Signals And Systems

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Technical Publications, 2007 - 745 pages
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Classification of Signals and Systems Continuous time signals (CT signals), Discrete time signals (DT signals) - Step, Ramp, Pulse, Impulse, Exponential, Classification of CT and DT signals - Periodic and aperiodic, Random signals, CT systems and DT systems, Classification of systems-Linear time invariant systems.Analysis of CT Signals Fourier series analysis, Spectrum of CT signals, Fourier transform and Laplace transform in signal analysis.LTI-CT Systems Differential equation, Block diagram representation, Impulse response, Convolution integral, Frequency response, Fourier methods and Laplace transforms in analysis, State equations and Matrix.Analysis of DT Signals Spectrum of DT signals, Discrete Time Fourier Transform (DTFT), Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT), Properties of z-transform in signal analysis.LTI-DT Systems Difference equations, Block diagram representation, Impulse response, Convolution SUM, Frequency response, FFT and z-transform analysis, State variable equation and Matrix.

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