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" Fortior Rege Persarum füit Zerubabel; foti innia

tens Dei fpiritui, Zachar. 4. Typo vero Jesus
C#*****Jolus Deo Patri bëret arètirin.
ISTASIA Liqchi hadde enca
JEREMİX. Cap. Ls Queretur iniquit as I Gael

non erit, &c.

1 chili Quanquam variè illi accusentur, eis tamen parcia " Cyrus id eft CHRISTUS.

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E CHEZ Cap. IX. Etägloria Dei Ifraëlele #ivata eft pola cherub, fuper quem erat ad Wimen Do

mus, &enrici 'seat Wive.
Rezeroateng ibero 925
- Tran Ardo bie fit gloriæ Dei à lapideo Templo ad
Virum illum JESUM CHRISTUM, qui & Deus

eft, ipsis Cherub sublimior.
Kit 0:3 sh nga arsimo XIII
“ EZECHIEL Cap. XL. Et eccc vir, cujus alpes
Etus, &c.

GĦristiglo Stru&tori coleftis Civitatis in excello
Nonte Sions quam rem in umbra hic-delineat. A
" DANIEL IX. Ab exitu sermonis ad reverti fac

vendum ufqur CHRISTUM Ducem þebdomade Septem, &c.

150950 *Abgreffe ipredial ad me à Deo fermonis de re“ Rituenda & ædificanda Jerusalem, ufque ad Ducem Cyrum Chriftum Dei, qui id exequetur, hebdomades Sunt sepreino bebdomadisque sexaginta duabusireitttuetur & ædificabitur platea & fossa in anguftia scill

cet temporum. Ex poft eur 62. hebdomadas occidetur " Cyrus, TEX erit in nihilum diffipabitque edificium & #defolabit Cambyses Cyro fuccedens. * Fædus aurem

primum firmabit Darius poft quem iterum sequetur “ Antiochi abominatio ftupenda, & erit finis orbis " Judaici, tot 603 XXX 690 R$


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“ Oseas Cap. XI. Ex Ægypto vocavi Filium meum :: "Scilicet populum Ifraël Type IESU CHRISTI

veri Filii Dei, ficut & Salomoni dicitur, Ero ei in “ Patrem, & iple erit mihi in Filium. i Paral. 22,

& 28.

“ ZACHARIAS. Cap. III. Ecce enim adduco fervum meum germen, &c.

Rex tuus venen

Ecce ego venire facio fervum meum Zerubabel Germen ; qui verum est Davidis Germen, $ CARUTI Regis germen in de continetoLudvar bara tir's

ZACHARIAS Cap. IX. Ecce tibi juftus & falvatus, humilis & equitans super num, &c.

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boqü 19256 In bumili Zerubabel, indicatur regnaturam gert meny Matth. 21.

12. Dositor JOANNIS Cap. VI. Caro enim mea vere et c'h bus. Verè, non per tropum, non per tropum. (62512 bu£ pool

Hei, jedT The Readers will easily perceive sbat this Account of Servetus's Performance upon the Bible comes from a Learned Hand. Perhaps I shall be able in time to communicate to the Publick the Nores that Physician added to Ptolemy's Geography, and which made Calvin say, thar Servetus had called Mofes, vanus præco Fudde, 4 vain Panegyrist of the Land of Canaan.

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one may easily discern the luminous Parts from others.

THE VIkh Letter of the IXth Volume * of Edify-

sing and Curious Letters written from the foreign Miffions by some Milionaries of the Society of Jesus, runs u

upon a curious Subject. Father de Bourzeze Author of that Letter, gives an Account of his Observations concerning those Sparks, that come out of the Sea upon the run of a Ship. That sort of Light appears

árs much better, when the Moon is under the Horizon, when the Stars are nok to be seen, and when the Lanthorn is púr our'; and therefore it cannot be ascribed to the reflected Light of the Moon, anid Scars, or to that of the Ship-Lanthorn. Thar Light is sometimes faint and weak, and Bourzez, tho” he stood nine or 'ten Feet above it, could easily read Capital Lerters. Upon fome Days. It appears then that the luminous Parts have not all the fame Figure. Some look like Points of Light : Others have the apparent Magnitude of Stars : Some have the Figure of Globules of one or two Lines in Diameter: Others are like Globes of the 2. Z 3


An Account of that Curious Book may be seen iro the Third Volume.

Bigness of a Man's Head: Those Phosphori do fre: quently ffonlum oblong Square, three or four inches long, and one ot cwo broad, set uphis suhod s 95€ A XH S 3 Antigos adiioitisoissa & Soil

the pun of a "Ship is not the only thing that pra3 duces such à Light The Fimes leave allo behind theme son Train of Light! Father de Bodrzezi

Tawum pofferine nany Files make a kind of Fire work, as they were playing in the water. A Ropę laid, 4-cross is fallis cient to break the Water, and render ic luminous. If the Water, taken from the sea,beiterrà in the dark, it thoots out many Sparks. When a Spark is foris ed, it keeps a long time, and if it ficks to offerte thing that is solid, it lasts several Hours. The more the Sea Water is viscous, the more proper it is to become luminoys. This Observation io fufficient find qug the Caufe of that furpeiling Tiberionice Father, de Bourze makes also fome Obrervatiops un on the Sea-rain-bows, and those Exhalations thar are casily inflamed.

LONDON. #E* following Books have been newly brought

in the Strand,

1. Hugonis Grotii de Furè Belli ac Pacis Sibri tres, In quibus Jus Nature & Gentiuni, item Farto publici præcipua, explicantur. Cum Annotatis Aufforts, on poStrema ejus ante obitum cura. Accesserunt ejusdem Dif fertatio de Mari Libero, & Libellus fingularis de Æ. quitate;b Indulgentique Facilitate, cineinen Ufoam. Frida Gropovii WC. Natæ in totum opisody Fire Bali Bacis. Editio novisimas Amsteladami, apud Fango nio-Waesbergios. 1712. in 8vo.

We are sold in an Advertisement, prekxect to this New Edition, tha: it is extremely corroct. siszow


317 ob frodas stort behs to alsnost 292on Fohannis Conmadi Barebulan Synapsisi barmacie methodum pleraque medicamentaux five na veteribu five a Recentioribus excogitata, componendi juxta &

na cerkriendi-, Editia, pertine nu accedunt duo Indias, quorum altera semediorum dofin alter medicamira, fuivis corporis affe&ui fingulariter dicardo mpeftrabais bugduni Batavorum 1912. in Svet PACE Th9 2 20 3-4 hộ: 1- 4 : min 17 sit a rivs. 21 2uonimui .

azot 570 OS 1031) e Body Jahannis Conradi Barcbufen Compendium Rariecla wii Chemiçi more Geometrarum concinnatun, Lugduni Bataporum 1712. in 8vo. Pagg. 7. 129993 19 9rom 90T INF !azoval to pilo zi jodi acrot Oj ĉi 1 1976Sic sit may


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Phyfice in India & China fatta a Patre

FRANCISCO NOEL, Societatis 29Y

Pelua ab Anno 1684. usque ad Annunin Sorte 1708, Praga, apud Joachimum Jenna -04 Kamenicky. 1710. in 450. pagg, 1120*. 2 mshluas 0:54:08 Nsh nl :) SUM* in fcientia. I naturali aliifque disciplinis

Phyfico-Machernaricis * certitudo cognitionis ab -o lunt bona estonada f. Z 4


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2.ds *This: Extract, reaken from the nea Eruditorum, is worth Reading 3. and I hope it will be the



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