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thor. Having observed, That Thomas, a Cistercian fent to the Council of Bafil by the Clergy of Score

, and Abbor of Dundranan in Galloway, was land, he takes Occasion from thence to insert an Historical Account of that Council. - i Adam Blacater, having censured Livy for his Digression con cerniug Alexander the Great, our Author gives us, in the Life of that Scotcb Writer, an Account of the Faulis, that are generally imputed to that Famous Historian by the Criticks of the former and latter Ages. Such is the Method of the Au. thor.






To make the Readers fully sensible of the Usefulness of this Work, I think it necellary to inform them, that the Author has inserted in it the following Pieces, among others. hari ini

1. An Account of the Controversy berween the Eastern and Western Churches about the Celebration of Easter. Om DIE 31 -- 2. A Discourse thewing by what means Papacy rose, xo its present Greatness. Citalos OJ 3. An Abstract of Claudianus Mamertus's Book concerning the Immateriality of the Soul,“ by "which (Says our Author) the Reader will find the

Arguments that were then made use of for de

fending the Materiality of the Soul, and Mamertus's # Reasonings against them, which are the very fame that have been made use of fince by the Fas

mous M. Descartes in his Meditations ". WATU 41.3) 1914. The History of the Controversy concerning Images. O 5. An Account of the Arian Controversy.

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6. An Account of the Difpure relating to the immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin.

7. The Origin of 'anointing Kings, and how and when that Custom was introduced into Scotland.

21: 111 to 8. A short History of Church-Musick.

9. An Account of the Book of Sentences written by the Famous Peter Lombard

10. An Account of Lully, and his Opinions. i

11. A Discourse wherein our Author Thews what Prejudice the Schoolmen have done to the Chriftian Religion, by their extravagant Fondness for Aristotle's Philosophy.

12. The Transactions of the Council of Bafil, as I have already observed. ET

13. An Account of the State of Geography-before, and at the Timo of St. Virgil, Bishop of Saltzburg.

suri: srba ji 14. An Account of the Destruction of the Knights Templars.

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297510 518 20 *S: An Account of Wickliffe, and his Opinions.

16. An Abridgment of the History of Scotland to the Death of King James V. which shall be conţi. nued in the IIId Volume, till the Union of the Two Kingdoms.

17. The first Rise of the Reformation among the Brethren of Bobemia,

, ! Nos de

vos 18. The Proceedings of the Councils of Constance, against John Huss and Jerome of Prague.

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3. 19. An Account of the Reformation in Germany,
and other Countries....12 ?

200 The Proceedings of the Council of Trent.
21. The History of the Pragmatick Sanction,

22. An Account of all the Ancient Customs among the Romans, and of their Government Civil and Military.

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23. The fult Rise and Progress of the Civil Law and also the first Occasion of many particular Laws and many other Incidents, the Knowledge whereof

is absolutely necessary to understand the Roman Hi- Itorians, and the Classick Authors.

24. An Account of the Jugurthine War. ; 25: The Life of St. George, Patron of England.

26. An Account of the Hebrew Gospel of St. Mar. zether, and of all the Gospels forged by the Hereticks in the Primitive Times.

téis? 27. An Account of the Distinction between the Civil and Ecclesiastical Power, and the different Obli. gations we owe to them. croin Son 6 A

28. The various' Opinions of the Learned coacerning the Situation of the Terrestrial Paradise. - In a look C.129. A Geographical Description of Scotland.

30. The History of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem. it. d Ivo

31. The History of the Rise and Progress of the Canon-Láw.


32. The

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33. An Account of the y Sibyls and their' Oracles, with the Ceremonies used by the Heathens in con sulting them', and the strange Agitations of their Priests, fo, perfe&ly imitated by our New Sect of Enthis. fiafts, called the Prophets.

li 34. An Account of Pythagoras, and his Discoveries in Geometry and Astronomy.

35. The Origin and Progress of Judicial Astrology, with an Account of the Famous Apollonius Pyaneus.

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36. The various Methods of the Ancients and Mo derns to measure the Earth.

37. Some Curious Observations concerning the Height of Mountains, and the Depth of the Sea.

38. An Account of the Lives of many Ancient Philosophers and Poers, such as Virgil, Horace, A: thenæus, Strabo, Plutarch, Palephatus, Diogenes La. ertius, Cicero, Pliny, Aristotle, Theophrastus, Philo Judæus, &c.

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These are some of the principal Digressions in serted in this Work; to which I add, That the Reader will find in the Preface of the Second Vo. Lume a short History of the Scots College at Paris.

. ? Dr. Mackenzie hopes

“ this Collection may be " of some Use to those Gentlemen, whose Occasi

ons and Circumstances cannor allow them to be “ furnished with great Libraries, or Collections of

Books ; fince they will find in what he has already published) an Abstract or Abridgment of an


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“ Hundred and' Forty Three Volumes, and Seventy “Six Letters, written upon the moft ufeful Parts “ of Learning ; besides the History of the Proceedings

and Decisions of Forty Four Councils, upon the A most important Points of Theology.

What has been faid, is sufficient to give a general Notion of the Nature of this work. I shall, in the next Place, take Notice of some Passages contained in it.

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1. The first Author who appears in this Collectiøn, is the Famous Pelagius. 'Tis agreed on all Hands, that the was born in Great Britain ; but many Learned Men are divided in their Opinions about the Place of his Birth. Some will have him to have been bborn in Wales, and others in Scotland, Our Author maintains, That he was a British Scot, and alledges Three Passages of St. Ferome to prove it. The Firstis expressed in these Words : Nec recordatur (Pelagius) ftolidiffimus & Scotorum pultibus prægrave. tus *. Dr. Mackenzie gives us an Account of the Life of that Hererick, and of the Disputes wherein he was engaged.

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2. Richard de Sanéto Viktore + writ, among other Books, Two Treatises upon Emanuel, or a Commentary upon these Words of Isaiah, A Virgin sale comeceive and bring forth a Son, and thou falt call his Name Emanuel; in which he proves against a few, that they ought to be understood of Jesus Christ, and the Bleffed Virgin. Dr. Mackenzie observes, that the chief Objections of that few, and the Answers to shem, deserve to be taken Notice of,

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So talled; because he was made abbor of St. Vi&or in France.

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