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Old Calumnies revived and collected in a

scurrilous Libel, Entituled, A Proteftant's
Resolution, &c.

To which is Annext
The Reform'd Churches prov'd destičute
of a Lawful Ministry.,

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The THIRD EDITION Revised and Corre&ted.

Be ready always to give an answer to every Man that

asketh you is Reason of the Hope, that is in your
1. Pet. Ch. 3. V. 15.


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Printed at R O V E N, Ann. 1721

130. f. 39.

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F the Do&trine and Morals of the first Christians had been

such as they were continually reprefented by their Adversaries then in Power, no Monster had ever been fo frightful as the Christian Religion. And if the Faith and Morals of Catholicks had really those Deformities under which they are but too often painted even from the Pulpit, and in those very Books which are put into the Hands of the People, as neceffary Preservatives against Popery, I freely own it were better to be of no Religion at all, than to be a Papist.

What then was commonly said and thought of the first and best Christians that ever were in the World I? The most distinguishing part of their Character was, that they utterly denyed the God-head, as is witnessed by St. Justin Apol. 1. pag. 56. Some accused them of giving Divine Wor Ship to the Crofs, as we find it recorded in Minutius Felix and Tertullian. Others faid they gave it to the Sun, to an Afes Head, and other Things not fit to be Named.

Next, they give it out that they had no Men of Sense or Learning amongst them. That they kept the common People in Awe with Superstitious Fears. That their pres tended Miracles were only Tricks of Art or Magical Enchant

That they were Traitors to the Government, and guilty of all the Evils that happen'd to the State. That in their most sacred Meetings they feasted on the Flesh of murder'd Infants, made delicious Sippets in their warm and innocent Blood; and closed at length the barbarous Solemnity with all sorts of lewd and incestuous Embraces. In a word, that they were profess'd Enemies to Honour and Conscience, to God and Man. All these Things are attefted by Origen, Tertullian, St. Juftin, &c. and Thew how true this Saying of Tertullian is, viz. That Truth and the Hatred of it began tgether.

This brief and faithful Account of the general: Harred of Christian Religion in it's very Infancy may ferre for a



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