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conceived the design of joining with it a small number of his Discourses, which might be calculated, under the Divine Blessing, to assist them in the prosecution of their work. For this purpose, he has selected a few, out of many which appeared to him not unsuitable, for reading in Families of Young People, or in Schools.

There are days in the course of the year, when the state of the weather, or other unavoidable hindrances, preclude the attendance of such Families especially, at the stated Services of the Church. On these occasions, it is desirable that helps should be at hand, for the accommodation of those Heads of Establishments who are desirous of providing the best substitute within their reach for the Ministrations of the Sanctuary. To such persons-with whose anxious cares for the precious charge committed to them he knows, from former experience, how to sympathize-the author respectfully offers the following, in addition to the volumes with which they are already furnished. At the same time, he takes the liberty of earnestly deprecating, except in cases of necessity, the substitution of domestic

instruction of Young People, or of Servants, for attendance at the Services of the Church.

Of the great importance of domestic and catechetical instruction, especially in the Holy Scriptures, no one can think more highly than he does; but he believes that the public preaching of the word is the Ordinance most of all honoured by God, to the conversion of souls to Himself, and to their establishment in faith and growth in holiness. Besides that, the salutary sympathies excited by joining in the prayers and praises of the Congregation cannot be expected to be produced, in an equal degree, in a small domestic circle. He feels it right thus to caution his readers against the possible, and, he fears, not infrequent, abuse of volumes of printed


That the Great Head of the Church Universal may vouchsafe to accompany with the influence of His Holy Spirit this humble attempt to set forth, to the Young especially, that only Name by which they can be saved; and that the afflictive dispensations with which it has pleased the All-wise God,

who is also the God of all grace and consolation, to visit His servant-and which have given occasion to this publication-may be, to many, the source of lasting benefit; is the fervent prayer of the author, a prayer in which he craves the concurrence of all, into whose hands his little Volume may pass.

* As the only object of the author is utility, he avails himself of this opportunity of recommending to the Instructors of Youth of the Higher Classes, both in Public Schools and Domestic Establishments, "Gisborne's Familiar Survey of the Christian Religion";—a work which needs no commendation from him, to those who have read it. It has already passed through several editions; and the lapse of nearly forty years, since it was first published, has not detracted from its value.

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