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vised and cxaétly corrected. Several Passages of the New Testament have been horribly, falsified in that Edition. Here follow fome Instances of it.

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Luke II. 41. Instead of these Words, Now his Parents ment to Jerusalem every Tear, there is in that New Testament, and his parents went every Year IN PILGRIMAGE to Jerusalem : (Et ses pere & mere alloient tous les ans en pelerinage a Jerusalem.).

Acts XIII. 2. As they ministred to the Lord, &c. New Testament of Bourdeaux., As they WERE OFFERING UP to the Lord THE SACRI FICE OF THE MASS, &c. . (Or comme ils offroient au Seigneur LE SACRIFICE DI MESSE.)


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I Cor, III. 15. But he himself fall be saved; yet so, as by Fire, N. T. of Bourdeaux. But he him. self hall be saved; yet so, as by the Fire OF PURGATORY. Mais il sera fauvé quant a lui, ainti toutefois comme par le feu DV PURGATOIRE.)

i Cor. VII. 10. And unto


married I coma mand. N. T. of Bourdeaux. But as for those, who are united by THE SACRAMENT OF MAR, RIAGE, I command them. (Mais à ceux qui sont conjoints par le Sacrement de mariage, je leur commande, &c.)

1 Cor. X. 21. re cannot be partakers of the Lord's-Table, and of the Table of Devils. N T. of Bourdeaux, You cannot be Partakers of WHAT IS SACRIFICED UPON the Lord's Table, and of WHAT IS SACRIFICED UPON the Table of the Devils. (Vous ne pouvez pas écre parti. cipans de ce qui est sacrifié sur la table du Seigneur, & de ce qui est facrifié sur la table des Diables.)

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1 Cor. XI. 26. For as often as ye eat this Bread, &c. N. T. of Bourdeaux. For as often as ye eat this LIVING Bread, &c. (Car toutes les fois que vous mangerez ce pain vivant, &c.)

V. 28. But let a Man examine himself, and so let him eat of that Bread. N. T. of Bcurdeaux. But let a Man examine himself, and so eat of that LIVING Bread. (Or que l'homme l'éprouve soyméme, & ainsi qu'il mange de ce pain VIF.)

2 Cor. VI. 14. Be ye not unequally yoked together with Unbelievers. N. T. of Bourdeaux, Bc nof united with Unbelievers BY THE SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE. (Ne vous joignez point par Sacrement de marriage avec les infidelles.) See also 1 Tim. IV. 3.

i Tim. IV. 1. Nov 'the Spirit Speaketh expresy, that in the latter Times Some mall depart from the Faith. N. T. of Bourdeaux. Novo the Spirit plainly Says, that in the latter Times fome foall depart from the ROMAN Faith. (Or l’Esprit dit clairement, qu' és derniers temps quelques uns se separeront de la foy Romaine.)

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THESE Fallifications bring into my Thoughts a Passage of Beza, which deserves to be inserted here. That Illustrious Reformer tells * us, Monluc, Bishop of Valence, complained in the Con ference held at St. Germain in the Year 1561. that the Doctors of the Sorbonne had approved a Book written in Verse by Arthus Desiré, tho' he had falsified the Second Commandment, as it appears from the following Lines.


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Hiftory of the Reformed Churches of France. Vol. I. Lib. IV. pag. 693, 694. Antwerp 1980.

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MR. Matte has made an Experiment of an ex

traordinary Congelation. He shews that two Drams of Oil of Tartar per deliquium being put into a Glass, and mixed with the same Quantity of the Liquor of Armoniac Salt, do quickly coagulare, insomuch that one may make a Ball of the whole Matter of such a Consistence, that will run upon a Table; and yet neither of those Liquors receives any other. Alteration, but that of losing its : Fluidity.

Viis ' A MI EN S.

10 eur HÉ late, Mr. Thiers *, Curate of Vibraye,

who was a great Enemy; to superstitious Praa etices, and another Author t, undertook some Years


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Mr. Thiers's Differtation was suppress'd by a De. cree of the Council of Scate in 1699.

+ The Letter, written by that Anonymous Author, was condemned in 1697.

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; ago to prove that the Body of St. Firmin, the Third Bishop of that Ciry, was not in the Cathedral Church. There is every Year, on the Festival of that Saint, a folemn Proceflion, in which his Shrine is carried by the Chaplains, and exposed to the Venerarion of the People. A Tradition of a Thousand Years, and above, is alledged for the Proof of those Relicks. The Chapter being re: solved to maintain their Pretension, have engaged one of their Brethren (Dr. de Leftocq,) to write a Dissertation against the Two Authors above-mentioned.

Differtation sur la Translation du corps de S. Firmin le Confesseur, troisiéme Evèque ? Amiens, ľ09 fait voir qu'il est dans l'Eglise Cathedrale d'Amiens, contre ce qu'en ont écrit Auteur de la Lewre à un Curieux, & feu M. Thiers: 1-On prouvé auffe que le Corps de S. Firmin le Martyr, premiet Evê que d Amiens, est dans la même Eglife, & non pas dans celle de l'Abbaye de Saint Denys en France. Aini. CRF 1711. in 12mo.

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M. BULTE AV has left behind him a large

Library, confifting of choice and valuable Books, that are to be sold." That Library contains, among other Books, a complete Set of all the curious Pieces relating to the particular History of the several countries of Europe, and other Parts of the World. M. Bulteau was a great Lover of Learning: He died at Eighty-Three Years of Age. The Catalogue is drawn up very methodically.

Bibliotheca Bultelliana, seu Catalogus Librorum Bibliothecę V. Cl. D. Caroli Bulteau, Regi à Confiliis :: vijeci

119.1 9.

a soba

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& Secretariorum Regiorum Decani : Digestus & descriptus à Gabriele Martin, Bibliopola Parisiensi ; cum

Indice Authorum Alphabetico. 19ih Two Volumes in 12mo. Pagg. 1035.

Three Letters have been lately published concern. ing the Therapeute mentioned by Pbilo.

Lettres pour contre sur la fameuse question, les Solitaires appellez Therapeutes, dont a parlé Philon Juif, étoicnt Chretiens. Paris 1712. in 12mo. Page. 381.

The first Letter is written to Father de Montfaucon, and contains several strong Objections concerning the Religion of the Therapeute. The second is an Answer of Father Montfaucon; and the Third, a Reply of the Author of the first Letter. This Subject is treated learnedly on both Sides, and the Book is worth Reading

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