fall a Dancing with their Backs gurned to each other. Some Devils play, upon the Violins and most times Satan himself" plays upon a Flute. When Dancing is over, they lie promiscuously, one with another. This Lewdness is attended with a common Meal, All Sorcerers declare that the Meat which they eat in those Meetings manner of Taste :: And most of them add, That when they rise from Table, they are as hungry as "they were before. After the Meal every body is

obliged to give an Account of what he has done fince the last Meeting. Those who have been guil•ry

of the most wicked Things, are highly commended for it; but those, who have been leis Mirchie. vous, are laughed at by the whole Affembly, and most times abuled and beaten by their Maltes. Then Vol. IV.

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the Devil. requires from them to renounce again God, and their Baptifin, and to swear that they will liever speak of God, the Holy Virgin, and the Saints, and that they will do to their Neighbouts * all the Mischief they can

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2907 Our Author says, It is a common Thing to prepare Storms of Hail at the Devil's Meeting, to deHroy the Fruits of the Earth. But he observes, That sometimes the poor and beggerly Sorcerers are 2gainit it, for. fear of Starving, and quarreld with the fich upon that account. Henry Boguet was informed of this Particular by fome Wizards, burnt at Chania plité, ihto further said, That when the rich Sorcé. rer's undertake to raise thofe Storms, and are toutly opposed by the Poor, they find it necessary to throw the Dice, in order to decide thé Diffes rence.

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The Author observes, as a very remarkable Thing, That most of those who have been executed at St. Claude for Witchcraft, had no Crofs in their Beads, or ar feast that some small piece was wanting to each Crofs. As if the small wooden Croffes of Beads could not easily break and wear our by a long Use. He makes another Observation, viz. That all the Witches he examined, as a Judge, never shed any Tears in 'his Presence; bur when he spoke to them in private, their Tears were very plentiful. This is far from being a certain Sign of Guilt; and granting that what he says is exactly true, it may ea. fily be accounted for. How unhappy were thofe thát fell into the Hands of such a credulous Judge!

It is necessary (lays he) to fhave the Heads of Sorcerers and Witches, because they hide in their

Hair a Drug, called the charm of Silence; and 'whilst they have it about them, they never confess any thing, and if they are put to the Rack, they feel no pain. Sometimes they hide the Charm in their Cloaths; and therefore 'tis an usual thing


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to give them new Cloaths. ' Franceso Secretain was ftrip'd stark naked, to know whether the Devil had imprinted any Mark on her Body; for?ris com monly believed, that fotne Wirches are marked * in the Shoulder, others under the Eye-lid, fome under the Tongue, and others in their Secret Parts. However our Judge confesses, that he never could see any such Marks, tho' he took great Care to find them out. One George Gandillon shewed him the Place, on which he had been marked by the Devil, viz. in his Left Sholder, but our Author could not diicern the Mark for want of a skilful Chirurgeon. He believes the Devil does frequently take off such Marks, 1 avher thofe that lift themselves under his Banner; rare committed to Gaol. Thus Judge Boguet finds out a Reason for every thing.

See the Continuation of this Extract in the Vth Volume. Article II.

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", *I have published a curious Report of Two Phyfin cians and Three Chirurgeons about those Marks, in my Account of Trdo Witches tried at Geneva. See the Firft Volume. Article XLVII:

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OBSERVATIONS sur Pobliquité de

l'Ecliptique. lindi Ennoki haal

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1931 OBSERVATIONS concerning the Obe

liquity of the Ecliptick, taken from 4 Fo
reign Journal.

sissa riay! ? Dili ve T appears to me, that the finall Variation, to be

found in all the Observations that are made for the Space of many Years upon the Obliquity of the Ecliptick, is not to be ascribed to a real Variation of the Obliquity of the Ecliprick, as if the Angle it makes with the Equator was how smaller than it was some Years ago, which is perhaps the Opinion of some Astronomers to this very Day Thát Difference ought rather to be ascribed to a Variati. on in the Refraction, as I have already faid upon fome other Occasions. And indeed, since in the frequent Observations which I have made at all times about the apparent Lowness of the Horizon of the Sea, I have found that there is a continual Varia! tion, which can only be ascribed to the different Constitution of the Air ;. I think there can be no


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doubt, that the Refraction does also continually vary in 'Thę; Heights of the Stars, and particularly of the Sun, above the Horizon, according to the different Conftitution of the Air; tho? not fo fenfi. bly, but as they are more or less elevared above the Horizon, However, it is not to eally disa cerned as in the Lownels of the Horizon of the Sear,

il: zot bill fris met wa

1 1. Becaufe those Heights of the Stars are always different, and do not afford a fixed Point.

2. Because those Differences being less sensible, as the

is more elevated above the Horizon che small Differences that are found in those Heights are imputed to the Observation, or to the Instrument, which cannot be done in the Observations of the Horizon 1 :

It seems therefore more reasonable to ascribe, to thao Variation of Refractions, in the Solstitial Heights of the Sun, the small Variation observable in the Obliquity of the Ecliptick, than to admit a real Variation in the Obliquity of the Ecliptick, which would occasion - a great Confufon in Aftronomy; and besides is far from being sufficiently proved, as

it appears from all the Observations, that have been made hitherto.

Tho' the Instruments be never so good and so large, I think Observations will never be performn. ed more exactly : The different Conftitution of the Air will, always prevent it. I repear it again, what is observed in the Horizon is a Presumption, or ra. ther a Demonstration for all the Heights, in which the Variation of the Refraction cannot be so eality and so certainly observed; but the Existence of the Variation in the Horizon, is a Proof of the Exi. Hence of the Variation in the several Heights above Horizongoza nevis wiki

Does Croh

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