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now engaged (says he), with Servetus. Perhaps “ he only designed to go through this City; for

we don't know yet what Realon moved him to come hither.

He has teen discovered, and I have been of Opinion that he should be , arrested. He is profecuted by, Nicolas (de la Fontaine), " who brought the next Day Forty (n) Heads of

Accusation against him. At first he varied in his

Answers ; and therefore I was sent for to Court, “ He abused nie, as if I had been his Inferior. I “ have treated him as he deserves. At last the “ Magistrates have declared that all the Articles « have been proved against him. Nicolas was ser “ at Liberty Three Days after ; and on the Fourth “ he was acquitted, my Brother being Security for

I hope Servetus will be condemned to Death ; but I wish the Severity of the Punishment

may be softened.

Farel answered Calvin in a Letter dated O&tober 8. 'Tis a wonderful Providence, (Says be) that Served

tus should come to Geneva. I wish he may resa pent., tho' never fo late, iç, will be a mighty

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Hac tranfire forte cogitabat. Necdum enim fcieur quo conlilio venerit. Sed cum agnitus fuiflet, retinendum pucavi. Nicolaus meus ad capitale judicium, pcenæ talionis fe offerens, ipsum vocavit. Quadra ginta accufationis capita poftridie in medium scripta attulit. Tergiverfatus eft 'initio. Itaque vocati Tu. mus. Proterve mihi convitiatus est, non fecus ac fi haberet fibi obnoxium. Ego, ut dignus erat, cum excepi. Tandem pronunciavic Senatus capita omnia probata esse. Dimiffus eft , carcere Nicolaus die eer: tio, cum fratrem meum sponsorem dediffet, quarto absolutus eft.

Spero capitale faltem fore judicium: Pænæ vero atrocitatem remitti cupio, Calvin Epift. pag. 114: Geneva 1575, (w) Calvin should have said XXXVIII.

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* Thing, if he dies a true Penitent, undergoing but

one Death, tho' he deserves to die a Thousand « Times; and if he endeavours to edify the Spe

ctators, having made it his Businefs to pervert

many People that are dead, and others that are “ ftill living, and even those that shall be born 6 hereafter. The Judges must be very cruel, and

perfect Enemies of Christ and his Church, if " they are not affected with the horrid Blasphe

mies with which that pernicious Heretick attacks " the Divine Majesty, and endeavours to overthrow

the Gospel', and to corrupt all the Churches.
“ But I hope that those, who are commended for

à just Punishment upon Thieves and sa-
crilegeous Persons, will do their Dury in this
"Cafe, by taking off a Man, who has so long and
"foz obstinarely perfifted in his Heresy, and undone
so many People. In defiring that the Severity of
“the Punishment should be moderated, you act
" the part of a Friend towards a Man, who is your
be grear Enemy. But I beseech you to behave your
"}elf in fuch a manner, that no one may be fo
60bold for the Time to come as 'to publish new
" Doctrines, and occasion so much Disturbance, as
“ this Man has done (0)". It appears from this


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() Mira eft Dei difpenfatio in Serveto, quod iftuc venerit. Utinam vel fero fapiat ! Magnum fane mi. raculum erit, fi mortem perferat ferio ad Deum conversus, & occumbens una morte (qui multas myriadas commeritus cf) fi omnes contendat ædificare præsentes, qui multis jam fublaris & qui fupersunt, adde etiam venturis nocere ftuduit. Valde crudeles erunt, & admodum injurii Chrifto, & do&rinæ pietatis, & veri Ecclefiæ hoftes Judices, fi non move. antur blafphemiis horrendis tam nefandi Hæretici, quibus divinam majestatem imperit, & Christi Evana gelium conatus eft labefactare, omnesque corrumpere Ecclefias. Sed fpero Deum fa&urum, uc qui laudan

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Paffage that Farel was a violent Divine; which is altogether contrary to the Spirit of Christianity. (See the Margin.) *

Farel adds, That he has frequent. ly offered to suffer Death, in Imitation of St. Paul, if he taught any thing contrary to the Gospel-Doctrine, and that' he has declared he should deserve the greateit Punishment, if he should bring off any Body from the Faith and Doctrine of Jesus Christ; 1o that he cannot be more indulgent to others than to hiinself. I leave it to you, Sir, to make your Observations upon these Letters, and in 194

! htthony I ,

Yours, com:57 hom? Vrsar

gene See the Sixth Letter in Art. LI.

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tur ob juftas infli&tas furibus & facrilegis poenas, ita se gerant, ut in hac parte merito bene audiant, fublato eo, qui tandiu obstinatissime in hæresibus perseveravit, quique tam multos perdidit. Quod pæne atrocitaten leniri cupis, facis amici officium in inimicifsimum tibi hominem. Sed te quæso, ira geras, ne temere quivis audeat nova inferre in publicum dogmata, & tandiu omnia curbare impune, ut ifte fecit. Ubi supra pag. 116.

*. And when his Disciples James and John faw this, they said, Lord, wilt thout that we command Fire toi come down from Heaven, and consume them, ever as Elias did? But he turned and rebuked them, and said, re know not what manner of Spirit ye are of. For the Son of Man is not come TQ DESTROY MENS LIVES, BUT TO SAVE THEM. Luke IX, 56.

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OVDE Posthumous Piece of Dr. Ittigiis has been lare

ly published by M. Ludovicus. Thom.e Ittigii, Theol. D. & Dioeceseos Lips. Superintendent. Schediasma de Autoribus, qui de Scriptoribus Ecclef. egerunt, 'cura L. Christiani Ludovici, P. P. cujus Auctarium Annotationes Accedunt. Lipsie, 1715. in 8vo.

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M.De Prépetit' de Grammont, "lare Rector of the

Uniterlity of Paris, and Professor Emeritus of Eloquencé, "has translated into French Verfe the Poetical Art of Horace, and some other Pieces of that Ancient Poer.

Traduation in Vers François de l'Art Poetique ď Horace, des Satyres IV. & X. de fon premier Livre, & de la I. Epitre de fon Livre II. &c. Paris 1711. inz 12mo.

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This Book consists of Three Parts. The First, befides the Translatios o

the Poetical Art of Horace, and of the Three Pieces mentioned in the Title, contains also a Version of several remarkable Parsages in the best Poers. The Author's Poetry is neat and elegant ; and his Nores are well chofen. The Second part is a very instructive Dissertation upon


I 3

the Ancient and Modern Authors. The Third contains a very exact and complete Treatise of the French Versification.

THE Vth Volume of the History of the Church, by the Abbot de Choisy is newly come out.

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Histoire de l'Eglise, par M. l'Abbé de Choisy. Tome Çinquieme, depuis l'an 840. jusqu'à l'an 1100, Paris 1712. in 4to. pagg. 436.

M. Roy has obtained the Prize of Eloquence for the Year 1711.

The Subject, proposed by the French Academy, was this, God is the Protector of those who trust in him. That Illustrious Society has published M. Roy's Discourse, and some of the best Pieces of Eloquence made upon the same Subject.

Recueil de plusieurs Piéces d'Eloquence prefentées à l'Academie Françoise, pour le Prix de l'annee 1711. avec plusieurs disccurs qui ont été prononcez dans l'Academie, & quelques Pieces de Poesie qui, y ont été lúës en differentes occasions. Paris 1711. in 12. pags. 431.

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