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“ would have been very well pleased, if those of your “ wretched and reprobate Sect, had obtained the Victory, (and indeed you have always favoured

them.) they have condemned you to be beheaded, “ and have confiscated your Estate without any Ex

ception. ” Histoire Ecclefiaftique des Eglises Reformées au Royaume de France, &c. Vol. III. Book X. pag. 33,34Antwerp, 1580. in 8vo.


R. Mosis MAIMONIDIS Tractatus

de V ACCA RUFA Latinitate donatus, & subjuncta ampliore hujus ritus explicatione quoad singulas circumstantias illustratus, ab ANDRE À CRISTOPHORO ZELLERO, A. M. Maulbronnensi. Adnexa in fine brevis de hujus Vaccæ ad Chriftum adplicatione Dissertatiuncula. Accedunt Virorum Celeberrimorum ad Auctorem Epistolæ. Amstelædami, apud Isaacum Trojel

, Bibliopolam in Fossa vulgo dicta 't Rockin in Signo M. Antonini. M DCC XI.

That is, ATRACT of Rabbi MOSES MAIMO

NIDE S, concerning the RED HEIFER, translated into Latin : With a Discourse, wherein all the Circumstances of that Ceremony are more largely explained. By ANDREW CHRISTOPHER ZELLER, A. M.


of Maulbrun in the Dutchy of Wirtemberg. To which are added a short Dissertation, containing an Application of that Heifer to JESUS CHRIST, and two Letters written to the Author. Amsterdam, 1711. pagg. 544. in 8vo. Sold by P. Vaillant, in the Strand.


R. ZELLE R designing to write a Book, pitched

upon the Red Heifer, as being (says he) an admirable Type of the Messias. He makes several Observations to thew the wonderful Agreement observable between the old and the New Testament, and quotes several Jewish Writers, who affirm, That all the Laws, and all the Ceremonies and Sacrifices appointed by Moses, concern the Mefias. Those Authors maintain, That there is a Mystical Sense concealed under the Literal; and it is said in the Talmud of Babylon, That whoever explains a Text only in a Literal Sense, is a Liar. Mr. Zeller adds, That many Christians, both ancient and modern, went upon the same Principles : They undertook, in Imitation of the Fews, to explain the Types of the Law of Moses, and applied them

to the Messias. He cites, besides several Fathers, a prodigious Num. ber of Modern Divines; and does not forget to take Notice of a French Book entitled, Moses Unveiled, (Moyse Devoilé). The Author informs us, that in order to write an exact Treatise concerning the Red Heifer, he took Care to consult several Rabbins in his Travels, being persuaded that the Jepos are best able to give a full Account of every thing relating to that Ceremony.

I shall say nothing of Maimonides's Tract, thar I may the more enlarge upon Mr. Zeller's Discourse.

It appears from the Testimonies of several Rabbins quoted by our Author, that the Fews look upon the Law concerning the Red Heifer, as a very deep My.

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ftery. Whoever presumes to unfold it, is accounted a Rath Man by the Jewish Writers. Some of them maintain, That none but Mofes did ever know the true Reason of that Law. Mr. Zeller says, The Red Heifer was bought at the Publick Charges; and assures us, that She was to be so perfect, that no Private Man would have been Rich enough to make such a Purchase. The Fepos are strangely puzzled to find out the Reason, why God ordered to sacrifice a Female ; lince it was lawful to offer either a Male or a Female upon all other Occasions; and why the Heifer was to be Red, and not of another Colour. Mr. Zeller mentions several Opinions of the Rabbins upon those Two Heads : They are too absurd to be inserted here. According to some Jewish Doctors, the Red Heifer could not have been offered, if any Body had got on her Back, or swimmed over a River holding her by the Tail, c.

The Priest appointed to sacrifice the Heifer, was not allowed to lie with his wife, nor even to Sleep the Night before that Ceremony, for fear of some Accident that might have made him unclean. The Heifer was laid upon a Pile of Wood made like a Tower, It was not lawful to receive the Blood of the Victim into any Velfel; and Mr. Zeller wonders Mr. le Clerc should say, contrary to the Opinion of all the Fews, that the Blood was received into a Bason. Our Author has collected whatever is to be found in the Jepis Writers concerning the Red Heifer: His Book is full of Rabbinical Learning. I shall not give a particular Account of all the Circumstances (either true or false) mentioned by the Rabbins : Such an Account would hardly be acceptable to the Readers.

Mr. Zeller draws a Parallel between the Red Heifer and Jesus Christ, in order to fhew their Conformity; and appears very much displeased with Dr. Spencer for saying, That 'tis a hard matter for any one to digest this Doctrine, viz, That all the circumstances belong. ing to the Ceremony of the Red Heifer, do perfectly agree with the Circumstances of Christ's Crucifixion : Validum requiri ftomachum ad concoquendum hanc fententiam, Quod omnes circumftantiæ in hoc ritu cum


circumstantiis crucifixionis Chrifti conveniant juxta & concordent. The Author owns, that it would be a very difficult thing to answer the Objections that may be raised against his Opinion, were it not for the 13th ard 14th Verses of the IXth Chapter of the Epiftle to the Hebrews. But that Passage (lays he) is fc formal, that no Body can doubt but that the Sacrifice of the Red Heifer was deligned to represent the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Two Lerters, written to the Author, have been inserted at the End of this Book. In the first, Mr. Fecht, Superintendent of the Church of Roftoch, maintains, That the Old Testament is full of Types and Figures relating to the Melias. In the second, M. Lintrup, Professor at Copenhagen, deplores the present State of the Christian Church, and says, It is in grear Danger from Atheists, Deists, Enthusiasts, Hereticks, &c.

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La Medecine Dogmatique Mechanique, en maniere d'Institution, expliquée par les Principes de Physique & de Mechanique, & par le mouvement circulaire du sang & des humeurs qui en dependent. Avec la Pharmacopée Rationelle, contenant la description des Remedes, qui sont en usage dans la pratique de la Medecine Dogmatique Mechanique, les Raisonnemens sur chaque Preparation, les vertus & usages des Medicamens. Par Louis Bellefontaine. Amsterdam, 1712. Two Volumes in large 12mo. pag. 348,8 285.

P A R I S.


Sixth Edition of a Book entitled, Country-
Husbandry, and the French Gardener, &c. has

been lately published.

Le Menage des Champs, & le Fardinier François, accommodez au gout du temps, dans lesquels on peut apprendre facilement à apprêter tout ce qui est necessaire pour l'usage de la vie, à la Campagne e même à la Ville, & la maniere de cultiver parfaitement les Jardins Fruitiers, Potagers, & Fleuristes, avec un Traité de la Cbale de la Pêche. Paris. 1711. in 8vo. Pagg. 536.

So many Alterations have been made in this Book, that it may be look'd upon as a new Work. The Style is much better than it was; and the new Dircoveries relating to Gardening, Cookery, and other Arts, have been carefully inserted in this new Edition. Any one, who compares it with the former Editions, will easily perceive how much Luxury is increased among us.

The whole work consists of IV Books. The Firft treats of the moft common Food, Bread, Pastry, and the best Way of making Wine. The Second contains every thing relating to Sweer-Mears. The Third is, properly speaking, a French Cook a la mode. Gardening, Hunting, and Fishing, make the Subject of the Fourth Book.

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