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of heaven. If any one, notwithstanding what has been now said, hath still any fears and scruples with regard to partaking, I intreat him to follow the counsel of the Church, and to come to me, or to any other minister, in whose discretion and learning he may confide, and open his grief, in order to its being examined and removed. In the mean time, to all of you in general, who have on your conscience no sin which you will not forsake, and no scruple, which you cannot yourselves remove, l address the language of our Church in one of her admirable exhortations; and, according to mine office, I bid you in the name of God, I call you in Christ's behalf, I exhort you, asiye love your own salvation, that ye will be partakers of this holy communion.” Think then upon these things, I earnestly pray: you, all ye

who have, hithertó neglected this holy sacrament through thoughtlessness and indifference. Rouse yourselves from that insensibility, into which you are sunk. Think that every feeling of gratitude and of duty to your blessed Lord calls upon you for obedience to his commandment;

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think that you are called upon for the same obedience by a concern for your own interest, by all the regard which you have for the present and future welfare of your souls. Strive to fit yourselves, , with the help of God's Holy Spirit, for partaking worthily in that holy sacrament;

then “ draw near to the Lord's table with faith,” and in the full assurance, that he will assist your sincere endeavours, and will hereafter most plentifully reward them. But if you will obstinately persist in your indifference to his commandment, and will not perform the conditions, which he has ordained for your salvation; remember, that you persist at your own peril. It is your own act, if you now refuse to come to his table, when the Lord is graciously pleased to invite you : and it will therefore be your own fault, if the approach to his table in heaven shall be shut against you; and if, when you cry, “Lord, Lord, open to us,” he shall answer you in those dreadful words, “Depart from me, I know you not !"- God forbid that these terrible words should be used to any one of you, my brethren! nay



may he give you his preventing and assisting grace, that you may become and continue worthy partakers of Christ's body and blood; in which if you do not worthily partake, “ you have no life in you ;' but if you do," you have in you eternal life," and Christ“ will raise you up at the


last day."

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Acts iv. 32. and ii. 46, 47. And the multitude of them that believed were of

one heart and of one soul :And they continuing daily with one accord in the

temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness

of heart, Praising God, and having favour with all the

people. And the Lord added to the Church daily, such as should be saved.

How delightful is the picture, here drawn by the Evangelist, of the spirit of unity, which prevailed among the members of the Christian Church at the season of its first establishment! How truly did they exemplify in their conduct that beau

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